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Rebooking The WWF: Week 32, 1994

WWF RAW 8/8/1994
1. John Bradshaw defeated Scott Taylor in 2:33 following a lariat. During the match, Crush shared some pre-tape comments telling us that he isn’t going to back down from Bradshaw and that when they meet next week on RAW, Bradshaw’s WWF career will be a brief and forgettable one.
2. Ludvig Borga defeated Fred Reed in 2:45 following a shoulder breaker.
3. Kings Court w/Carlos Vega: Jerry Lawler introduces “one of the toughest men in the WWF” Carlos Vega as his guest on Kings Court this week. Lawler talks about his recent feud with Razor Ramon and how at some point it has to come to an end. Vega agrees and tells Lawler that he is sick of the fans cheering for a fake, a turncoat like Razor Ramon. “Ramon turned his back on his true family and he will turn his back on all of you, too.” Vega is here to challenge Ramon to a fight, not a match at SummerSlam. He wants them to fight like they would on the streets of Miami. Thus, he is challenging Razor to a STREET FIGHT at SummerSlam. “There will be no rules. Two men enter, and one man survives.” Vega hopes that Ramon has developed some kind of courage because he believes Ramon is afraid of what Vega will do to him!
4. The Headshrinkers defeated Grant Johnson & Mark Freeman in 3:38 when Fatu pinned Johnson after a top rope splash.
5. Doink the Clown defeated Virgil in 2:54 following the Whoopee Cushion. During the match, Bob Holly shared comments saying that he will be 100% read to destroy the evil Doink at SummerSlam on August 29th.
6. Lex Luger Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Lex Luger in the backstage area. Ross brings up Bret Hart’s challenge for SummerSlam. Lex tells Ross that he is sure that everyone expecting him to decline the match, but he isn’t going to. “I’ve beaten the Hitman once before and I know I’ll do it again.” Last year, Luger beat Bret and it created a series of events that ruined Bret’s year and almost ruined his family. Lex knows that Bret considers himself a submission specialist and wants to be the man to make Bret crumble again. Luger accepts the challenge and adds that their match will only be able to be won by submission. Lex laughs before saying that he looks forward to making Bret submit.
7. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 6:17 following a moonsault.
8. King Yokozuna defeated Tatanka in 6:05 following the Bonzai Drop.
9. The Undertaker Interview: We go to a rundown building of sorts where Paul Bearer is with the WWF World Champion the Undertaker. In the background, Undertaker is putting together a coffin. Bearer is speaking telling us that August 29th the King will fall to a higher power, and that power is the Undertaker. Bearer hopes that King Yokozuna isn’t afraid of the dark because at SummerSlam, Yoko will only be seeing the dark. The camera goes to The Undertaker who looks up and simply says “King Yokozuna, you will rest…in…peace.”
10. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Dave Saunders in 2:10 following a diving head butt. After the match, Jerry Lawler ran down to the ring and was about to attack Bigelow, but Bam-Bam turned around and Lawler ran away quickly. Bigelow calls Lawler back to the ring but Jerry declines to do so.
11. Ron Simmons defeated Vince Wafer in 1:45 following a spine buster. During the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley cut a promo saying that at SummerSlam he and Bob Backlund will beat Ron Simmons and Marty Jannetty and their mission of getting rid of the disgusting, disrespectful wrestlers is just getting started.
12. British Bulldog Interview: Jim Ross talks to the British Bulldog about the wedding of Ted DiBiase and Diane Smith next week on RAW. Bulldog talks about how at first he was heartbroken by the betrayl of his ex-wife Diane, but that sorrow has turned into anger. All the anger will be unleashed on Ted DiBiase on August 29th. Bulldog lets us know that if anyone thinks he won’t be around next week for the wedding, they better think again. “Watch your back, Million Dollar Man. You’ve got one angry bulldog coming for you.”
13. Mr. Perfect defeated IRS in 7:14 following the Perfect Plex. After the match, as Perfect is heading to the backstage area, Scott Norton comes out and attacks Perfect sending him into the guard railing. Several officials run out to breakup the fight.
14. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel, WWF World Tag Team Champions Diesel & Shawn Michaels defeated Scott Steiner & The Smoking Gunns in 13:09 when Martel pinned Bart Gunn with a roll up. After the match, Martel bailed to the floor and held up the championship taunting the fans and celebrated with the tag champs.

WWF Superstars 8/13/1994
1. Tatanka defeated Tom Pritchard in 4:16 following a Samoan Drop.
2. Ted DiBiase defeated Mike Bucci in 3:09 with the Million Dollar Dream.
3. SummerSlam Hype Video: A video promoting the Mega Powers/Dynasty, Undertaker/King Yokozuna, and Bret/Luger is aired.
4. Razor Ramon Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Razor Ramon regarding Carlos Vega and his comments on RAW. Ramon has a smirk on his face when he accepts the street fight challenge and says that while he may have not always won street fights, he has sure survived. He knows how to survive and at SummerSlam, Ramon will wipe Vega’s face all over Chicago. Ramon is ready to let the Bad Guy loose once again.
5. Crush defeated Andrew Washington in 2:43 with the Kona Vice.
6. Bret Hart defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification in 8:16 when Scott Norton got involved. Mr. Perfect ran down to dropkick Norton to the floor and make the save for Bret.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/14/1994
1. Men on a Mission defeated Mark Jackson & Matt Kerr in 2:44 when Mo pinned Jackson after a middle rope splash.
2. The Quebecers defeated Mike Sharpe & Duane Gill in 2:40 when Pierre pinned Sharpe.
3. Carlos Vega defeated Frank Orr in 3:44 following a spinning heel kick.
4. WWF World Champion The Undertaker defeated Dirty White Boy in 3:05 following a tombstone pile driver.


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