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WCW Pro 8/10/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
Date: 8/10/1997
From: Orlando, FL

1.) The Giant defeated Vincent
2.) Psychosis & La Parka defeated The Texas Hangmen
3.) Syxx defeated Lenny Lane
4.) Meng defeated Terrence Black
5.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Julio Sanchez
6.) Ric Flair defeated Steve Armstrong

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) I can’t imagine this goes very well for Vincent. Vincent hides behind the referee in the corner and tries for a big boot, but that fails. Giant shoves Vincent to the mat and Vincent begs off. Giant delivers a headbutt to keep control and Vincent tries to escape to the floor. Giant prevents that and kicks Vincent again. Giant catches Vincent on a crossbody attempt and drives Vincent down with a backbreaker. Giant finishes Vincent off with the chokeslam for the win. (*. That was exactly what it needed to be, really.)

2.) Lane controls Syxx with a headlock early on followed by a hammerlock. Syxx backs Lane into the corner and breaks free with an elbow strike. Syxx tries for a hip toss, but Lane counters with a clothesline to send Syxx to the floor. Syxx returns and trades right hands with Lane. Lane head scissors Syxx out of the corner, but Syxx comes back with a standing spin kick to stop Lane’s momentum. Syxx comes off the ropes with a leg drop. Syxx beats on Lane with kicks in the corner and chokes Lane leading to the bronco buster. Syxx misses a splash and lands over the middle rope. Syxx misses a clothesline and Lane delivers a clothesline. Lane continues with a bulldog. Lane goes to the top rope and nails Syxx with a missile dropkick for a two count. Syxx stops Lane with an X-Factor and locks in the Buzzkiller to win the match. (***. Syxx gave Lenny a lot of offense and Lane took full advantage of it to look like a solid opponent for Syxx. I enjoyed this quite a bit.)

3.) Armstrong gets a hammerlock on Flair in the opening minute, but Flair gets to the ropes quickly. Armstrong takes Flair down with a headlock for a two count. Armstrong shoulder blocks Flair and locks in an abdominal stretch until Flair hip tosses Armstrong. Armstrong keeps a headlock on Flair. Flair eye pokes Armstrong in the corner and delivers a few chops. Flair sends Armstrong into the corner and rams Armstrong into the turnbuckle. Flair stops Armstrong with an atomic drop and back suplex. Flair locks in the figure four and wins the match. (*. Well, there wasn’t much going on here, really. Armstrong wasn’t given much of a shot to shine and Flair kept it simple with his offense.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought this week was a good episode overall. Syxx/Lane was a fun match and allowed Lane to shine. Flair and Giant being on Pro is a treat since there’s not normally main event guys on a low level show like Pro.

Thanks for reading.

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