WCW Main Event 8/21/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 8/21/1994
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Arn Anderson defeated Ricky Steamboat

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Anderson wants to shake hands and Steamboat is conflicted on it and decides against it. Anderson takes Steamboat down to the mat with a test of strength. Steamboat counters the hold, but Anderson works over Steamboat’s left knee. Steamboat kicks Anderson chest first into the corner and keeps arm control. Steamboat keeps arm control on Anderson to maintain control of the bout. Arn tries to yank Steamboat down, but Steamboat holds and keeps arm control. Steamboat keeps Anderson on the mat, but Arn knee strikes Steamboat to break free. Anderson shoulder rams Steamboat against the ropes a few times. Anderson tries to stomp Steamboat, but Steamboat counters with an atomic drop and shoulder block. Anderson plants Steamboat with a spinebuster! Anderson strikes Steamboat over the back and sends Steamboat back first into the corner. Anderson stomps on Steamboat before casually dropping Steamboat to the mat from the ropes. Steamboat chops Anderson in the corner and a knee lift stops his momentum. Anderson backdrops Steamboat leading to a near fall. Anderson keeps a chin lock on Steamboat. Steamboat shoulder blocks Anderson, but gets tossed over top.

Steamboat pulls himself up and Anderson decks Steamboat with a forearm shot. Anderson tries to keep Steamboat down on the mat, but Steamboat continues to pop up. Steamboat keeps a body scissors on Anderson, but Anderson counters with a Boston Crab and uses the ropes for leverage. Anderson denies using the ropes for leverage. Steamboat comes back with chops to drop Anderson. Steamboat backdrops Anderson and delivers a forearm drop. Steamboat slams Anderson and goes to the top rope. Steamboat leaps off to hit a crossbody, but the referee is distracted by Col. Robert Parker. Steamboat counters a slam with an inside cradle for a two count. Steamboat has a rollup on Anderson, but Meng gets on the apron to kick Steamboat from behind allowing Anderson to pin Steamboat with an inside cradle! (**. An average match between these two with a good closing minutes. I enjoyed that finish as I’d rather there be an interference finish instead of a DQ or count-out. This is a good win for Anderson as his recent heel turn needs him to win matches like this. Steamboat sure feels like he’s on the decline in terms of getting a push in WCW.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent enough episode of Main Event since there was an actual finish to the feature match.

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