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OVW TV 3/23/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 3/23/2002
From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damaja & Doug Basham defeated Flash & Trailer Park Trash
2.) Mark Henry defeated Bull Buchanan by disqualification
3.) David Flair defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Trash and Damaja start the match with Damaja backing Trash into the corner to deliver a few strikes. Damaja hits a springboard crossbody, but Trash gets up and chops Damaja a few times. Basham gets tagged in and is chopped by Trash several times. Flash gets a few strikes in on the apron and connects with a springboard twisting leg drop for a two count on Basham. Damaja gets tagged in and works over Flash with a few strikes. Flash cleans house with superkicks to the champions. Damaja misses a splash in the corner, but Damaja drops Flash over the top rope with help from Basham to keep control of the match. Damaja delivers a rolling neck snap for a two count. Flash hammers away on Basham but is met with a boot in the corner. Basham puts Flash on the top rope and Flash elbows Basham before hitting a sunset flip powerbomb causing both men to be knocked down. Damaja and Trash get tagged in with Trash cleaning house on the champs. Trash plants Damaja with a bulldog for a two count. All four men are in the ring brawling as Victoria got on the apron to kick Trash. The champs hit the Dominator for the win. (**. This was mostly constant action and everyone seemed to play their role rather well. Flash does a good job when he’s able to focus on his big spots. I enjoyed the match, which was mostly a simple story but was effective.)

2.) Henry shoves Buchanan down to the mat at the start of the match. Bull tries for a shoulder block, but Henry doesn’t budge and hip tosses Bull. Henry sends Buchanan back first into the corner and plays to the crowd. Bull sends Henry chest first into the corner and connects with a running clothesline. Bull misses a top rope leg drop and crashes to the mat. Henry drops Bull down to the mat knee first followed by a spinebuster. Henry gets the Torture Rack on Buchanan, but Big Bad John comes into the ring and attacks Henry to cause a disqualification. Henry is met with a double clothesline. Trash and Flash slide into the ring and make the save for Henry. (*. Well, that was just mostly an angle to promote the tag match taking place at Six Flags.)

3.) Jim Cornette talks to Mark Henry, Flash and Trash at the commentary table. Henry says that he didn’t want his first night back to be like this. Henry has an idea and wants to be the special referee for the tag match where Flash and Trash will take on Buchanan and Big Bad John. Cornette agrees to that.

4.) Al Snow talked to Nidia and gave her a speech to motivate her before Nidia’s match against Synn. Nidia is going to prove that she’s tough enough. We see footage from WWF Axcess where Nidia runs into Synn and they brawled in the hallway until officials broke them up.

5.) Jim Cornette talks to Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore in the ring. Conway says they’ve only been able to think about the match taking place on April 5th. Conway says the match impacts everyone in OVW. Conway is honored to have Danny Davis pick himself and Dinsmore to be by his side for the match on April 5th. Conway believes they will get the job done. Dinsmore chimes in and says this is about who is the best. Dinsmore says they are the best and they will prove it on April 5th. Dinsmore tells a story about riding with Damaja to the WWF for a show. They are pissed that Damaja didn’t want to pay his dues and jumped ahead. Dinsmore promises that Damaja and Basham are in for a nightmare.

6.) David Flair shared pre-tape comments saying that tonight is a big night to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship and prove himself to Bolin Services. If he wins tonight, he will have beaten the man to be the man.

7.) Flair has his right knee wrapped up and that likely means that will be the storyline. They trade wrist control in the early moments of the match. Prototype runs into a boot in the corner and Flair hits a dropkick. Flair drops Prototype with a front slam for a near fall. Flair comes off the ropes to hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Prototype kicks Flair into Bolin on the apron for a near fall. Prototype focuses his attack to the right knee. Prototype drives Flair’s knee down to the mat several times. Flair avoids a figure four by kicking Prototype away. Flair fights back with strikes and a knee breaker. Flair locks in the figure four. Kenny Bolin gets into the ring with a briefcase and gets punched by Flair. Sean O’Haire enters the ring and attacks Flair causing a disqualification. After the match, Flair gets attacked by the three heels. Leviathan enters the ring and spears O’Haire. Prototype gets a full nelson slam to the mat and Bolin runs away. Leviathan plants the referee with a powerbomb. Leviathan picks up David Flair and tells Prototype that he wants the gold back. (*1/2. Another angle driven match, but it was effective in promoting the big tag match on April 5th. One of the more surprising moves I saw here was a tornado DDT by Flair. He’s having noticeable improvements and needs to focus on some selling aspects.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent week for television as they continue to promote the Six Flags show. I wasn’t expecting Leviathan to return, but that was a cool moment, too. I’d probably go to the Six Flags show at this point. They’ve done a good job promoting it.

Thanks for reading.


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