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ECW Hardcore TV 10/2/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA & Plymouth, MI

1.) Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Nova & Jazz
2.) Rhino defeated Christopher Daniels
3.) Jerry Lynn defeated Super Crazy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show starts off with a hype video to promote the new ECW World Champion, Mike Awesome. Awesome won the title after adding himself to the Masatao Tanaka vs. Taz match at Anarchy Rulz.

2.) ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso cut a promo. RVD wants Alfonso to speak for Sabu since Sabu can’t do it for himself. RVD thinks the fans want to see him wrestle.

3.) Danny Doring cuts a promo saying that Nova came out by himself because Chris Chetti is at home recovering from a back injury. Doring is going to give Nova one chance to find someone to team with him otherwise they’ll just kick Nova’s ass. Nova leaves the ring on the hunt to find someone to team with him. Doring works over Jazz in the corner while Roadkill works over Nova. Jazz and Nova dropkick Doring into Roadkilli in the corner. Jazz dropkicks Roadkill in the corner and Nova atomic drops Doring. Jazz comes off the ropes to hit a bulldog and Doring bails to the floor. Nova takes out Roadkill and Doring with a top rope crossbody to the floor. Doring begs off from Jazz, but Jazz chops Doring a few times against the ropes. Doring hits the Bareback on Jazz after a distraction. Doring continues to work over Jazz with stomps and strikes. Roadkill side slams Jazz and tags Doring back in. Doring takes Jazz over with a snap suplex and taunts the fans. Doring humps Jazz on a pump handle, but Jazz low blows Doring. Roadkill tags in and Nova gets the tag. Nova cleans house with right hands and a flatliner on Roadkill. Nova powerbombs Doring with an elbow drop on the way down. Nova side slams Miss Congenality. Doring decks Nova from behind, but Jazz has gotten up and plants Doring with the Jazz Stinger. Nova takes Doring out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Jazz is stopped in the corner and Roadkill hits a running powerslam for the win. (**. Not too bad, and I’m liking the focus on Doring and Roadkill to give them some momentum. The obvious choice would be for Nova and Jazz to win, but I’m more in favor of putting the heat on Doring and Roadkill.)

4.) Rhino shoves Daniels into the corner and misses a splash. Daniels controls Rhino with a wrist lock and a go behind. Rhino shoulder blocks Daniels followed by more strikes to the back. Rhino keeps a wrist lock on Daniels, but Daniels counters with a wrist lock. Rhino keeps control with a wrist lock. Rhino takes Daniels down to the mat and elbows Rhino followed by a slingshot splash from the apron for a two count. Rhino stops Daniels with a clothesline. Daniels sends Rhino over the top to the floor. Daniels springboards off the top to dive onto Rhino! Daniels is driven down to the mat gut first by Rhino. Rhino lifts Daniels into the air and drops him down to the mat. Daniels hammers away on Rhino but runs into a spinebuster. There was some kind of confrontation in the crowd involving Hat Guy and another fan. I think the other fan was chanting boring. Rhino drives Daniels down with a front suplex for a near fall. Rhino clotheslines Daniels over the top to the floor. Rhino hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor onto Daniels. Daniels crotches Rhino on the top rope and hits a middle rope side slam. Rhino runs into a big boot in the corner and Daniels hits a running neckbreaker for a two count. Rhino shoves Daniels down to the mat and misses a top rope splash. Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings! Steve Corino enter the ring and superkicks Daniels. Rhino powerbombs Daniels while the referee was distracted. Rhino manages to win the match. (***. That was a good match and I’m stunned that Daniels didn’t get a regular gig out of it. Also, to be presenting Rhino as a force in recent weeks only for this to be 50/50 and needing help against an unknown is an interesting decision. I should mention that this match was filmed back in the summer.) After the match, Spike Dudley comes out and low blows Rhino before hitting the Acid Drop and pins Rhino. Wow, that just makes no sense.

5.) Lynn has his ribs taped up as they start off with a lockup. Crazy takes Lynn down to the mat and focuses his attack on Lynn’s legs. Lynn counters and puts a surfboard on Crazy for a moment. Crazy takes Lynn down to the mat, but Lynn quickly counters again. Lynn shoulder blocks Crazy and takes Crazy over with a head scissors. Lynn plants Crazy with a tilt a whirl slam. Crazy crawls away to the corner to regroup. Lynn continues to work over Crazy in the corner with overhand chops. Lynn clotheslines Crazy in the corner. Lynn puts Crazy in a Gory Special looking for a submission, but Crazy wiggles free. Lynn plants Crazy with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Lynn beats on Crazy in the corner with a chop. Lynn gets a rollup out of the corner but Crazy catapults Lynn across the ring. Lynn backdrops Crazy to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick to knock Crazy to the floor.

Lynn hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Lynn rolls Crazy back into the ring and avoids a back suplex. Crazy backdrops Lynn and goes to the apron. Crazy hits a springboard dropkick to send Lynn to the floor. Crazy takes Lynn out with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Crazy stomps on Lynn several more times. Crazy sends Lynn face first into a chair at ringside. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault into the ring for a near fall. Crazy locks in a surfboard on Lynn, but doesn’t get a submission. Crazy hammers away on Lynn in the corner, but Lynn plants Crazy with a powerbomb out of the corner for a two count. Lynn nearly wins with a bridging German suplex. Lynn sits Crazy on the top turnbuckle and delivers a few right hands. Lynn hooks Crazy, but Crazy punches Lynn in the ribs and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall. Crazy boots Lynn in the corner and hits a tornado DDT followed by a springboard moonsault for a two count. Lynn almost wins with an inside cradle, but is selling his ribs. Crazy chops Lynn a few times followed by right hands. Crazy has Lynn on his shoulders and slams Lynn followed by a moonsault off the bottom rope. Lynn gets his knees up to block a moonsault from the middle rope. Crazy avoids the cradle piledriver, but a second attempt by Lynn is successful. Lynn covers and pins Crazy for the win. (**1/2. A fine main event, but they may have been limited with Lynn selling his ribs. I’m surprised there was no involvement by the Impact Players. Will Lynn get another shot at RVD or will he go after Awesome?)

Final Thoughts:
I liked that the episode was heavy on wrestling. I’m bothered by the booking of Rhino this week. He has been made out to be a monster in recent weeks and to have him wrestle Daniels in a close match and then job out to Spike were bizarre decisions. Hopefully Rhino returns to being a monster because that was getting over with the crowd.

Thanks for reading.

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