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UWF-TNA Tag Title Tournament Night 3 7/21/2007

UWF-TNA presents Rock N’ Roll Express Tag Team Tournament Night Three
From: Columbia, SC

Opening Contest: Too Cool vs. The Naturals: Douglas is flipped into the ring and backdropped by Too Cool. Hotty and Douglas kickoff the match officially. Douglas takes Hotty down to the mat in the opening moment of the match, but doesn’t follow up on the advantage. Douglas scoop slams Hotty and taunts the crowd. Douglas keeps wrist control on Hotty for a few moments. Hotty comes back with a shoulder block and a hip toss. Douglas bails to the floor to regroup. Hotty controls Stevens with a wrist lock before tagging in Sexay and they both keep wrist locks on Stevens before knocking Stevens to the mat and they deliver elbow drops. Sexay rams Stevens into the corner face first, but Stevens eye rakes Sexay in the corner. Sexay kicks Stevens running into the corner. Sexay connects with a missile dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. Sexay clotheslines Stevens over the top to the floor. Sexay dropkicks the Naturals from behind on the floor from the ring. Sexay does some dancing and his pants fall down. Stevens accidentally knocks Douglas off the apron and falls onto the railing. Sexay taunts Stevens, but misses a splash in the corner. Stevens gets a two count on Sexay after a punch by Douglas on the apron.

Sexay connects with a double clothesline, but can’t make the tag. Sexay crawls through and tags in Hotty. Hotty cleans house with right hands. Hotty superkicks Stevens for a near fall. Too Cool deliver stereo ten punches in opposite corners. Sexay gets poked in the eyes by Douglas. Naturals are sent into each other in the corner. Sexay delivers a stink face to Stevens. Hotty plants Douglas with a bulldog and Sexay sets the Naturals up for the Worm. Hotty overhand chops Douglas, but doesn’t hit Stevens. Stevens tosses Sexay to the floor while Hotty sends Douglas to the outside. Stevens sends Hotty into the corner chest first and manages to pin Hotty with a rollup. As a result, Too Cool has been eliminated. (*1/4. They mostly did comedy for Too Cool and it felt like a bad WWE comedy match. The Too Cool act has dull for the better part of five years at this point. I’m glad that the Naturals were able to prevail, though.)

Hermie Sadler is in the ring to thank the fans for coming out and supporting the company. Sadler promises to come back to Columbia at least twice a year. Sadler talks about Kirby Mack getting hurt, but he’s cut off by LAX. Homicide taunts the fans saying that the Mack brothers aren’t here. Sadler tried to leave, but LAX wouldn’t let him. Homicide has a message for the Mack brothers and threatens the fans. Sadler grabs the microphone and apologizes for Homicide’s words. Homicide says they are here to get their trophy and be the number one tag team in the world. Hernandez kicks Sadler and tries to hit the Border Toss, but Sadler is saved by the ring announcer.

Second Contest: Christian York vs. Petey Williams: York arm drags Williams to start the match and taunts the fans on the middle rope. York gets out of a hammerlock and drop toe holds Williams to the mat. York controls Williams with a wrist lock, but Williams breaks free with a drop toe hold and pie faces York. Williams delivers a backbreaker and almost wins with a rollup. Williams kicks York to the mat followed by a dropkick to York’s back on the middle rope for a two count. York drops Williams throat first over the top rope to gain the advantage. York stomps on Williams, but Williams fires back with right hands. York sends Williams face first into the corner with a flatliner and connects with a running cannonball into the corner for a near fall. They trade right hands until York nails Williams with a knee lift managing a two count. York wraps Williams around the ring post pressing William’s midsection against the post. York baseball slides Williams into the ring post gut first. York tries for a cover, but Williams kicks out at two. York keeps Williams on the mat with a seated abdominal stretch and punches Williams on the ribs.

York drives Williams down to the mat with a front suplex and heads to the top rope missing a dive and lands on Williams boot. Williams fights back with right hands and rams York into the corner face first. Williams hammers away on York, but is shoved off. Williams forearms York and hits a spinning heel kick. York tosses Williams over the top to the apron. Williams connects with a slingshot Codebreaker for a two count. York drives Williams over his knee for a near fall. York forearms Williams, but Williams fails to hit the Destroyer. Williams gets a two count with a rollup. Williams kicks York and hits the Destroyer for the win. (*1/2. Not a good match as York didn’t really hold my interest and it was painfully obvious they were working towards the Destroyer spot for the pop.) After the match, LAX attack Williams with Hernandez dropping Williams over Homicide’s knee gut first. Their tag match is next anyway…

Third Contest: Steiner Brothers vs. LAX: LAX waste no time going after the Steiner Brothers with strikes. Scott backdrops Homicide to gain momentum. Scott chops Homicide in the corner. Homicide bails to the floor to avoid Scott. Steiner’s remain in the ring taunting LAX. Scott insults Homicide on the microphone and they lockup. Scott arm drags Homicide leading to Homicide complain of a hair pull. Scott chops Homicide in the corner followed by another hip toss out of the corner. Homicide complains of Scott grabbing his trunks. Homicide knee lifts Scott followed by a right hand in the corner. Homicide runs into a boot in the corner and Scott hits a belly to belly suplex. Rick enters the ring and bites Homicide’s ass. Steiner’s do their taunt again to LAX on the floor. Hernandez and Rick are legally in the match now with Rick keeping a headlock on Hernandez. Hernandez shoulder blocks Rick to the mat. Rick tries for a shoulder block, but Hernandez doesn’t budge. Rick instead powerslams Hernandez coming off the ropes. Rick misses a clothesline and Hernandez locks in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Rick refuses to give in and Hernandez lets go before tagging in Homicide. Homicide controls Rick with an arm bar on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Hernandez tags into the match and continues to work over the left arm. Hernandez tags back in and slams Rick to the mat. Hernandez heads to the top rope missing a big splash attempt.

Homicide and Scott are tagged in with Scott connecting with a series of clotheslines and a backdrop to Homicide. Scott tosses Homicide overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Rick sends Hernandez over the top to the floor. Homicide low blows Scott and the referee is knocked down. Petey Williams comes out and spikes Homicide with a cradle DDT. Petey wakes up the referee and Scott covers Homicide for the win. (*1/4. I didn’t enjoy this either and I was not surprised to see Petey getting involved for the finish. LAX was given a good heel promotion only to job out to the Steiner’s. I’d probably rather see the LAX in the finals of this tournament.)

Fourth Contest: The Naturals vs. Jay Lethal & Robert Gibson: Douglas and Lethal start the match by shoving each other. Lethal trips Douglas to the mat and continues with jabs. Lethal elbow strikes Douglas and goes to the top rope hitting a double axe handle. Douglas staggers and drops down to the mat. Lethal slingshots Stevens into the ring. Gibson tags into the match and knocks Stevens to the mat with an elbow. Gibson kicks Douglas away while having Stevens in a headlock. Gibson backdrops Douglas and connects with a head scissors to send Douglas to the floor. Lethal enters and strikes Stevens a few times. Lethal jabs Stevens several times. Lethal slides to the floor and pulls Douglas off the apron. Lethal tries for a springboard, but Douglas yanks Lethal off the apron to the floor. Douglas has a chair and sends Lethal into the post throat first. Stevens tries for a cover, but only manages a two count. Lethal elbows free followed by jabs to Stevens in the corner. Stevens clotheslines Lethal coming out of the corner for a two count. Stevens sends Lethal into the corner face first. Douglas tags in and keeps a chin lock on Lethal, but doesn’t get a submission.

Lethal elbows Douglas a few times against the ropes, but runs into a high knee lift. Douglas covers Lethal managing a two count. Douglas keeps control on Lethal with a strike to the lower midsection. Stevens gets a two count on Lethal with a backslide. Stevens keeps Lethal on the mat with a sleeper. Lethal gets to his feet and elbows free. Lethal atomic drops Stevens and both men are down. Gibson and Douglas tag in with Gibson cleaning house and rams the Naturals into each other. Gibson connects with a kick to the head for a near fall. Douglas spears Stevens on accident in the corner and they are met with a double dropkick for a two count. Lethal and Gibson are sent into each other and Douglas manages to pin Lethal with a handful of tights for the win. (*1/2. I was hoping this would be surprise me with a decent match, but that wasn’t the case. The trend of poor finishes continue.)

Prior to the next match, AJ Styles says that Joey Matthews looks like a giant Christmas tree.

Fifth Contest: AJ Styles vs. Joey Matthews: Matthews arm drags Styles and taunts the fans. Matthews takes Styles down to the mat and then lays over the top rope taunting Styles some more. Matthews wants to do a test of strength, but shoves Styles and wants to do the other hand. Matthews shoves Styles several more times. Styles kicks Matthews on the leg several times to avoid the test of strength. Styles nails Matthews with a dropkick to send Matthews to the floor. Styles hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Styles tries for a cover, but Matthews kicks out at two. Styles delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Matthews throat thrusts Styles and takes Styles down to the mat with a trip. Styles hits a kip up hurricanrana. Matthews misses a splash in the corner, but is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker over the middle rope for a two count. Matthews short arm clotheslines Styles to keep control of the contest. Matthews sends Styles through the ropes to the floor. Matthews follows to the floor and sends Styles into the railing chest first. Matthews rolls Styles back into the ring and taunts the crowd. Styles fights back with strikes from his knees. Matthews is sent into the corner and boots a charging Styles. Matthews covers Styles for a two count. Matthews decks Styles with a clothesline and a knee drop. Matthews continues with forearms in the corner.

Matthews sits Styles on the top rope and Styles is almost knocked off the floor. Matthews hooks Styles with a superplex and drives Styles down to the mat. Matthews covers for a two count. Matthews keeps a sleeper on Styles, but doesn’t get a submission. Styles breaks free by sending Matthews throat first into the middle rope. Styles elbows Matthews in the corner followed by a forearm strike. Styles slides to the floor and trips Matthews. Styles hits a springboard forearm smash for a two count. Matthews hooks Styles for a superplex, but Styles fights free to knock Matthews off the middle rope. Styles hits a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Styles signals for the Styles Clash, but Matthews breaks free and hits a double arm DDT. Matthews tries for a few pin attempts, but Styles kicks out at two. Styles hits a springboard reverse DDT for a near fall. Styles misses a discus clothesline and is driven down to the mat face first by Matthews for a near fall. Styles stops Matthews with a jawbreaker and a Pele kick causing both men to be down. Styles is dumped to the apron, but Styles tries for a sunset flip only for Matthews to grab the ropes and pins Styles. (**1/2. A competitive match with a lackluster finish. Why can’t guys just win with their finishing moves?)

Sixth Contest: The Naturals vs. LAX: Naturals try to double team Hernandez, but fail. Hernandez splashes Douglas into the corner and tosses Douglas across the ring. Hernandez blocks a sunset flip by Stevens and tosses Stevens overhead. Douglas is caught coming off the middle rope and planted down with a sit out powerbomb, but Stevens makes the save. Hernandez tries for a Border Toss on Stevens, but Douglas hits Hernandez with a chain and Stevens pins Hernandez to win the match. (NR. That was wicked quick and not the outcome I was expecting whatsoever. I’m literally dumbfounded by this decision.)

Main Event: Steiner Brothers vs. The Naturals in the finals of the tournament: A fan drops Stevens over the railing throat first with the support of the Steiner Brothers. The fan is given Rick Steiner’s headgear and barks at Douglas. I have no idea what is going on here. Scott works over Douglas with chops in the corner. Scott is met with a kick by Douglas and right hands. Douglas runs into a boot in the corner. Scott hits a belly to belly suplex on Douglas and Rick bites Douglas. Scott slams Stevens and Rick bites Stevens, too. Steiner’s do their taunt in the ring again while the Naturals regroup outside the ring. Stevens tries his luck with Rick. Stevens forearms Rick a few times to gain control of the contest. Douglas returns to the match and Rick is double teamed while the referee is distracted by Scott on the apron. Douglas keeps Rick on the mat with a kneeling abdominal stretch. Rick ducks a clothesline, but Douglas nails Rick with a high knee lift. Stevens taunts the crowd before attempting a top rope moonsault, but misses. Stevens has missed that move every night. Douglas and Scott tag in with Scott hitting several clotheslines. Scott backdrops Douglas coming off the ropes and does the same to Stevens. Scott tosses Douglas over with an overhead suplex. Scott has Douglas on his shoulders. Rick leaps off the top to hit a bulldog and the Steiner’s win the match. (*. I guess it’s no surprise for the Steiner Brothers to win the tournament. The match wasn’t all that good, which is no surprise. I’m just glad this is over.)

They announce Robert Gibson to come out and present the award to the Steiner Brothers, but he doesn’t come out and Daffney instead comes out. That was bizarre.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a bad show and a bad tournament. I just needed to finish the triple shot weekend since I reviewed the first two nights several years prior to this review. I can not completely forget about this existing.

Thanks for reading.





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