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ECW Hardcore TV 8/23/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 8/23/1997
From: Philadelphia, PA

There were no exclusive matches this week. Born To Be Wired footage aired, again.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) There’s a massive brawl following the Tommy Dreamer/Rob Van Dam match that took place at Born To Be Wired. The Dudley Boys cleaned house with Big Dick hitting chokeslams and standing tall. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten come out to make the save with a chair and a barbed wire baseball bat. Big Dick chokeslams Mahoney onto the chair. Mahoney is met with a 3D as well. New Jack finally makes his way out for the usual save alongside Kronus. Big Dick chokeslams them both. Perry Saturn uses a crutch and cutters on everyone to make the save. Dudley’s get destroyed with more chair shots and Kronus hitting top rope splashes. Jack smashes a chair over Joel Gertner’s head and Kronus hits a picture perfect 450 splash.

2.) ECW Television Champion Taz cuts a promo saying that not everyone listens when he speaks and he’s really talking to Chris Candido. Taz talks over stills from Hardcore Heaven where Taz did exactly what he said he was going to do. Taz promises the same result will take place every time they wrestle. Taz says he doesn’t hangout after the matches and just gets his check before going home. While Candido stayed there chasing after Tammy. Taz mocks Candido for thinking he’s some kind of hero. Taz isn’t Tommy Dreamer or Sandman. Taz knows that Candido could never beat him.

3.) We get more stills from Hardcore Heaven, which saw Shane Douglas win the ECW World Championship in a triple threat match against Terry Funk and Sabu. Sabu was eliminated first and attacked Sandman, who had gotten involved. Douglas won after five belly to belly suplexs.

4.) Spike Dudley getting an upset victory over Bam-Bam Bigelow is highlighted. Bigelow got some revenge by defeating Spike at Hardcore Heaven.

5.) Jake Roberts appeared at Hardcore Heaven and hit Tommy Dreamer with a DDT. However, Lawler couldn’t get a three count. The lights went out and Sunny sprayed hairspray into Dreamer’s eyes. Dreamer ended up pinning Lawler after a DDT.

6.) Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo saying that his feud with Raven ended after several years. Dreamer got rid of Louie Spicolli. Dreamer needed just one match with Jerry Lawler to prove that ECW is better than the WWF. Dreamer considers this is the end.

Final Thoughts:
A fine fallout show from Hardcore Heaven and it seems like they’re going in the right direction. Douglas as the champion seems to be the right choice for the long term and Dreamer winning over Lawler gives him a lot of momentum. I could see a Douglas/Dreamer match coming our way soon enough.

Thanks for reading.

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