WWF Heat 12/27/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 12/27/1998
From: Spokane, WA

1.) Headbanger Mosh defeated Golga by disqualification
2.) Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart defeated The Godfather & Val Venis
3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman defeated Hardy Boys
4.) Kane defeated WWF European Champion X-Pac in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon makes his way out and introduces Kane. McMahon is happy with his present in Kane, who took out DX on RAW last week. McMahon says that Kane has always been a menace to society. Kane has no values. McMahon says that Kane is a lunatic and an idiot. Vince recalls Kane not having teaching like many other people. Kane is disruptive and didn’t have a stable home as a kid. McMahon notes that Kane was burned severely and pokes fun at Kane’s burnt face, if he were to remove his mask. McMahon tells Kane that sometimes life is a bitch. McMahon tells Kane there is no season for sympathy. McMahon tells Kane that he’ll always be seen as a freak. McMahon believes it’s okay because Kane is now his freak. McMahon tells Kane they won’t have any issues as long as Kane listens to him. If Kane defies him, then Kane will be sent back to the white coats. McMahon shows Kane from the titantron. Footage of X-Pac hitting the bronco buster on Shane McMahon is shown. Thus, tonight it will be Kane taking on X-Pac. McMahon wants to hear Kane speak and say “thank you, Mr. McMahon.” Kane gets his voice recorder and says the phrase. McMahon says he couldn’t hear that very well and Kane is forced to say it again.

2.) Backstage, Mr. McMahon makes Kane get him some coffee, and Kane isn’t happy about it.

3.) Golga decks Thrasher off the apron and Mosh uses his speed to avoid Golga early on. Golga gets the advantage with forearm strikes in the corner. Golga hits a running splash in the corner and poses for the fans. Golga scoop slams Mosh followed by an elbow drop. Golga continues with a leg drop and tries for a splash, but Thrasher grabs Golga’s leg. Mosh chokes Golga over the middle rope and splashes onto Golga over the middle rope. George Steele enters the ring and that causes a disqualification. (1/2*. Well, the Steele pop appears to have lasted all of one week.)

4.) Backstage, Terri and Jacqueline are getting ready.

5.) Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces PMS, Jacqueline and Terri. Cole wants to know what PMS means. Jacqueline says it means Pretty Mean Sisters. Terri says that there are a lot of big men with big egos. They have been disrespected and they are here to put them in their place. Terri seduces Cole and pulls down his pants. Jacqueline knee strikes Cole in the groin to leave him laying in the middle of the ring.

6.) Backstage, Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson are telling Kane to get some coffee, but Kane gets pissed off and they say they were only joking.

7.) The Godfather offers Debra a job with him and wants her to be part of the Hoe Train. Debra declines saying that she’s out of Godfather’s league.

8.) Venis and Jarrett start the tag match with Jarrett delivering a knee strike. Venis hammers away on Jarrett in the corner but misses a splash in the corner. Jarrett stomps on Venis and chokes Val in the corner. Venis runs out of the corner with a clothesline and a scoop slam before missing an elbow drop. Owen enters and is met with a back elbow. Godfather tags in and scoop slams Owen followed by a splash by Venis. Godfather comes off the ropes to leg drop Owen. Venis gets knee lifted by Jarrett from the apron and Owen hits a belly to belly suplex followed by a spinning heel kick. Jarrett puts a sleeper on Venis, but Venis breaks free to deliver a spinebuster for a two count. All four men are in the ring as Godfather hits the Hoe Train on Owen. Venis knee lifts Jarrett a few times followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Debra gets in the ring and taunts Venis. Jarrett plants Venis with the Stroke and wins the match. (*1/2. I like the team of Godfather and Venis, This was a decent tag match with the right team going over.)

9.) Backstage, the Acolytes are lacing up their boots.

10.) Shamrock works over Matt with right hands but Matt gets out of a slam and Jeff hits a top rope crossbody for a two count. Shamrock stops Jeff with several strikes against the ropes. Shamrock clotheslines Jeff to maintain control of the match. Bossman tags in and rams Jeff into the corner face first. Bossman delivers a running clothesline in the corner as we see the Acolytes walking backstage. Bossman hits a sidewalk slam, but pulls Jeff up on the cover. Shamrock puts the ankle lock on Jeff and wins the match as Jeff is out cold, apparently. After the match, the Acolytes enter the ring and attack the tag champions. Bradshaw sends Bossman into the steps while Faarooq slams Shamrock. (*. Well, that was mostly just a squash match.)

11.) Shawn Michaels tells DX to leave the ringside area for the main event match between X-Pac and Kane.

12.) Kane is distracted by DX allowing Pac to deliver a chair shot to Kane’s knee. Pac delivers a few strikes and kicks to control Kane in the corner. Kane tosses Pac into the corner, but Pac fights back with a spinning kick. Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Pac kicks free and hits the X-Factor for a two count. Pac heads to the top rope but is caught and Kane hits the chokeslam. Kane goes for the cover and easily pins Pac. After the match, Vince McMahon demands that Kane tombstone Pac and he tries to do so, but DX comes running back down and they knock Kane to the floor. (1/2*. I’m totally fine with Kane being built into being a complete monster. That’s the role he should be excelling at.)

Final Thoughts:
There was some strong talent on the last Heat for 1998. The overall show felt a little disappointing and lackluster.

Thanks for reading.