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OVW TV 3/30/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 3/30/2002
From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype & Sean O’Haire defeated Jerome Crony & Mr. Black
2.) Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin defeated Johnny Jeter & Mark Magnus by disqualification
3.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champion Doug Basham defeated Nick Dinsmore

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Black clotheslines Prototype at the start of the match as Prototype went after Crony. O’Haire tags in and hammers away on Black. Black decks O’Haire with a scoop slam and Crony leaps off of Black’s shoulders to hit a splash for a two count. Black tags back in and O’Haire clotheslines Black from behind. Black is met with a double dropkick. Crony tags in but Prototype drives Crony down to the mat face first. O’Haire tosses Crony across the ring out of the corner. Prototype sends Crony hard back first into the corner and slams Crony to the mat. O’Haire misses a swanton bomb off the middle rope. Prototype enters but Black cleans house with clotheslines. Prototype comes off the middle rope to splash Black for the win. O’Haire ran across the ring at the same time and nearly collided with Prototype in midair. (*1/4. Considering Prototype and O’Haire are involved in a major angle with the Flair’s at the next Six Flags event, there wasn’t any doubt about who was going to win this. A mostly basic match and it flew by.)

2.) Ric Flair was interviewed backstage at a recent RAW. Flair says he’s never too big or too involved to step in and be a dad. He’s coming to Louisville to team with his son David Flair. He’s coming back to take on Sean O’Haire and Prototype because they are beating on his son. Flair is helping his son and they are going to beat some ass. Flair has heard a lot of names during his career and a lot of them have faded away. Ric promises they will bleed and sweat.

3.) Jim Cornette interviews Danny Davis, Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore. Davis thanks both men for their comments last week supporting himself and his dream. Davis ponders what could happen if they lose in the control match on April 5th. Davis says there is a lot on the line with half of OVW being on the line. Davis thanks Dean Hill, Jim Cornette, Nick Dinsmore, Rob Conway and the fans. Without the fans support OVW wouldn’t be where it is today. Davis is going to make the main event for tonight. Davis books a match between Doug Basham and Nick Dinsmore. Davis talks about the order of how the proteges entered the company being Basham, Dinsmore, Conway and Damaja. He throws in another insult about Victoria being a slut, too. Davis promises to make Basham’s life a living nightmare when he has full control of OVW after April 5th.

4.) Synn cuts a promo saying that what Leviathan did last week for David Flair was sickening. She shows off a scar on her left ankle. She had five pins put in her ankle and footage of her ankle injury is shown. She was wrestling in a hardcore match against some guy. She didn’t give up and kept wrestling for fifteen minutes. Synn wants to know what Nidia would do if she broke her leg.

5.) Benjamin plants Jeter with a spine buster and Dogg enters to deliver double knee strikes to the midsection. Jeter goes to the corner and tags in Magnus. Magnus hip tosses and arm drags Dogg followed by a dropkick. Dogg clotheslines Magnus for a two count. Dogg drives Magnus down to the mat with a vertical suplex. All four men are brawling in the ring. Benjamin takes Jeter down with a side Russian leg sweep. Dogg powerslams Magnus. Payne and Damien enter the ring to attack Dogg and Benjamin. Nidia enters the ring to slap Payne. Synn enters the ring and spears Nidia. Synn connects with a short arm clothesline on Nidia. Synn puts an Indian death lock on Nidia and tries to break her ankle. The match has finally been thrown out. Synn gets a microphone and says she promised she’d take Nidia out.

6.) Mark Henry is at ringside getting donations for charity.

7.) Nidia cuts a promo saying she’s sick and tired of getting her ass kicked by a redhead bitch.

8.) Dinsmore slaps Basham’s arm away and they lockup. Basham monkey flips Dinsmore, but Dinsmore lands on his feet and Basham backs away into the corner. Basham comes off the ropes to hit a leg lariat. Dinsmore atomic drops Basham twice and connects with a leaping clothesline. Basham punches Dinsmore in the corner and tosses him to the floor. Basham tells Victoria to not touch Dinsmore and brings Nick back into the ring. Dinsmore skins the cat and returns to the match. They both go for punches and they fall to the mat at the same time. Basham scoop slams Dinsmore and goes to the top rope. Basham misses a diving headbutt. Dinsmore tries for a springboard moonsault, but Basham rolls out of the way. Basham tries for a piledriver, but Dinsmore counters with a sit out double leg slam for a two count. Dinsmore tries for a clothesline but hits the referee on accident. Dinsmore takes Basham over with a German suplex and Victoria gets in the ring. Victoria tries to slam Dinsmore, but Dinsmore avoids it. Basham takes Dinsmore over with a German suplex to get the three count. Well, a second referee comes out and reveres the decision. Dinsmore attacks Basham but here comes Damaja. Rob Conway slides into the ring and cleans house with strikes. Victoria low blows Conway to stop his momentum. Damaja plants Conway with the Brain Damage. Finally, Danny Davis runs into the ring and cleans house with strikes. Davis grabs Victoria and slams her to the mat. Basham is able to pull Victoria out of the ring to safe her. (**. They only got about six minutes to do anything and the action was still decent. The goal was to just promote the control match and Basham winning, at least originally, made a lot of sense to give the heels momentum heading into the match. The aftermath was predictable, but enjoyable. Not sure why Davis took long coming out.)

Final Thoughts:
I’ve enjoyed the hype to the Six Flags show and I’d honestly buy a ticket to the show to see the control match and Ric Flair teaming with his son. OVW has had a strong TV show thus far in 2002 for the most part.

Thanks for reading.


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