NWA-TNA Impact 10/12/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett says sometimes the fight just isn’t worth fighting for when asked if he’s going to get the NWA World Championship back tonight.

Samoa Joe is out in the ring to cut a promo because Jarrett gets all the time in the world to talk. Joe is here to explain why he has the NWA World Championship in his possession. Joe has held the title hostage because the title has been held hostage for the last four years. Joe says it has been used a political tool. Joe puts over legends who treated the belt the right way. Joe will hand the belt back over at Bound For Glory only if the winner at the PPV agrees to give him a title match.

Christian Cage makes his way out to confront Joe. Cage says he was minding his own business when he heard Joe say something about paper champions. Cage assumes Joe wasn’t talking about him. Joe says that Jarrett was his number one choice, but Cage is close behind. Cage says that Joe is missing a person from his list of people he’s defeated. Cage promises that Joe would never beat him. Cage says the title was stolen from him the same way Joe stole it from Jarrett. Cage is going to get it back tonight. Joe invites Cage to come into the ring and retrieve the title. Cage isn’t talking about a wrestling match but rather a fight. Cage wants a ladder match with Joe to retrieve the title. Cage believes this will prove who is the better man. This is a very similar angle to Raven/Styles in 03.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with LAX regarding Bound For Glory. They are on the hunt for gringo meat tonight. Daniels and Styles enter the locker room and attack LAX. After a commercial, they are still brawling towards the ring.

Styles sends Homicide into the ring steps and Daniels works over Hernandez in the corner with stomps. Hernandez has been busted wide open. Daniels chokes Homicide over the top rope. Styles backdrops Hernandez over the top to the floor. Daniels sends Homicide to the floor and hits a crossbody to the floor. Daniels sends Homicide into the guard railing. They are brawling into the crowd. Konnan attacks Styles to help Hernandez and Styles is sent into the railing. Konnan locks the cage area they have setup and Daniels is triple teamed. Styles tries to climb the cage, but Homicide knocks Styles off. Konnan chokes Daniels against the cage as several officials are trying to help. Styles is helpless as Daniels is choked out to end the segment.

A video about Sting vs. Jarrett is aired, but Rhino is not interested in talking about it because he’s got a match with his former friend, Christian Cage.

A video package of Bobby Roode letting the legends know that he didn’t pick them and that we’ll find out at Bound For Glory. A woman with large breasts, but her face not shown enters the scene and Bobby Roode says he knows he made the right choice.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn is with Lethal, Sabin, Dutt and Shark Boy saying they need to do what they do best and wrestle. Chris Sabin suggests that Lynn, or old man, what the X-Division is all about.

Opening Contest: NWA X-Division Champion Senshi, Johnny Devine, Alex Shelley & Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy: Shelley and Lethal start the match with Shelley spitting something into Lethal’s face. Lethal heel kicks Shelley to gain control of the match. Shelley grabs Lethal by the groin and tags in Williams. Lethal dropkicks Williams after a hip toss. Boy enters to dropkick Williams and hammers away on Williams in the corner briefly. Boy avoids a leg drop and bites Williams ass. Dutt and Devine tag into the match. Dutt drop toe holds Devine and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Senshi decks Dutt with a forearm strike. Devine tags in Senshi legally and keeps control with a forearm strike. Williams returns to the match and puts Dutt in the tree of woe. Williams stands on Dutt’s groin before tagging in Devine. Devine knee drops Dutt several times. Devine takes Dutt over with a snap suplex but misses a boot. Dutt hits a reverse hurricanrana. Sabin and Shelley tag in with Sabin hitting a dropkick to a kneeling Shelley. Sabin kicks Shelley in the corner and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Everyone gets involved in the match. Boy dives to the floor and Lethal hits a flapjack on Devine. Sabin gets a rollup on Devine to win the match. (*1/2. They did what they could in a short match with so many guys. Sabin sure came across as a heel in the segment before this, which is an interesting approach as he’s involved in a title feud with another heel.)

Kevin Nash appears on the big screen and says that the X-Division has gone to crap since he’s been gone. Nash helped build the division. Nash is getting emotional and has a press conference next week. Nash there will be an open invitational gauntlet battle royal for the X-Division at Bound For Glory.

AJ Styles wishes they could get rid of Jeff Jarrett, and hopes Sting doesn’t forget about him for a title match. Christian Cage isn’t interested in talking about the NWA World Championship because he’s the real champion.

Second Contest: Lance Hoyt & Ron Killings vs. Elix Skipper & David Young: Skipper and Young attack before the bell sending Killings to the floor. Hoyt is double teamed as Young hit a neckbreaker after a Skipper boot. We see footage backstage of Raven, Runt and Abyss talking about Samoa Joe not respecting them. Young chokes Hoyt over the middle rope. Skipper drop toe holds Hoyt, but Young misses a dropkick and they argue. Hoyt clotheslines Young and Skipper. Killings tags in and plants Young with a flatliner. Skipper stops Killings with as trike. Killings dropkicks both men. Hoyt hits an F5 and clotheslines himself and Young to the floor. Killings manages to pin Skipper with a rollup for the win. (1/2*. This felt like complete time filler.) After the match, Simon Diamond is livid with his guys and tosses his coat at Skipper. Young gets in Skipper’s face and leaves Skipper, too. Killings hugs Skipper and walks off.

Some more wrestler reactions regarding Sting vs. Jarrett. Kip thinks Jarrett is going to get what he deserves. BG doesn’t agree with that and tells Kip to kiss his ass. Kip is left confused.

Kurt Angle’s sit down interview is up next. Angle never thought about what he’d do after the Olympics until he won the gold medal. Angle says there was nothing left to prove in WWE and saw a new promotion in TNA. Angle dominated WWE and could beat everyone in TNA. Angle says everyone in TNA has the same look he had when he won a gold medal. Angle reached rock bottom when he got hooked on pills to combat a neck injury. Angle talks about TNA officials assuring him that everything will be done to make sure he’s okay. Angle is going to be revived at TNA Bound For Glory. Angle wants the WWE to see what he does in TNA. They haven’t seen anything yet.

Main Event: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe in a non-sanctioned ladder match: They go right after each other in a match that had no bell and there is no referee. Joe jabs Cage a few times followed by a big boot as Cage comes out of the corner. Cage gets control until Joe delivers a knee strike and heads to the floor to grab a ladder from under the ring. Cage baseball slides Joe on the floor and rolls Joe into the ring. Joe takes Cage out with a suicide dive to the floor as Cage had the ladder. The show goes to commercial.

Cage works over Joe with stomps and chokes Joe on the mat. Cage sets the ladder up in the corner. Joe sends Cage into the ladder and the ladder falls on top of Cage. Joe face washes Cage in the corner a few times and kicks the ladder into Cage’s groin. Joe begins to climb the ladder, but Cage stops Joe with a few strikes. Cage hits a reverse DDT off the ladder! Cage sets the ladder up near the corner and begins to climb, but Joe yanks Cage off down to the mat gut first. Joe senton splashes the ladder onto Cage. Joe jabs Cage in the corner and tries for a Muscle Buster, but Cage breaks free and knocks Joe to the floor with the ladder. Cage sets the ladder up and begins to climb. Joe returns to the ring and Cage delivers a few strikes. Joe kicks Cage on the ladder and hits the Muscle Buster! Joe begins to climb, but sees Abyss coming down to the ring. Joe runs into the Black Hole Slam! Abyss grabs the ladder and begins to climb to get the title. Brother Runt comes out as does Raven and they powerbomb Abyss off the ladder. Raven clotheslines Runt, but Abyss pulls Raven to the floor and they brawl. Runt climbs the ladder to dive onto Abyss and Raven on the floor! Cage climbs the ladder and gets the title. Joe has gotten the title, too. Rhino tips the ladder over and Joe has possession. Rhino GORES Cage and beats on Cage as they head backstage. Joe holds the belt in the air. (**1/2. The angle bugs me because it is very similar to the 03 angle with Raven and Styles. It just seems too early to be rehashing storylines. The action was fine and the closing hypes up a couple of different matches, which is good promotion. They took some big spots and I enjoyed it.)

Final Thoughts:
A better episode than last week as we got a solid main event and they did a good job to promote the undercard. The tag title feud has been built very well and the emotion has been captured very well.

Thanks for reading.

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