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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #90 4/14/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #90
From: Nashville, TN

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett is confronting Mike Tenay at ringside and says that Vince Russo has sent Kevin Northcutt home. Russo tried to turn Abyss against him and won’t even let Don Callis into the arena. Jarrett doesn’t care who wins tonight because next week he’s leaving as the champion whether Tenay likes it or not. Jarrett calls out James Storm to come down to the ring to start their match.

Opening Contest: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. James Storm: Jarrett goes into the crowd with a chair as Storm follows. Jarrett returns to the ring with the chair as Storm is on the floor trying to get in. The referee takes it away from Jarrett and Storm delivers a few right hands. Storm mounts Jarrett with a Thez Press and delivers more right hands. Storm clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Storm pummels Jarrett with right hands on the table. Storm sends Jarrett into the guard railing and continues with strikes. Storm rams Jarrett face first onto a chair in the crowd and continues with punches. Storm chokes Jarrett with a chair. They trade strikes in the crowd until Jarrett hip tosses Storm on the floor. Jarrett has the chair and whacks Storm over the back. Jarrett jabs Storm in the gut with a chair shot a few times. They proceed to brawl into the bleachers. Storm gets the momentum with several strikes after Jarrett almost tossed Storm over the railing. They return to ringside where Jarrett gets on the announcers table, but Storm leaps off the railing to knock Jarrett off the table. Storm avoids being sent into the railing and hits a bulldog on the floor. Storm heads to the top rope but Jarrett shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Storm on the top rope. Jarrett hooks Storm for a superplex and hits it! Jarrett continues to control the match with right hands. Jarrett delivers a kick to the head and covers Storm for a near fall.

Jarrett chokes Storm over the middle rope and splashes down onto Storm. Jarrett slides to the floor and punches Storm. Jarrett leaps off the top to hit a crossbody, but Storm rolls through and almost pins Jarrett. Jarrett decks Storm with a clothesline for a two count. Jarrett continues to punch Storm, but Storm comes back with a head scissors. Storm clotheslines Jarrett followed by a powerslam for a near fall. Storm looks for a swinging neckbreaker out of the corner, but Jarrett hits a cutter of the middle rope for a near fall. Storm elbows Jarrett coming into the corner and hits the swinging noose for a near fall. Storm misses a superkick and Jarrett tries for the Stroke, but Storm counters. Storm tries for the Eight Second Ride, but Jarrett breaks free and they collide in the middle of the ring. Jarrett rolls to the floor to grab the guitar, but Storm delivers a superkick. However, the referee was pushed down by Jarrett. Storm has the guitar, but the referee takes it away. Jarrett plants Storm with the Stroke to win the match. (**1/2. It was a decent match that relies on Jarrett brawling in the crowd and around ringside for a good portion of it. I’m not a fan of the finish. There’s nothing wrong with having Jarrett win the match cleanly without a distraction. Storm isn’t being presented as a threat. Jarrett winning here just adds more interest to the match next week.) After the match, Jarrett cuts a promo saying that this is Harris or Raven’s future. Jarrett promises to hurt either one of them and stomps Storm a few more times. Jarrett grabs a steel chair and hits Storm on the left knee. Jarrett locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Chris Harris comes out and attacks Jarrett hitting a leaping clothesline. Harris pummels Jarrett in the corner until Raven hits Harris from behind with a chair. Raven sets up two chairs in the middle of the ring and drop toe holds Harris onto both chairs. Raven traps Harris’ arm on one chair and whacks the shoulder with the other chair. Raven puts a crossface chicken wing on Harris until Vince Russo comes down to the ring. Raven chokes Russo until AJ Styles slides into the ring and hammers away on Raven. Raven avoids a kick by bailing to the floor. Russo offers a handshake to Styles, but Styles is not interested and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Swinger, Gilbertti and Trinity asking how Swinger could turn on Simon Diamond. Swinger mentions that Diamond was the worst man at his wedding and he could never do anything on his own. Diamond always needed reassurance. Swinger was forced to team with Diamond and they were successful only because of him. Swinger is going to show Diamond is a phony. Swinger says that Diamond isn’t an Italian and just an Irish guy from Delaware. David Young enters the scene and tells Gilbertti he didn’t know they had an interview. Gilbertti tells Young that he needs to actually win something for once because he’s close to getting fired.

Second Contest: NWA X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian vs. Sonjay Dutt: Kazarian gets wrist control to start the match, but Dutt is able to counter into a hammerlock quickly. Kazarian flips out and keeps wrist control until Dutt goes to the apron and ties Kazarian’s arm over the middle rope to deliver a dropkick. Kazarian drops Dutt with a right hand and tries for a cover managing a two count. Dutt arm drags Kazarian followed by a heel kick. Kazarian tosses Dutt over the top with a belly to belly suplex. Kazarian baseball slides Dutt, but Dutt comes back with a swinging kick on the apron. Dutt tries for a moonsault, but Kazarian drops Dutt over the apron face first. Kazarian hits a slingshot leg drop into the ring from the apron for a two count. Kazarian arm drags Dutt and keeps a modified arm bar on Dutt. Kazarian kicks Dutt on the back to maintain the advantage. Dutt goes for a tilt a whirl and locks in an octopus leading to a rollup for a two count. Kazarian tosses Dutt with a fallaway slam. Kazarian chops Dutt several times in the corner and taunts Dutt. Kazarian sends Dutt hard into the corner back first and hits a dropkick. Dutt crawls through Kazarian’s legs and gets kicked on the apron.

Kazarian hits a slingshot DDT onto the apron! Kazarian taunts the announcers and the fans. Dutt takes Kazarian out with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Dutt tries for a springboard, but Kazarian dropkicks Dutt in midair. Kazarian drives Dutt down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Kazarian chops Dutt in the corner a few times. Dutt kicks Kazarian and head scissors Kazarian out of the corner. Dutt hammers away on Kazarian several times followed by a knee strike and a neckbreaker for a two count. Dutt plants Kazarian with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Dutt goes to the middle rope trying for a hurricanrana, but Kazarian counters with the Back To The Future managing a two count. Kazarian leg sweeps Dutt and hits a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Kazarian sits Dutt on the top rope and delivers a strike to the back. Dutt elbows Kazarian off and is met with a kick to the face. Kazarian hits a top rope Flux Capacitor! Kazarian slowly goes for the cover, but Dutt got his boot on the bottom rope. Dutt almost steals the match with a series of rollups. Dutt kicks Kazarian and hits a standing Slice Bread for a near fall. Dutt goes to the top rope missing the Hindu Press, but landed on his feet. Kazarian manages to hit the Wave of the Future for the win. (***1/4. For some reason the crowd was dead for the match, but I thought they did a really good job and the match was quite enjoyable. I’m wondering if people are not invested in Kazarian as a heel champion. The action was pretty good throughout and I’d like to see Dutt in more important matches.) After the match, Kazarian says we just saw another example of greatness. He defeated another member of Team NWA. Kazarian brags that he’s the champion. Kazarian demands that an TNA official come down and make him a member of Team NWA.

Well, Abyss makes his way out. Kazarian doesn’t appear thrilled about this as Abyss enters the ring. Kazarian begs off and wants to shake hands with Abyss. Abyss shakes hands but instead plants Kazarian with the Black Hole Slam. Sonjay Dutt has gotten up in the ring and Abyss notices him. Abyss wants to shake hands with Dutt. Abyss ends up shoving Dutt from behind and hits the Shock Treatment. There’s a woman on the stage directing for Abyss to come to her. It looks like it is Goldylocks in a wig.

Backstage, Vince Russo is telling Chris Harris that they can postpone the match. AJ Styles enters the scene and wants Russo to put Styles into the match against Raven. Harris tells Styles that he’ll get in the match over his dead body. Harris insists he can go despite teh shoulder injury.

Third Contest: Johnny Swinger vs. Simon Diamond: Diamond pulls Swinger to the floor and delivers several right hands around ringside. Diamond rolls Swinger into the ring, but Swinger gets the advantage. Diamond kicks Swinger and delivers a few right hands. Diamond knocks Swinger to the floor and continues to deliver strikes around ringside. Diamond sends Swinger into the guard railing ribs first. Swinger tries for a piledriver, but Diamond counters and catapults Swinger into the railing chest first. Gilbertti has come down to ringside and distracts Diamond allowing Swinger to knock Diamond off the apron into the railing. Sonny Siaki comes out and confronts Gilbertti to protect Diamond. Swinger rams Diamond face first into the ring steps and delivers several stomps on the floor. Swinger sends Diamond back to the floor where Siaki continues to prevent Gilbertti from getting involved. Swinger drops Diamond chest first over the railing. Swinger continues to work over Diamond with right hands against the ropes. Diamond nearly wins with a crucifix pin, but Swinger gains control with a knee strike. Swinger pummels Diamond with right hands in the corner. Swinger knee strikes Diamond in the corner and taunts the crowd. Swinger pulls Diamond towards the middle of the ring and taunts Diamond. Diamond almost wins with a rollup and they begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. They collide heads in the middle of the ring. Diamond backdrops Swinger followed by a clothesline and right hand. Diamond takes Swinger over with the Simon Series, but Swinger blocks with a knee strike. Diamond hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Diamond tries for a slow rollup out of the corner, but Gilbertti helps Swinger only to be attacked by Siaki. David Young runs into the ring and clotheslines Swinger on accident. Diamond manages to pin Swinger with a rollup. After the match, Swinger and Gilbertti work over Diamond. Siaki slides in and saves Diamond with right hands. Trinity has a chair and whacks Siaki over the head with it. Swinger drops Diamond with a jawbreaker. Swinger rips Diamond’s robe, which is the first robe that Diamond wore with Swinger. Swinger seems to have a difficult time ripping it, but we get the point. (*1/4. The finish was stupid as Young ran by the referee to get involved in the match. Diamond winning is the right call as he has more value than Swinger in his role. I’m assuming we’ll get a tag match next week.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with 3LK. BG James says there is a war going on in TNA. They are taking it back to basic training. Konnan says that Vince Russo needs to give them an opportunity and the fans want them. Killings chimes in and says if they want war then they have got a war.

Fourth Contest: Sabu vs. Monty Brown in a falls count anywhere match: Sabu and Brown trade right hands with Brown getting the advantage in the corner followed by chops. Brown runs into a boot in the corner and Sabu hits a DDT for a near fall. Brown drives Sabu down over his knee followed by a neckbreaker. Sabu stops Brown on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Sabu hits a springboard leg drop for a two count. Sabu grabs a chair but misses a shot and tosses the chair at Brown. The chair stays over Brown’s head and Brown drops to the mat. Sabu runs the ropes, but Brown trips Sabu onto the chair face first. Brown tosses Sabu with a double under hook suplex. Brown goes to the middle rope, but Sabu stops Brown with more right hands. Brown counters a top rope hurricanrana and hits a powerbomb off the middle rope for a two count. Brown works over Sabu against the ropes with shots to the ribs. Brown hits the POUNCE sending Sabu rolling to the floor. Brown goes under the ring to grab a table, but Sabu stops Brown with punches. Sabu stops Brown with a right hand from behind. Brown sets a table up on the floor, but Sabu lays Brown on the table. Sabu springboards off the ropes to dive onto Brown, who rolled off the table. Sabu tosses a chair at Brown and gets a near fall. Brown sends Sabu over the railing into the crowd. They brawl in the crowd for a few moments with Brown delivering a few backbreakers and tosses Sabu onto a few chairs. Brown misses a chair shot and Sabu tosses another chair at Brown. Sabu and Brown brawl towards the former SEX locker room. Sabu is tossed out of the room, but Abyss walks out. Abyss powerbombs Sabu through a table. Brown walks out and has a standoff with Abyss. The woman from earlier walks out as well and talks to Abyss before walking off. Brown hits the POUNCE again and pins Sabu for the win. (**. I am really curious about this Abyss relationship with the woman, whom I think is Goldylocks. I think that could be a fun partnership. This was your typical brawling with Sabu hitting some big spots to hold interest. Brown should probably be pushed to the moon.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Shane Douglas, Michael Shane and Traci. Hudson asks how they can get back into the tag title ranks. Douglas says the only disgrace is not getting up after getting knocked down. Michael Shane asks if Douglas is done talking. Shane has something to ask Douglas. Shane talks about being the longest reigning X-Division Champion. Shane thinks the group should be about him and not Douglas. Shane had a meeting with Russo behind Douglas’ back. Douglas is not happy about this. Shane reveals there’s a spot in the X-Division and he’s filling it next week. Douglas was going to take Shane to the top and he’s pissed about this news. Shane says this is about what he wants. Douglas says that Shane isn’t getting off easy. Monty Brown enters the scene and tells Hudson to not stare at him like that. They cut away from the segment, but Tenay says that Brown wants stiffer competition.

Fifth Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions Kid Kash & Dallas vs. D’Lo Brown & Apollo: Brown and Kash kickoff the tag title match. Brown takes Kash down to the mat, but Kash counters with a rollup. Kash gets up and taunts Brown. Brown elbows Kash and keeps control on the mat for a moment until Kash reaches the ropes. Kash kicks Brown in the midsection, but is sent into the ropes. Brown blocks a hip toss and backdrops Kash. Brown clotheslines Kash over the top to the floor. Brown springboards off the middle rope to dropkick Dallas on the apron. Brown tries for a suplex on Kash back into the ring, but Kash lands on his feet. Brown clotheslines Kash and tags in Apollo to hit a sloppy double team slam. Apollo hammers away on Kash and hits a tilt a whirl slam. Brown returns to the match and Kash tags in Dallas. Kash springboard dropkicks Brown and Dallas decks Brown with a clothesline. Dallas and Kash hit a springboard leg drop/side slam combo on Brown for a two count as Apollo made the save. Brown sends Kash into the corner and Kash hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall.

Brown hammers away on Kash until an eye poke stops him. They begin to trade rollups until Brown stops Kash with a dropkick. Apollo tags into the match and decks Kash with a few clotheslines. Apollo backdrops Kash, but Dallas is tagged in. Apollo punches Dallas a few times and Brown enters to hit a double shoulder block. Apollo clotheslines Dallas several times and hits a TKO for a near fall. Kash hits a springboard head scissors on Apollo and tried for a tornado DDT, but Brown clotheslined Kash. Brown sends Kash into the corner and Dallas is sent to the floor. Brown catches Kash coming off the top rope to hit a swinging slam. Apollo superkicks Kash and Brown hit the Sky High. Dallas attacks Brown and Apollo with a steel pipe causing a disqualification. Which, according to NWA rules means that Brown and Apollo are new tag champions. (*1/2. That is a bit ridiculous to take the titles off of Kash and Dallas after one week. The action was a little sloppy in spots, but I wouldn’t have taken the titles off of Kash and Dallas this early.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is standing outside a locker room where Sabu is freaking out behind a closed door. Raven walks into the scene and says that he’s going to fulfill his destiny. Raven promises that Harris will not make it to the cage match and he’ll win the title. Raven knows that Sabu has his back and he’s not worried about that. Raven assures Hudson he has Sabu’s back, too.

Main Event: Raven vs. Chris Harris in a number one contenders match: Harris has his left shoulder heavily taped up. Harris punches Raven with his left hand and grabs his shoulder. Raven tries to focus on Harris’ shoulder with a wrist lock, but Harris pulls away quickly. Harris shoulder blocks Raven and goes back to selling the arm. Raven quickly attacks with stomps in the corner. Raven chokes Harris under the bottom rope. Raven delivers a knee strike to keep Harris on the mat. Harris counters with a wrist lock and takes Raven down to the mat. Raven recovers quickly and attacks Harris on the mat with strikes. Raven drives Harris down to the mat face first. Harris drops Raven on the apron with a left hand and stomps on Raven’s knee as it was trapped around the middle rope. Harris removes the wrap and chop blocks Raven on the floor. Harris slams Raven’s leg on the aisle to maintain control of the match. Harris focuses his attack on the left knee delivering another chop block in the ring. Harris punches the knee, but Raven yanks back on Harris’ arm with a cross arm bar. Harris is able to reach the ropes. Raven is hobbling around as Harris delivers more stomps to the knee and wraps Raven’s leg around the middle rope.

Raven regroups and stops Harris with a strike to the shoulder, but Harris takes Raven down to the mat. Raven rolls to the floor and tries to regroup. Harris crotches Raven on the railing. Raven kicks Harris several times to regain momentum. Raven tries to slam Harris face first onto the announcers table, but Harris counters and does it to Raven three times. Harris sends Raven across the ring, but Raven falls down. Raven stops Harris on the top rope with a right hand. Raven tries for a suplex, but Harris slams Raven off and misses a crossbody. Raven stomps on Harris to maintain control of the match. Raven sends Harris through the ropes to the floor. Raven sends Harris into the railing with a side Russian leg sweep a couple of times. Raven sends Harris hard into the guard railing. Raven slams Harris arm onto the ring steps and wraps Harris’ arm around the ring post and pulls back. Raven locks in a chicken wing in the middle of the ring. Harris is able to counter with a dragon sleeper. Raven breaks free by dropping down and hurting Harris’ arm again. Raven puts the chicken wing on Harris once again.

James Storm makes his way down to ringside to root on Harris. Harris reaches the ropes to break the hold. Raven continues to hammer away on Harris. Harris fires back with left hands to stagger Raven. Harris decks Raven with a few more strikes. Harris comes off the ropes to clothesline Raven. Harris powerslams Raven for a two count. Raven splashes Harris, but Harris counters a bulldog with a bulldog of his own for a near fall. Raven knee lifts Harris in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee saw that. Storm decks Raven from the apron and Harris nearly wins. Raven ducks a clothesline and superkicks Harris for a near fall. Vince Russo comes down to ringside and tells Storm to go backstage. Harris spears himself and Raven to the floor. Sabu comes out and attacks James Storm on the floor. Storm and Sabu brawl into the crowd. Raven has gotten a steel chair. Raven tries for a drop toe hold, but Harris smashes Raven with the chair for a two count. Harris beats on Raven in the corner but is kicked by Raven. Harris takes Raven down with a Thez Press. Harris misses a spear and hits the chair in the corner nearly giving Raven the win. Raven goes for another chicken wing, but Harris goes backwards and knocks the referee down. Harris spears Raven, but the referee is knocked down. Raven low blows Harris and tries for the Raven Effect, but Harris counters with an inside cradle to pin Raven! (**1/2. I would have preferred this match to be contested without the focus of both men selling injuries. It told a story, but it wasn’t a good one, really. Harris selling the shoulder prevented some good action as did Raven selling the leg. If these two went at it without restrictions it probably would have been a lot better. I also would have had Harris won with a stronger move than an inside cradle.)

Vince Russo enters the ring and celebrates with Harris. Harris will meet Jeff Jarrett next week inside a steel cage for the NWA World Championship. Jarrett stands at the top of the aisle holding the NWA World Championship as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was an entertaining week for NWA-TNA as there were several good matches and I’m interested in the Abyss angle with a new female manager. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with Harris/Jarrett next week. I’ve been wanting Harris to became champion and elevate him, but I’m not sure if the booking has been strong enough to justify it. Should be interesting to see how next week plays out.

Thanks for reading.

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