ECW Hardcore TV 8/14/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Chris Chetti & Nova defeated Simon Diamond & Super Crazy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles starts the show by recapping the issues that we saw to close out last weeks episode between Corino, Taz, Dreamer and Tajiri.

2.) They show the match between Jason and Jazz from Heatwave and Joey mentions that they will be having a rematch on Hardcore TV next week.

3.) Joey Styles promotes the Queens, NY TV Taping on August 26th. Styles notes that TNN didn’t want their TV show taped at the Elks Lodge. TNN wanted a 5k seat arena. Styles mentions that ECW is a NY based promotion despite their success in Philadelphia. Joey puts over the NY crowd and says that TNN is going to like it whether they want to or not.

4.) Simon Diamond cuts a promo before the match and says that he has a problem because he was told he needed a tag partner for the match. Diamond doesn’t need a partner for a wannabe superhero and a Ricky Morton lookalike. However, Diamond has to follow the rules and suggests Tom Marquez to be his partner. Marquez gets up, but Simon tells Marquez he didn’t say “simon says” and this Marquez can’t be his partner. Diamond calls for anyone in the back to be his partner and out comes Super Crazy. Diamond is not happy about this. Diamond says the same thing to Crazy, but Crazy doesn’t seem to care about Diamond’s request. Diamond wants Crazy to speak English, but that’s not gonna happen.

5.) Cray hits a crossbody on Chetti followed by an arm drag to start the contest. Nova is stomping on Diamond. Chetti plants Crazy with a slam coming off the ropes. Chetti nails Diamond with a scissors kick, but Crazy connects with a springboard dropkick to both men. Crazy dives over Diamond to take Nova and Chetti out on the floor. Chetti superkicks Diamond while Nova drops Crazy over the guard railing. Diamond tosses Chetti with a suplex and gets a two count. Diamond takes Chetti over with a few snap suplexs and a front suplex for a two count. Diamond gets a near fall with a rollup and argues with the referee. Chetti takes Diamond down with a rollup, but Diamond gets out and clotheslines Chetti. Diamond tags in Crazy, who slams Chetti and taunts Diamond before hitting a moonsault for a near fall. Crazy hammers away on Chetti in the corner, which angers Diamond for some reason. Chetti hits a springboard heel kick and Diamond tags in. Nova enters the match as well and cleans house with right hands. Nova hits the Spin Doctor on Diamond and a powerbomb/elbow drop on Crazy. Nova and Chetti hit a reverse DDT/slam combo on Diamond for a two count. Crazy hits a spinning heel kick off the ropes for a near fall due to Diamond stopping the cover. Diamond slaps Crazy and Crazy slams Diamond to the mat. Crazy proceeds to hit two moonsaults. Nova and Chetti hit the Tidal Wave on Diamond to win the match. (*1/2. It wasn’t bad, but it was obvious that Diamond and Crazy were going to come to blows to cause the end of the contest. I was really digging Diamond here and was getting some Shane Douglas vibes from him. I could see Diamond filling that void left by the Franchise at some point. I’m interested to see Nova and Chetti challenge for the tag titles.)

6.) ECW World Champion Taz cuts a promo saying that he can hear the screaming coming from Tajiri begging for him to let go of the Taz Mission. He says that everyone said he went too far at Heatwave, but he doesn’t think he went too far at all. Taz notes that Tajiri started the fight in Queens and he’s going to finish it there. Taz talks about Steve Corino and says that he thinks about him quite a bit wondering what goes on in his head. Taz say the barbed wire at the PPV was nothing and Tajiri will be dead in Queens. Taz is going to choke Tajiri out with his hands in Queens. Taz wants Corino to do something for him. Taz wants the fans to put their drinks down and wants Corino to put his own hand on his throat. He wants Corino to choke himself and feel that pain. Corino can remove his hands from his throat. Taz asks who will take his hands off Corino’s throat and Tajiri’s throat?

Final Thoughts:
This felt like a filler week of TV as they are effectively promoting the return to Queens with a big Taz/Tajiri rematch. I’m hopeful that they use Simon Diamond to fill the role left by Douglas as I feel like he’d do really well in that position.

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