NWA-TNA Impact 9/28/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

A video package promoting the fact that Kurt Angle is coming to TNA. Angle says “it’s real, it’s damn real.” I believe this aired at the end of No Surrender.

Don West and Mike Tenay talk about what happened at No Surrender where AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels regained the tag titles and Samoa Joe left with the NWA World Championship. They also mention TNA going primetime in November.

Lance Hoyt makes his way down for a match with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett attacks from behind and sends Hoyt into the guard railing.

Opening Contest: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Lance Hoyt: There was a bell, so this is actually a match. Jarrett sends Hoyt into the announcers table and rams Hoyt in the midsection with a chair. Jarrett sends Hoyt into the railing and tosses Hoyt into the wall. Jarrett rams Hoyt into the wall and breaks the wall. Jarrett grabs a strap and begins to whip Hoyt on the floor. Jarrett chokes Hoyt on the apron with the strap. The referee calls for the bell and I think has given the match to Hoyt by disqualification. Jarrett scares the referee out of the ring.

Jarrett grabs a microphone and says he’s not going to forget about what happened at No Surrender. Jarrett shows off the strap marks on his back. Jarrett says he was beaten like a trade slave at the PPV. Jarrett isn’t happy that Joe has possession of his championship. Jarrett is going to give Cornette the chance to do the right thing. Jarrett wants the belt back around his waist. If the belt isn’t back with him then Joe will be left in a pool of his own blood.

Jim Cornette is holding a press conference regarding Bound For Glory. There will be a Monsters Ball match between Abyss, Joe, Runt and Raven. Senshi defends the X-title against Chris Sabin. Also, Jarrett defends against Sting for the NWA World Championship against Sting’s career. Kurt Angle is headed into TNA Wrestling, as well.

A vignette promoting the debut of Austin Starr is shown. Starr says that TNA gets star struck at Bound For Glory. It’s the first time Starr was shown on TV. He is Austin Aries of ROH and previous TNA fame.

Second Contest: Raven vs. Samoa Joe: They shove each other and begin to trade right hands followed by chops. Raven jabs Joe a few times followed by a discus clothesline. Joe knee strikes Raven and kicks Raven to the apron where Raven hangs upside down until Joe delivers a kick. Raven blocks a suicide dive with a chair shot. Brother Runt runs into the ring and chokes Raven with a chain and drops Raven to the mat with a neckbreaker. Joe locks in a choke in the middle of the ring and Raven taps out. (1/2*. Well, that was disappointing that Raven was jobbed out to kind of promote the monsters ball match.) After the match, Runt tries to cool it off with Joe, but decides to slap Joe a few times. Joe beats on Runt with palm strikes and press slams Runt over the top to the floor onto Raven. Abyss is behind Joe and they begin to trade strikes. Joe sends Abyss over the top to the floor with a running big boot. Raven, Abyss and Runt brawl around ringside. Jim Cornette needs the NWA World Championship back from Joe. Joe tells Cornette that if Jarrett wants the title back to come get it and the same applies to Sting.

Rhino talked at the press conference saying he can’t sit out for twelve weeks. Rhino reveals he’s having a street fight with Christian Cage at Bound For Glory and he promises to be the last man standing.

Third Contest: Team 3D vs. Vaughn Doring & Brandon Thomaselli: Bubba and D-Von didn’t wait for the bell and hit a side slam/leg drop combo on Thomaselli. D-Von splashes Thomaselli in the corner followed by a clothesline. Thomaselli tags in Doring but is met with a shoulder block. Doring is driven down with a double flapjack. Bubba hits a German suplex on Doring and boots Thomaselli off the apron. 3D to Doring for the win. (NR. Well, 3D looked to be motivated and I thought this was a really enjoyable enhancement match for them.)

Bubba gets a microphone and says they are back. The fans are chanting welcome back towards them. Bubba reminds everyone who they are. They left to refocus on the NWA Tag Team Championships. Bubba says management told them to tell them when they want the title shot. They want their shot for when they earn it the old school way. They are going to start at the bottom and prove their way to the top. Their quest to the NWA Tag Championships has just started.

A video promoting Sting’s career and a match against NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett at Bound For Glory is shown.

At the press conference, Lex Luger talked about Sting and Jarrett. Luger says that Sting returned to wrestling for a purpose and it’s more than the championship. Buff Bagwell chimes in and believes that Sting will win at the event. Bagwell knows that Sting will be the Sting everyone knows of at the PPV.

A video of Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell promoting Sting and his upcoming match against Jarrett is shown.

Backstage, NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett is talking to Eric Young about giving him a second chance. Jarrett gives Young the job to get the championship back. Young doesn’t think he can steal the belt back from Joe. Young tells Jarrett he’s not going to do it and Jarrett says he’ll deal with Young later. Borash tells Young he just said no to Jarrett and Young seems to not realize that he did that.

Main Event: NWA X-Division Champion Senshi, Alex Shelley & Johnny Devine vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal: Fans are chanting “no more Jackass” towards Sabin, Lethal and Dutt, which is hilarious. Christian Cage is on commentary for some reason.

Lethal and Shelley start the match trading some mat wrestling as Cage is angry about Rhino. They do a double kip up as a lot of the focus is on Cage at commentary. Dutt and Senshi enter the match with both men trading chops. Rhino runs down to ringside and is held back from Cage as we go to commercial. Senshi gets a two count on Dutt, but Rhino pummels Cage on the floor after breaking free. Devine hits a swinging neckbreaker on Dutt. Shelley tags back in and punches Lethal and Sabin on the apron. Devine tags back in and drops Dutt down to the mat for a near fall. Shelley returns to the match and Shelley delivers a double knee strike followed by stomps in the corner. Dutt hits a springboard missile dropkick on Shelley. Sabin and Devine tag in with Sabin cleaning house with clothesline. Sabin kicks Shelley to the floor. Sabin plants Devine with an over the shoulder DDT for a two count. Lethal and Senshi trade chops in the middle of the ring. Dutt dropkicks Shelley on the knee and to the face. Shelley kicks Dutt and comes off the ropes with a dropkick. Sabin kicks Senshi in the midsection. Devine misses a briefcase shot to Sabin. Lethal dropkicks Devine and Sabin gets the win. (*. The match was a complete afterthought and it would appear they are keeping with some form of the Jackass gimmick and it needs to be dropped. When even the Orlando crowd craps on it, you know you need to drop it.)

Jim Cornette continues the press conference in the ring with Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger sitting in the ring. Cornette promotes the Jarrett vs. Sting main event at Bound For Glory. Cornette believes that Jarrett will lose the championship. Cornette announces that Kurt Angle will be serving as the special ringside enforcer for the main event.

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring. Jarrett told Cornette he gave him an hour to give him the championship back. Cornette tells Jarrett to go get it back from Joe. Jarrett asks if Cornette is the boss or is he just a inept authority figure. Bagwell stops Jarrett from grabbing Cornette. Jarrett decks both Luger and Bagwell. Jarrett stomps on Luger. Bagwell tries to fight back with right hands. Jarrett sends Bagwell over the top to the floor and grabs his arm. Samoa Joe runs down to the ring and attacks Jarrett. They trade strikes as the show goes off the air.

Final Thoughts:
Not a great episode as they are building towards Bound For Glory. I’m hoping it was more of a introduction towards the PPV since the press conference played a large role on the show to promote the PPV. The Jackass stuff for the X-Division has got to go.

Thanks for reading.

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