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ECW Hardcore TV 10/11/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 10/11/1997
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Justin Credible defeated Jerry Lynn
2.) Chris Candido defeated Lance Storm
3.) Tommy Dreamer & Beulah defeated Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Once again these matches all took place at As Good As It Gets. I believe this would be the last time the show would include highlights from an ECW Arena show that was released on tape.

2.) Joey Styles started the show and introduced Jason for an interview. Jason introduces his newest talent that he’s found. Joey knows who it is and that’s PJ Walker. Jason corrects Joey saying that it’s not PJ Walker and it’s not Aldo Montoya. Jason says he’s name is Justin Credible. Credible says that it’s his name and also how he is every time he steps in the ring. Credible shoves Styles into the corner.

3.) Justin Credible won his debut match following a spinning tombstone piledriver and a swinging DDT.

4.) Tommy Dreamer wasn’t able to continue wrestling in the mixed tag match and it broke down into a match between Bill Alfonso and Beulah. Alfonso bled buckets in the match and it’s long been said that he was able to keep his job following the performance. He had been seen as the guy who was getting WCW various ECWd talents.

5.) Next week we are back to original footage.

Final Thoughts:
Beulah is a star for ECW and I don’t think there’s any debate about that. It should be interesting to see how Justin Credible develops over time in ECW. A stronger show this week just with how many higher profile matches were shown compared to recent weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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