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ECW Hardcore TV 10/23/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Houma, LA

1.) Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten defeated CW Anderson & Bill Wiles
2.) Justin Credible & Lance Storm defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles promotes a TV taping in Poughkeepsie, NY, which may be the biggest taping for the company. Tommy Dreamer will wrestle Lance Storm and Justin Credible squares off against Raven on the taping. Taz, Rob Van Dam and Sabu will all be there, too.

2.) Backstage, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso cut a promo about November To Remember. RVD doesn’t know who his opponent will be at the PPV, but it doesn’t matter because nobody can beat him. RVD talks about Mahoney, Lynn and Spike, but dismisses each one. RVD mentions that Sabu can’t beat him either. Sabu storms into the locker room, but is held back by security. RVD issues a challenge to Sabu for a title match.

3.) Joey Styles announces that Rob Van Dam and Sabu will wrestle for the ECW Television Championship at a TV taping with the winner then defending against Taz at November To Remember!

4.) Rotten and Anderson kickoff the tag match with Rotten shoving Anderson down to the mat. Rotten shoulder blocks Anderson and blocks a hip toss attempt with a clothesline. Rotten arm drags Anderson and tags in Mahoney. Mahoney comes off the ropes with a leg drop to the back of Anderson. Wiles tags into the match as we see Da Baldies walking down the aisle. Wiles works over Mahoney with strikes, but Mahoney battles back with jabs a strike to the nuts. Mahoney clotheslines Wiles, but Wiles rams Mahoney into the corner a few times. Wiles gains control with an eye rake, but Mahoney delivers a clotheslines and a spinning heel kick to send both men to the floor. Anderson hammers away on Mahoney, but Rotten saves Mahoney. Anderson sends Rotten into the railing. Anderson plants Mahoney with a spinebuster. Anderson hits a rolling neck snap on Mahoney followed by a leg drop by Wiles. Anderson keeps a sleeper on Mahoney. Mahoney elbows free and hits a sit out spinebuster on Anderson. Rotten tags in and cleans house with clotheslines. Wiles and Anderson are sent into each other. Mahoney superkicks Anderson and they have chairs. Anderson gets up and is destroyed by two chair shots leading to a three count. (*. Just an extended squash for Mahoney and Rotten. These guys as a team just don’t do much for me, at all.)

5.) Axl Rotten cuts a promo focusing on Da Baldies. Angel says they are here to take them out. Baldies make their way towards the ring, but Skull seems to be talking them out of going into the ring and they walk off instead.

6.) Storm and Doring kickoff the tag main event. They trade some go-behinds until Storm takes control on the mat for a moment. Doring counters with a top wrist lock after standing up. Storm elbows Doring against the ropes and Storm gets tripped allowing Doring to hit a dropkick. Dawn Marie trips Doring and causes a distraction. Storm goes after Doring’s girl, but that almost leads to a cat fight in the ring, but that is avoided. Credible begs off from Roadkill in the corner but hammers away on Roadkill but misses a baseball slide hitting the post. Roadkill rams Credible into the post again and tosses Credible into the guard railing a few times. Credible begs off in the corner, but Roadkill keeps control by hitting a splash in the corner. Doring misses a splash in the corner and Credible connects with a superkick. Storm dropkicks Doring after a jawbreaker. Credible enters to chop Doring and comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop. Storm tags in and rams Doring into the corner face first. Storm runs into a boot in the corner and collides with Doring on clothesline attempts. Credible prevents Doring from making a tag to Roadkill.

Credible chops Doring in the corner, but Doring hits the G Spot Sweep and Bareback on Storm. Roadkill cleans house on Credible and Storm with strikes. Roadkill side slams Storm followed by an elbow drop by Doring. Hart Attack clothesline by Doring onto Storm leading to a two count for Roadkill. Credible knee lifts Roadkill from the apron to help Storm. Credible tags back into the match and stomps on Roadkill. Credible sets a table up in the corner, but Roadkill counters a suplex attempt. Credible low blows Roadkill, but Roadkill hip tosses Credible through the table. Doring and Storm brawl tot he floor. Jason kicks Roadkill, but is met with a low blow. That leads to Dawn Marie hitting Doring’s girl. Doring has Marie for a suplex, but Storm hit a springboard clothesline. Roadkill leg drops Storm from the top. Storm superkicks Roadkill and Credible delivers a kendo stick shot for the win. (**1/2. That was a lot better than I was figuring it would be. Doring and Roadkill held their own pretty well with the Impact Players. This kind of showing makes me feel like Doring and Roadkill could be a top team in the future.)

Final Thoughts:
An average episode this week with the matches not really providing high quality action. We did get some angle progression with a setup of a Lynn/Corino or Lynn/Tajiri feud. I think a Sabu/RVD TV title match on Hardcore TV would be a good match, too. A decent week of TV, but nothing must-see.

Thanks for reading.

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