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WCW Worldwide 3/31/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 3/31/1996
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Brad Armstrong defeated Disco Inferno
2.) Ice Train defeated Max Muscle
3.) Scott Norton defeated Ned Brady
4.) Sting & Lex Luger defeated Barrio Brothers
5.) WCW United States Champion Konnan defeated VK Wallstreet to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Inferno tries to ignore the fans chanting that he sucks and arm drags Armstrong for the early advantage. Inferno dances to taunt the fans. Inferno gets a headlock on Armstrong, but is sent into the ropes and arm dragged. Armstrong dropkicks Inferno and mocks Inferno’s dancing. Armstrong gets a top wrist lock on the mat, but Inferno gets out of the hold quickly. Armstrong sends Inferno through the ropes to the floor. Inferno rams Armstrong face first onto the apron a few times and dances a bit. Armstrong shoulder rams Inferno from the apron and tries for a sunset flip, but Inferno counters with a punch. Inferno dances and is rolled up for a two count. Inferno decks Armstrong with a clothesline. Armstrong misses a crossbody off the ropes. Inferno plants Armstrong with a back suplex for a two count. Armstrong counters a back suplex to hit a side Russian leg sweep to win the match! (*1/4. I was surprised that Armstrong went over, but it’s the right decision if Armstrong is going to be a player in the Cruiserweight division. The action was basic and to the point for the most part.)

2.) Lee Marshall interviews the Steiner Brothers backstage. Scott says they have been out of the USA for two years, but they are now here to stay in WCW. Rick chimes in about the Road Warriors. Rick suggests they leave their weapons at home if they have guys. Marshall mentions the other tag teams and Rick says that they should sign on the dotted line. Scott didn’t provide much here and Rick took over on the promo.

3.) Lee Marshall interviews the Blue Bloods. Robert Eaton feels damper, David Taylor feels jolly good and Lord Steven Regal says people can watch the Mega Powers or the Dungeon of Doom, but they have nothing on them. Regal says if the fans don’t see how they are better than them then they are idiots.

4.) Konnan controls Wallstreet with a headlock and keeps Wallstreet on the mat for a moment. Wallstreet knee lifts Konnan followed by right hands. Wallstreet stomps on Konnan in the corner. Wallstreet gets a sleeper on Konnan after sending him into the corner. Konnan hip tosses Wallstreet a couple of times followed by a clothesline. Wallstreet bails to the floor to regroup and is asking for a timeout. Wallstreet controls Konnan with a wrist lock and is taken down with an arm drag. Wallstreet rolls to the floor to get out of a arm bar. Konnan keeps a head scissors on Wallstreet for a few moments. Konnan hammers away on Wallstreet with right hands and rams Wallstreet into the cameraman platform. Wallstreet goes into his knee pad to grab something. The referee checks Wallstreet’s knee pad and he decks Konnan in the corner. Wallstreet leg drops Konnan for a two count. Wallstreet sends Konnan to the floor. Konnan tries for a sunset flip from the apron and nearly wins the match. Konnan hip tosses Wallstreet, but misses an elbow drop.

Wallstreet keeps a sleeper on Konnan, but Konnan nails Wallstreet with a spinning kick for a near fall. Wallstreet goes back to a sleeper hold. Konnan fights free and hits a crossbody off the ropes for a two count. Wallstreet slams Konnan and goes to the top but misses an axe handle. Konnan is grabbed by Big Bubba on the apron. Konnan sends Wallstreet into Bubba’s boot and manages to pin Wallstreet. (1/2*. As per usual, Wallstreet matches are boring and plodding. They are never entertaining because Wallstreet’s offense is not fun to watch. It’s too basic and simple. The offense is what wrestlers in 1980 used. That offense doesn’t fit in 1996.)

Final Thoughts:
A poor episode for Worldwide that had just some bad wrestling on the show.

Thanks for reading.

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