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Rebooking The WWF: Week 49, 1994

WWF RAW 12/5/1994
1. Hughie The Clown defeated Bob Holly in 4:05 following a top rope moonsault. After the match, Doink the Clown entered the ring and rubbed paint on Holly’s face. Doink and Hughie want the WWF World Tag Team Championships.
2. Marty Jannetty defeated AJ Fatal in 2:44 following a top rope fist drop.
3. Kings Court w/Rick Steiner: Jerry Lawler introduces a man who finally smartened up and made a name for himself, Rick Steiner. Lawler credits Rick for turning on WWF Intercontinental Champion, Scott Steiner. Rick tells Lawler and the fans this wouldn’t have happened if the fans and his own brother had forgotten about him while he was on the sidelines with a knee injury. Even when Jim Ross or Vince McMahon came to his house to interview him all they wanted to talk about was the success that Scott Steiner had. His own brother neglected to talk about him and the team they had, and instead talked about his own success. While at home, Rick became frustrated knowing that he is the better Steiner brother but his brother got the chance for success while he sat with his leg in the air for three months before entering rehab for his injury. Rick tells Lawler that he is going to beat his brother for the WWF Intercontinental Championship and prove that he is the better wrestler and the fans and his brother shouldn’t have turned their backs on him first.
4. Arn Anderson & Scott Norton defeated Joe Cage & Paul Jones in 3:14 when Anderson pinned Cage following a spine buster.
5. John Bradshaw defeated Crush in 6:49 following a lariat.
6. Rick Martel & Tamara Confrontation: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Tamara regarding her departure from Rick Martel and who her new man could be. Tamara tells Ross that she has found her new man, but he isn’t coming to the WWF until January because 1995 is going to be a new year for her and a new year full of success. Rick Martel makes his way down to the ring and gets a good reception from the crowd. Martel wants Tamara to give him a second chance. He held the WWF Intercontinental Championship for nearly a year and is just going through a rough patch. Martel knows he still has what it takes and wants Tamara by his side. Tamara tells Martel that he is a loser and he will be nothing without her managerial services. She has moved on and is with a man that is ready for primetime while Martel is past his prime. Tamara slaps Martel down to a knee and leaves. The camera pans onto Martel who raises his head from his hand, and has a look of aggression that hasn’t been seen in months, if ever.
7. Ron Simmons defeated The Kamikaze Kid in 4:15 following an over the shoulder back breaker. After the match, Ron Simmons grabbed the microphone and said that the Movement is not going to be stopped by a speed bump. They are on a mission to be recognized and they will not fall short.
8. The Headshrinkers defeated Vince Grossman & Damien Wolf in 2:19 when Fatu pinned Wolf after a top rope big splash.
9. Ludvig Borga Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ludvig Borga regarding his attack on Duke Droese hitting Droese with his own garbage can. Borga says that Droese is an example of how embarrassing Americans are. Duke Droese is happy to be throwing trash of disgusting Americans away every day. He smells like trash and looks like garbage. He is what makes America, and yet the fans cheer him. Borga is going to send the trash man to the compactor and defeat another WWF hero.
10. Razor Ramon defeated Tim Thomas in 2:44 following the Razors Edge. After the match, Jeff Jarrett ran into the ring and whacked Ramon over the back with a steel chair while Ramon was on the middle rope. Jarrett jabbed Ramon in the midsection and knee with steel chair before being ran off by Marty Jannetty and the Kamikaze Kid. Jarrett is walking up the aisle way pointing to his head and saying that he is tougher than Ramon and he just proved it.
11. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Sionne in 3:04 following the Pedigree. After the match, Helmsley taunted Mr. Perfect saying he embarrassed Perfect by pinning him at Survivor Series.
12. Owen Hart Interview: Owen Hart comes down to ringside and doesn’t appear to be in a good mood. Owen says that for nearly three years in the WWF and he doesn’t get the opportunity to showcase his skills. Owen recalls defeating Chris Benoit earlier this year and all he gets is enhancement matches while Benoit gets WWF Intercontinental Championship matches. Owen tells McMahon and Jim Ross that he is sick of this and he is going to get the attention he deserves because he is the best Hart in the WWF, with all respect to Bret Hart, he knows he is better than his brother.
13. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Chris Kanyon in 2:15 following a diving head butt. After the match, Bigelow made it clear he will be in the Royal Rumble match and the Beast from the East will be the top dog in the WWF.
14. Diesel wrestled Tatanka to a double count-out due to interference from the Movement and Shawn Michaels running down to save Diesel at the 8 minute mark. Bret Hart also ran down to even the odds against Tatanka, Carlos Vega and Ron Simmons. During the match, it was announced that Carlos Vega and Tatanka would be getting a tag team title match on next weeks RAW.

WWF Superstars 12/10/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Scotty Anton in 3:15 with the Crossface.
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Mr. Perfect regarding Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Perfect says that Helmsley pinned him after several minutes of wrestling some of the best wrestlers going in the WWF today. Perfect isn’t embarrassed by Helmsley pinning, but rather it gives him more motivation to get Hunter in the ring and show Hunter that he still has a lot to offer in the ring. Perfect tells Ross that he wants Helmsley in the ring and wants Hunter to show what he has to offer in a singles match if he is man enough to face him man to man.
3. Men on a Mission defeated Greg Valentine & Butch Jones in 2:44 when Mabel pinned Valentine following a big splash
4. Randy Savage defeated Jeff Jarrett by count-out in 6:17 when Razor Ramon hit the Razors Edge on Jarrett on the floor. Scott Norton came out and brawled with Ramon to end the program.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/11/1994
1. IRS defeated James Hutchinson in 2:11 following a lariat
2. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Carter in 2:33 following a super kick.
3. WWF World Champion King Yokozuna defeated Jim Neidhart in 2:05 following the Bonzai Drop.


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