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WWE Smackdown 9/26/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: San Diego, CA

Opening Contest: Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rikishi: Guerrero bails to the floor to start and stalls to avoid Rikishi. Guerrero stomps on Rikishi to get the advantage followed by strikes. Rikishi sends Guerrero over the top to the floor. Rikishi pulls Guerrero to the apron and is met with a forearm strike. Rikishi grabs Guerrero coming off the top and decks Guerrero with right hands. Rikishi forearms Guerrero, but runs into a boot in the corner. Guerrero comes out of the corner with a bulldog and keeps control with strikes. Rikishi misses a spear in the corner and hits the post. Guerrero dropkicks Rikishi in the corner and continues to taunt the crowd. Guerrero mocks Rikishi and goes for a stink face. Rikishi shoves Guerrero away and hits a backdrop. Rikishi decks Guerrero with right hands and a belly to belly suplex. Guerrero is splashed in the corner and promptly sits down in the corner. Guerrero avoids the stink face, but is slammed to the mat. Rikishi tries for the Bonzai Drop, but Guerrero got his knees up nearly winning the match. Guerrero tries to grab the camera and gets the camera kicked into his face. Rikishi follows up with a Bonzai Drop to win the match. After the match, Rikishi dances on the stage. (*1/2. Not a bad match, but I’m still confused by the constant desire to push Rikishi. Chavo seems to be someone who’s getting a focus with Eddie and having him lose here just seems like a weird decision.)

Backstage, Torrie Wilson is shaving her legs to get ready for the bikini contest. She also applies lotion to her chest.

Tazz is in the ring to conduct the bikini contest between Nidia and Torrie Wilson. Billy and Chuck are on commentary for the segment. Nidia drops her gum and puts it back in her mouth along with running out of breath. Billy and Chuck are judging the contest with Chuck giving a 6 and Billy giving a 9. They give Torrie 10’s and she wins the contest. A major upset… right? Nidia storms off upset with the decision. Billy and Chuck celebrate with Torrie. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble and Tajiri make their way out and they are not happy. Noble says that Nidia isn’t ranked below Torrie Wilson. Noble thinks they have no taste and nobody screws his girlfriend. Noble wants a tag match right now. That challenge is accepted.

Second Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble & Tajiri vs. Billy & Chuck: Tajiri dumps Chuck to the floor to start the match and kicks Billy from behind. Noble and Tajiri kick Billy, but Billy plants Noble with a tilt a whirl slam as Tajiri was pulled to the floor. Noble dropkicks Billy on the knee and tags in Tajiri to keep control of the contest. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow off the ropes. Tajiri superkicks Billy for a near fall. Noble tags into the match and continues to work over the knee of Billy. Noble splashes down onto the left leg to keep Bllly on the mat. Billy kicks Noble over the top to the floor. Noble wraps Billy’s leg around the ring post a couple of times. Noble splashes onto Billy’s knee and locks in a modified Indian death lock. Billy fights out of the hold with right hands. Billy can’t put any pressure on his leg and falls down onto the mat. Noble stomps on Billy’s knee and Tajiri gets a few shots in, as well. Billy kicks free from Noble, but still can’t put pressure on the leg. Billy flapjacks Noble and both men are down on the mat. Tajiri and Chuck get the hot tags with Chuck cleaning house tossing Noble with an overhead suplex. Chuck kicks Tajiri and knocks Noble off the apron. Chuck has Tajiri on his shoulders as Billy goes to the top rope on one leg. Billy hits the Code Red and Chuck pins Tajiri for the win. (**1/2. A solid tag match as I thought both teams look pretty good in there. I think there’s some potential for Billy and Chuck as a face team.) After the match, Nidia and Torrie have a cat fight after Nidia spat at Torrie. Billy holds Nidia and allows Torrie to spank her.

Backstage, Funaki knocks on Brock Lesnar’s locker room for an interview. Lesnar exits the room ands flexes his pecks to make Funaki uncomfortable. Lesnar tells Funaki to ask him a hard hitting question. Funaki asks if it’s true that Lesnar won’t give Undertaker a rematch for the championship. Lesnar isn’t going to answer Funaki’s question right here but will rather answer it in the ring.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is on the phone and says the Women’s Championship is on RAW along with Orton and Hurricane. Kurt Angle enters the room and thinks Stephanie was great in embarrassing Bischoff at Unforgiven. Angle thinks a rematch against Chris Benoit tonight would be great. Angle calls Benoit a cheater for using the ropes. Stephanie has something in mind for the main event. Rey Mysterio appears in the segment and Angle wants to know what he’s doing there. Angle makes a child labor law joke about Mysterio not allowed to be there for over five hours. Stephanie announces it will be Angle vs. Mysterio vs. Benoit tonight on Smackdown. Angle thinks that Mysterio is involved because they are in his hometown where he was born “like eight years ago”. Angle promises to win the match tonight regardless. Mysterio says he’ll win first when he hits Angle with the 619.

Funaki makes his way down to the ring with a dented chair to interview the Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar. Funaki decides it’s a good idea to remind Lesnar that Taker hit him with the chair and dented it. Lesnar throws the chair down and Funaki looks scared. Funaki tries to get a few strikes in, but Lesnar leg sweeps Funaki and tosses Funaki overhead with a suplex. Lesnar knee lifts Funaki several times and rams Funaki into the corner. Lesnar rams Funaki into the corner back first. Lesnar tosses Funaki overhead with another suplex. Lesnar connects with the F5 to leave Funaki laying and that ends the segment.

Backstage, Dawn Marie talks with Torrie Wilson praising her for her win over Nidia in a bikini contest. Marie thinks that Torrie will one day decide to have a contest against someone who has a lot more to offer. Wilson excuses herself and walks off.

Backstage, Edge is walking towards the ring for his match against Eddie Guerrero.

Third Contest: Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge in a no disqualification match: Guerrero goes right after Edge with strikes against the ropes and a back elbow as Edge comes off the ropes. Guerrero shoulder blocks Edge, but Edge catapults Guerrero across the ring. Edge keeps a hammerlock on Guerrero to keep control of the contest. Guerrero rams Edge into the corner and delivers a few shoulder rams. Guerrero slingshots over the top to drop Edge throat first over the middle rope for a two count. Edge backdrops Guerrero followed by a dropkick. Edge slams Guerrero and hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Edge keeps control on Guerrero’s arm. Guerrero knee lifts Edge followed by a dropkick to the legs to regain the advantage. Guerrero drops Edge with a few strikes. Guerrero plants Edge with a brainbuster for a two count. Edge fights out of a headlock and powerslams Guerrero coming off the ropes. Edge goes to the top rope and is stopped by Guerrero. Guerrero hits a superplex managing a two count. Guerrero elbow strikes Edge several times and drops Edge to the mat. Edge has Guerrero on his shoulders and drops Guerrero over the ropes followed by a clothesline to the floor. Edge goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. Edge runs towards Guerrero and nails the referee instead! Guerrero grabs a chair and whacks Edge over the back with it. Guerrero rolls Edge into the ring to continue the match. Guerrero smashes Edge on the ribs with the chair. Guerrero misses a frog splash off the top as the show goes to commercial.

Guerrero continues to stomp Edge in the corner as a second referee has come down. Guerrero locks in a sleeper hold. Edge hit a spear during the commercial break and that’s when the second referee entered the match. Edge face plants Guerrero and both men are down again. Edge tries for a cover, but only manages a two count. Guerrero stops Edge on the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana for a near fall. Guerrero works over Edge’s elbow with strikes and tries for hit a hurricanrana, but Edge counters with a powerbomb. Edge slides a ladder into the ring, but Guerrero dropkicks the ladder into Edge. Guerrero grabs another ladder from under the ring. Guerrero uppercuts Edge onto the ladder and lays the other ladder onto Edge. Guerrero goes to the apron and hits a slingshot splash onto the sandwiched ladders. Guerrero tries for a cover, but Edge kicks out at two. Guerrero sets the ladder up in the corner and climbs the ladder. Edge gets up and stops Guerrero on the ladder. They trade a few strikes until Guerrero rams Edge’s face on the ladder. Guerrero hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder! Edge kicks out at two.

Guerrero sets the ladder up in the corner and rams Edge into the corner. Guerrero charges, but is backdropped onto the ladder! Edge sets a ladder up in the corner and climbs up again, but is stopped by Guerrero from behind. Edge rams Guerrero face first onto the ladder and hits the Edgecution off the ladder! Edge goes for the cover and pins Guerrero for the win. (****. It’s a great TV match and probably a candidate for the best TV match of the year thus far. I think this win really cements where they want to go with Edge and it certainly helps. There were a couple of big spots, but it didn’t feel like a blood feud ender that they kind of attempted to portray. It just felt like they were building to weapon shots to pop the crowd, which was effectively done.) After the match, the crowd gives Eddie Guerrero a standing ovation.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd walks up to Chris Benoit to talk about the main event. Benoit says that Kurt Angle is a great wrestler. Benoit credits Angle for being one of the toughest wrestlers he’s ever competed against. Benoit looks forward to defeating Angle once again. Benoit was born to hurt and that ends the segment.

Backstage, Matt Hardy is showing Shannon Moore footage of his recent match against Hurricane and takes credit for running Hurricane off to RAW. Hardy thinks the same will happen after his match with Undertaker tonight. Moore thinks that Brock Lesnar played a part in that, but Hardy is offended by that comment. Hardy suggests Moore watch the match tonight to see if Lesnar has anything to do with his victory tonight. Hardy walks off and Lesnar appears behind a wall. How Hardy didn’t see him, I’m not sure.

Fourth Contest: The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy wants to shake hands, but Taker doesn’t appear interested in that. Well, Taker does shake hands but doesn’t look thrilled. Hardy tries to get away, but is sent into the corner and Taker delivers a few strikes. Hardy boots Taker followed by a chop block and right hands on the mat. Hardy hits a middle rope leg drop on Taker. Hardy kicks Taker and tries for a Twist of Fate, but Taker counters and hits a chokeslam. Taker pulls Hardy up and signals for the Last Ride. Taker plants Hardy with the Last Ride for the win. After the match, Lesnar enters the ring and decks Taker with the championship causing Taker to be busted wide open. Lesnar nails Taker a second time with the championship. (NR. This match gave me Jericho/Goldberg WCW vibes as in how that feud should have gone. They did exactly what needed to be done. Hardy get destroyed and we still advance the Lesnar/Taker stuff. I thought this was nicely done.)

During the commercial, a bloodied Undertaker struggled to get to his feet and walk up the aisle. Taker refused medical assistance and sat down in the corner of the room.

Kurt Angle cuts a promo in the ring about the triple threat main event, but he doesn’t understand why. Angle says that Mysterio claims to be from San Diego and says it’s nothing to brag about. Angle suggests there’s a lot of immigrants in San Diego. Angle says that Mysterio is going to need another number, 911. Angle again notes that Benoit illegally won at Unforgiven and again references the immigrants.

Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Benoit: Mysterio head scissors Angle to start the match after being shoved away. Mysterio is clubbed by Benoit, but Mysterio hits a bulldog on Benoit after kicking Angle for a two count. Angle tosses Mysterio to the floor and begins to trade some mat wrestling with Benoit. Angle knocks Mysterio off the apron and goes back to mat wrestling with Benoit. Benoit knocks Mysterio off the apron and Angle tries for the ankle lock, but Benoit rolls through. Angle uses the ropes for leverage for a two count on Benoit. Mysterio nails Benoit with a spinning heel kick and drop toe holds Angle. Mysterio almost gets a rollup on Benoit, but Angle makes the save. Angle misses a spear and hits the post as Benoit drops Mysterio with a back suplex. Benoit forearms Mysterio for a near fall. Benoit atomic drops Mysterio and follows up with a chop. Benoit takes Mysterio over with a snap suplex for a two count. Mysterio ducks a clothesline and Benoit press slams Mysterio over the top to the floor. Angle beats on Benoit with strikes and stomps in the corner. Angle nails Benoit with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Angle backs Benoit into a corner, but Benoit fights out with chops.

Angle tosses Benoit with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle goes for the cover, but Benoit gets his boot on the ropes. Benoit back elbows Angle to the mat. Benoit rams Angle into the corner face first. Benoit hits a German suplex on Angle and holds on to deliver several more. Angle elbows free and begins to hit German suplexs of his own. Benoit elbows free and misses a clothesline. Angle connects with the Angle Slam. Mysterio dropkicks Angle from behind to send Angle to the floor. Mysterio tries to steal the pin, but Benoit kicks out at two. Angle pulls Mysterio to the floor and returns to the ring. Benoit hits a release German suplex where Angle lands on his stomach. Benoit signals for the end and is dropkicked by Mysterio off the top. Angle tosses Mysterio over the top onto Benoit, but Angle sends Mysterio into the railing. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Benoit reaches the ropes. Mysterio hits a double 619! Mysterio goes for the springboard hurricanrana, but settles for a rollup for a two count. Angle clotheslines Mysterio, but Benoit gets the Crossface on Angle! Angle rolls through, but right in the middle of the ring. Mysterio hits a springboard leg drop onto both men and nearly pins Benoit. Angle tries for the Angle Slam, but Mysterio counters and dropkicks Angle into Benoit. Benoit dumps Angle to the floor. Mysterio hits a springboard hurricanrana and pins Benoit to win the match! (***1/2. A really good match, but it felt like it was obvious for Mysterio to win playing off Benoit and Angle focusing too much onto each other. It’s a big win for Mysterio regardless and really makes him look like a threat moving forward.)

Final Thoughts:
Smackdown continues to be a breeze to watch and that was the case here, as well. Some great angle advancements and two good to great TV matches. I hope you’re watching SD because it’s worth the time most weeks and that continued here.

Thanks for reading.


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