ECW Hardcore TV 9/4/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Uganda defeated Tom Marquez
2.) Axl Rotten defeated Balls Mahoney and New Jack in an elimination match
3.) Super Crazy defeated Tajiri

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles is in the ring to start the show. ECW World Champion Taz makes his way out to cut a promo. Taz talks about the FMW promotion holding a press conference saying that Masato Tanaka is coming back to ECW to come after his title in Chicago at Anarchy Rulz. Taz knows that Tanaka is a badass and puts over his ability to take chair shots. Taz promises to drop Tanaka on his head and will lock in the Taz Mission. Taz isn’t a champion who is 50-years old and wrestling for his ego. Taz is shooting on Hulk Hogan and Triple H. Taz tells Triple H to come to the bingo hall and try him. Taz remembers his roots being in Brooklyn and right here in the ECW Arena. Taz talks about being in ECW for six years and turning away offers while others have left. Taz remains here where it started. Taz talks about guys not wanting to work with him because he’s stiff. Taz likes that Tanaka isn’t going to complain to Heyman and that’s what he wants. Taz shoots on a fan in the crowd for talking crap during his promo. Of course, a lot of what he’s saying is being censored. Taz says it’s just a matter of time before he chokes out Tanaka. Taz finishes off with his catchphrase.

2.) Uganda works over Marquez with several chops against the ropes and chokes Marquez. Uganda runs over Marquez with a shoulder block and plays to the crowd. Uganda headbutts Marquez into the corner and gouges his face. Marquez avoids Uganda in the corner and hits a springboard dropkick. Marquez hammers away on Uganda, but Uganda comes back with a clothesline for a two count. Uganda scares the referee to the floor. Uganda splashes Marquez in the corner followed by a leg drop. Uganda hits a rolling senton for the win. (*. I’m still shocked at how much I’m liking Uganda.) After the match, Uganda leaps off the top to splash Marquez.

3.) Mahoney and Rotten agree to tear it up and beat the crap out of each other. They start off trading jabs with Mahoney getting the better of the exchange. Rotten ducks a strike to deliver a few of his own. Mahoney drops Axl with a punch and a slam. Mahoney leaps off the top missing a leg drop. Axl jabs Balls a few more times followed by an elbow strike. Axl sends Mahoney through the ropes to the floor. Axl chokes Mahoney on the floor and sends Balls into the guard railing. Axl has a pair of scissors and hits Mahoney with them. Mahoney has been busted wide open as Rotten digs the scissors into Mahoney’s forehead. They return to the ring where Mahoney has a steel chair. Rotten has gotten a steel chair, as well. They standoff until…

New Jack makes his way out to get involved in the match. Jack hits Mahoney with a trash can lid and has a spike to dig into Mahoney’s forehead. Rotten decks Jack and Jack hits Rotten with a spike to the forehead. Jack continues to use the spike on both men. The show goes to commercial.

Mahoney hits Jack with the Nutcracker Suite to eliminate him from the match. Mahoney is met with a chair shot from Rotten and no sells it. Rotten delivers another chair shot to stagger Mahoney. Rotten whacks Mahoney again with the chair to drop Balls to his knees. Rotten almost wins the match following another chair shot. Rotten wants Mahoney to stay down. Axl puts a trash can over Mahoney’s head and delivers another chair shot to win the match. (1/2*. The fans were not really big on this match especially when Jack got eliminated. I didn’t like the decision to have Rotten go over.) After the match, Rotten and Mahoney embrace.

4.) The Super Crazy vs. Tajiri match is the same one that aired on TNN.

Final Thoughts:
I’d consider this a lackluster episode overall. Taz taking on Tanaka has my interest as that’s going to be a stiff encounter and likely a lot of fun. But, aside from that announcement there wasn’t much here to enjoy. Uganda continues to be fun in enhancement matches, but I want to see him in a more competitive match to really see how well he can do in ECW.

Thanks for reading.

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