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Rebooking The WWF: Week 33, 1994

WWF RAW 8/15/1994
1. IRS defeated Red Tyler in 2:40 following a lariat.
2. The Smoking Gunns defeated Greg Stevenson & Duane Gill in 3:49 when Billy pinned Gill. During the match, WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Diesel cut a promo saying that they are going to take care of the rodeo clowns at SummerSlam and continue their dominance in the WWF tag team division.
3. Kings Court w/ Diesel and Shawn Michaels: Lawler notes that at SummerSlam he will be meeting Bam-Bam Bigelow in singles action and takes a cheap shot at Bigelow saying that he will extinguish the flames on Bigelow’s head and that royalty always prevails. He introduces the WWF World Tag Team Champions Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Michaels and Diesel come out with cowboy hats as to taunt their challengers the Smoking Gunns at Summer Slam. Michaels wonders if wearing cowboy hats make you a tough man. After a moment, he breaks into a laugh and puts the hat down before stomping on it. He instead says that having the WWF World Tag Team Championships is what makes you a tough man. Michaels and Diesel know that at Summer Slam their reign as champions will not be stopped. They are the greatest tag team in WWF history and two cowboys aren’t going to stop them.
4. King Yokozuna defeated Marty Jannetty in 3:15 following a Bonzai Drop. After the match, WWF World Champion the Undertaker came down to prevent a further beating and sent Yokozuna over the top with a clothesline before posing with the championship. On the floor, Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji signaled that the belt was coming to King Yokozuna.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 5:07 following a diving head butt.
6. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon recently had a sit down interview with Bret Hart regarding his match with Lex Luger at Summer Slam. Hart tells McMahon that he is not afraid of a submission match with Lex Luger. Hart puts over the Sharpshooter as being the most devastating hold that wrestling has ever seen and when he locks it on Luger he will be tapping for mercy in the middle of the ring and Bret isn’t so sure he will let go when he needs to. Vince asks why Bret says that. Bret again goes over what happened to him after losing the WWF World Championship last year at the same event to Luger and says all the frustrations he had to deal with were because of that lost and he’ll be sure that Luger feels every once of pain and frustration the Hitman has felt for the past year.
7. SummerSlam Video: The video promotes the Luger/Hart, Mega Powers/Dynasty and King Yoko/Taker matches respectively.
8. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Owen Hart in 9:11 with the Boston Crab.
9. Doink the Clown defeated James Murphy in 2:25 with the Whoopee Cushion. Prior to the match, Doink came down on a mini Nascar car that children use and rammed into the wall to taunt Bob Holly.
10. Mega Powers Interview: Jim Ross introduces Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage for a special interview regarding their match against Ric Flair and the Masked Man at Summer Slam next Monday night. Hogan talks about being amped up for the match and not waiting any longer to get his hands on Flair and his goon. The Hulkster notes that he wants Flair one on one as well, but the Mega Powers are going to take care of business at Summer Slam. Savage chimes in and says that the Mega Powers are an unstoppable force and that the Dynasty will come crumbling down at Summer Slam, OH YEAH!
11. Scott Norton defeated Vito Lograsso in 2:33 following a shoulder breaker. During the match, Mr. Perfect cut a pre-tape promo on Norton saying that he doesn’t care how big and bad Norton thinks he is, he is not and will never be Mr. Perfect.
12. Razor Ramon defeated Greg Williams in 2:06 following the Razors Edge.
13. John Bradshaw defeated Crush in 8:19 by disqualification when Crush used a steel chair on Bradshaw when they were brawling on the floor. After the match, Ludvig Borga came down and helped Crush beat down Bradshaw some more.
14. The Million Dollar Wedding: Vince McMahon is in the ring, which has been set up for a wedding, with roses all over but placed as money signs. Ted DiBiase makes his way down and is overly happy about the evening. DiBiase tells McMahon that nothing and nobody will ruin this night as he has made sure that the British Bulldog has been barred from the building for this special night. McMahon decides to get the event. Diane Smith makes her way down in a beautiful white dress that is sparking with green dollar signs over it. She enters the ring and DiBiase is showing of that trademark laugh. The priest begins the ceremony and everything is going fine. When it comes to saying “I DO”, DiBiase goes to say he does, but instead says “NO.” Diane is confused. DiBiase begins to berate her saying that he would never allow a woman to have half of his fortune. His fortune is for him and only him. DiBiase tells everyone that he ruined Bret Hart’s life and now he has ruined the marriage between Diane and Davey Boy Smith! Diane drops to her knees and is crying asking why Ted would do this to her. DiBiase tells her “I did this, because I am the Million Dollar Man and I ALWAYS GET MY WAY!” The show comes to an end with DiBiase laughing over a fallen Diane who is being consoled by Vince McMahon.

WWF Superstars 8/20/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Dave Bailey in 2:33 following a German suplex.
2. Jim Cornette Interview: Jim Ross conducts an interview Cornette about how back at WrestleMania X he was fired from the WWF. Cornette tells Ross that he was fired from managing but not being a special consultant for his men. He notes that Johnny Polo has been MIA lately but Cornette is just a special consultant nothing more and nothing less. He has had his attorney’s talking to the WWF and he is free to do what he wants as a consultant. He tells Ross that he knew he wouldn’t be gone for long and that the WWF World Championship will finally be around King Yokozuna’s waist at SummerSlam.
3. The Smoking Gunns defeated Mike Sharpe & Ken Doll in 2:19 when Billy pinned Sharpe after a leg drop/ side slam combo.
4. Tatanka Interview: Jim Ross interviews Tatanka who doesn’t appear to be all that happy. Tatanka notes that this past year he has been on the losing side of things and he is getting frustrated. He doesn’t know what is wrong. He recalls a good 1993 he had when he won the WWF Intercontinental Championship, but in 1994 he has done nothing but let the fans and himself down. The interview comes to a close when Tatanka says he is going to make things right and everyone, including himself, will be happy.
5. Owen Hart defeated Van Freedom in 2:44 following a missile dropkick.
6. King Yokozuna defeated Sionne in 6:11 following the Bonzai Drop.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/21/1994
1. Scott Steiner defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:44 following a Frankensteiner
2. Jeff Jarrett defeated Tim York in 2:05 following a DDT
3. Carlos Vega defeated Scotty Anton in 2:40 following a spinning heel kick
4. Bob Backlund defeated Ron Simmons by count-out in 3:52 when Hunter Hearst Helmsley hit Simmons with a Pedigree on the floor.

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  1. This was awesome! I love the idea of DiBiase using Diana to screw over her husband, and then screwing HER over and leaving her at the altar– such a great scumbag heel move! Nicely done!

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