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JAPW 7th Anniversary Show 9/18/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents 7th Anniversary Show
From: Rahway, NJ

Azireal attacks Jay Lethal right before his interview at ringside and is held back by officials and security. They will be wrestling in the main event in a ladder match. They went backstage and then returned to the ringside area brawling some more.

Opening Contest: Justice Pain vs. The Insane Dragon: Dragon kicks Pain to the floor to avoid a press slam and delivers another kick to the the head. Dragon forearms Pain off the apron into the railing. Pain falls over the railing and Dragon dives off the ropes to take Pain out with a crossbody in the crowd! Pain is sent back first hard into the corner. Dragon tosses Pain back to the ringside area. Dragon hammers away on Pain a few times, but is met with a strike to the chest on a springboard attempt. Pain fireman carries Dragon and hits a couple of overhead suplexs. Pain tosses Dragon with a German suplex for a near fall. Pain nails Dragon with a clothesline coming off the ropes. Pain punches Dragon to keep control and taunts the fans. Pain chokes Dragon a few times over the bottom rope. Pain catches Dragon in the corner managing to hit a double leg slam and an elbow drop to the groin area. Pain slaps Dragon a few times in the corner. Dragon ducks a clothesline followed by a couple of kicks. Dragon messes up with a hurricanrana attempt and Pain spikes Dragon with a brainbuster. Dragon comes back with a springboard tornado DDT for a two count. Dragon hits a flip kick on Pain for a near fall. Dragon works over Pain in the corner and chokes Pain briefly. Dragon back kicks Pain and connects with a snap suplex for a two count. Dragon is on Pain’s shoulders and Pain plants Dragon with the Pain Thriller for a near fall because Pain stood up. Pain is given a steel chair, but the referee takes it away. Dragon almost wins with a rollup. Pain hits the Pain Thriller for the win. (**. Dragon started off with some fun offense and got the crowd into the match, but the match turned into being a sloppy one with Dragon not looking all that crisp in there. I was actually impressed with Pain and his offense. I’ve only ever seen Pain wrestle in CZW and in death matches.) After the match, Deranged and Dixie make the save for Dragon. Looks like the next match is starting..

Second Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The Solution (Papadon & Havok) vs. All Money Is Legal (Murda & Pusha) vs. Deranged & Dixie vs. Corvis Fear & Rush Margera: Papadon backdrops Dixie followed by an uppercut in the corner. The champs toss Deranged and Dixie over the top to the floor to stand tall in the ring. Margera takes everyone out with a corkscrew dive off the top to the floor! AMIL are on opposite corners hitting stereo moonsaults to the outside! Murda misses a kick on Deranged and Deranged misses a kick, too. Murda delivers a double dropkick. Fear head scissors Murda, but Murda connects with a springboard kick. Havok tosses Margera and the champs hit a double team cutter. They toss Margera over the top to the floor with a dangerous toss. Solution is absolutely destroying everyone with tosses. Deranged his a double stomp on Papadon. Havok slams Dixie onto Deranged. AMIL hit a double missile dropkick on Havok. Deranged hits a somersault powerbomb. Deranged comes off the top to hit a bulldog for a near fall. Papadon is met with a tornado DDT by Dixie. Havok hits a running double clothesline as everyone is laid out. Margera misses a top rope moonsault as Papadon got his knees up. Jonny D throws a fireball into Margera’s face. Solution hit a powerbomb/double stomp, but Dizzie pulls the referee out on the cover attempt. Papadon decks Dizzie on the floor. Deranged is almost pinned after a top rope flying facebuster. Havok slams Fear as Papadon has a chair. Papadon destroys Fear with a chair shot to the head and body. Papadon spikes Murda with a tombstone piledriver onto a chair for the win. (***1/4. Well, there was absolutely zero control in the match and it was nuts from the beginning. That was the best way to approach the match as a standard four way would have been boring in comparison. The Solution looked great in there and they are a great power team with some fantastic double team moves. I tried my best with the coverage, but needless to say it was a fun match.) After the match, the Christopher Street Connection come out and end up kissing the Solution to send them running. Yes, that really happened. They taunt the Solution saying they slipped the tongue, which the Solution deny. Christopher Street Connection issue a challenge for the tag titles.

Third Contest: IWS World Champion Kevin Steen vs. Excess: Steen shoves Excess into the ropes and they trade slaps. Excess arm drags Steen to start the match, but Steen hammers away on Excess against the ropes. Excess ducks a wild back elbow and keeps a wrist lock on Steen. Steen keeps a hammerlock on Excess, but is taken down to the mat. Excess keeps a front face lock on Steen, but Steen shoves Excess down and delivers an elbow drop. Excess kicks Steen away, but Steen gets a headlock on Excess for a moment. Excess shoulder blocks Steen, but Steen comes back with chops. Steen misses a wild clothesline, but counters a monkey flip locking in a Boston Crab. Excess doesn’t give in and reaches the ropes. Steen drives Excess down with a backbreaker. Steen plants Excess with a back suplex and a few quick leg drops. Steen comes off the ropes to hit a somersault leg drop for a near fall. Excess dropkicks Steen and puts a tarantula hold in the ropes, but has to let go. Steen eye rakes Excess, but Excess hits a springboard DDT onto the apron! Steen catches Excess coming off the apron and powerbombs Excess onto the apron back first. Steen hits a slingshot senton for a two count.

Steen chops Excess in the corner and is met with an elbow strike in the corner. Steen plants Excess with a snap powerslam out of the corner for another two count. Steen keeps control with a chin lock on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Excess elbows Steen, but Steen still hits a dragon suplex for a near fall. Excess hammers away on Steen, but Steen almost hits the Package Piledriver. Excess tries for a few rollups for a two count. Excess hits a German suplex for a two count. Steen nails Excess with a kick to the head. Excess avoids a piledriver, but Steen drops Excess with the Go Home Driver for a near fall. Excess avoids the Package Piledriver and locks in a modified Rings of Saturn. Steen is able to get to his feet and hits a backbreaker to break free. Steen goes to the top rope, but Excess stops Steen with right hands. Excess hits a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall. Steen elbows Excess on the middle rope and delivers a top rope backbreaker. Steen connects with a top rope moonsault for a near fall. Excess blocks a superkick and delivers a neckbreaker over his knee for a near fall. Excess heads to the top rope missing a corkscrew 450 splash. Steen forearms Excess to the mat. Excess forearms Steen several times, but Excess is caught coming off the ropes and Steen spikes Excess with the Package Piledriver to win the match. (***1/4. The match started off slow and the crowd didn’t come across as being interested in the action, but once the match got going the crowd responded well. The action was good with plenty of big spots. The finish was nicely done as it was an unexpected counter for the finish. An example of the wrestlers managing to win over the crowd.)

Fourth Contest: Super Dragon vs. Beef Wellington: Dragon slaps Wellington and Wellington fails on an eye poke attempt. Dragon forearms Wellington and Wellington is knocked out. Wellington was faking it and almost wins with a rollup. Wellington kicks Dragon on a sunset flip and messes up a 619 attempt. Dragon takes out Wellington with a suicide dive to the floor. Dragon double stomps Wellington on the floor. Dragon sends Wellington into the guard railing followed by chops. Dragon stomps on Wellington and connects with a snap suplex. Dragon knee drops Wellington, but Wellington fires back with forearm strikes. Dragon nails Wellington with a discus forearm strike and locks in an STF. Wellington is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Dragon keeps Wellington on the mat with a submission and kicks Wellington on the head while trapping his arms behind his body. Dragon locks in another headlock submission but Wellington doesn’t submit. Dragon slaps Wellington a few tomes, but Wellington comes back with a forearm. Wellington forearms Dragon against the ropes. Wellington forearms Dragon in the corner, but runs into a boot. Dragon is stopped with an eye poke on the top rope. Wellington hits a hurricanrana off the top for a near fall. Wellington goes to the top rope hitting Dragon with the ass punch. Dragon goes through the middle rope to the floor.

Dragon stops Wellington with a slap to the face and goes for the curb stomp. Dragon connects with it and Wellington is knocked out. Dragon curb stomps Wellington onto the bottom turnbuckle. Dragon sits Wellington on the top rope and hits a suplex for a near fall. Wellington nearly wins with a cradle powerbomb. Wellington tosses Dragon overhead with a suplex for a near fall. Dragon backdrops Wellington and connects with a clothesline for a two count. Dragon chops Wellington in the corner several times. Dragon kicks Wellington followed by knee strikes. Dragon kicks Wellington several more times and goes to the top rope. Dragon hits a double stomp to the back of Wellington’s head, but pulls up at two., Wellington counters a backbreaker with a backslide for a two count. Dragon plants Wellington with the Psycho Driver and wins the match. (**1/4. It was okay, but nothing memorable. Wellington has great personality and is a funny guy. Dragon being ruthless played well against Wellington and made Dragon look even better in the ring. A good showing for Dragon and the crowd responded well to what Dragon was doing. The action, for the most part, was average stuff.)

Fifth Contest: Chasyn Rance vs. Jack Evans vs. Grim Reefer vs. El Generico in an elimination match: Rance and Evans kickoff the match with Evans controlling Rance arm and gets a two count on a rollup. Rance reaches the ropes to avoid a leg lock. Rance takes Evans down to the mat and gets a headlock on for a moment. Rance switches to a hammerlock until Evans snapmares free and arm drags Rance. Rance trips Evans coming off the ropes and goes back to a headlock. Evans shoulder blocks Rance and continues with a forearm. Rance stops Evans with a boot to the chest. Evans kicks Rance followed by more forearms. Evans dropkicks Rance to the floor. Generico enters the match and plays to the crowd. Generico hammers away on Evans and tries for a suplex, but Evans lands on his feet. Evans is dumped to the apron and hits a springboard spinning heel kick. Rance returns to the match and kicks Evans. Reefer enters the match and chops Rance several times. Reefer dropkicks Rance on the mat while Evans brawls with Generico on the floor. Rance hits a suicide dive to the floor on Evans and Generico. Reefer is met with a springboard crossbody by Generico followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Generico chops Reefer in the corner and delivers a running big boot in the opposite corner. Generico sits Reefer on the top turnbuckle looking for a brainbuster, but Rance comes over and stops it. Evans comes over as well and they mess up a powerbomb out of the corner.

Evans works over Generico with a chop in the corner. Generico shoves Evans off the top and Rance kicks Generico to the floor. Reefer heads to the top hitting a springboard somersault dive onto Generico. Evans chops Rance, but Rance comes back with a forearm. Rance superkicks Evans followed by a spinning slam on Reefer. Generico tries for a suplex, but Rance avoids it. Generico spikes Rance with a brainbuster for the first elimination.

Generico works over Reefer in the corner and sends Reefer into Evans, who takes Generico out with a head scissors. Evans nails Reefer with a standing corkscrew splash for a near fall. Generico tries for a dragon suplex and takes Evans over. Reefer chops Evans on the floor for a few moments. Generico takes both men out with a dive over the top to the floor. Reefer chops Generico on the floor while Evans rolled back into the ring. Reefer headbutts Generico and Evans hits a springboard dive to the floor. Evans goes back to the top rope as Generico rolls into the ring. Generico stops Evans and hits the brainbuster on the top turnbuckle! Generico goes to the top, but Reefer crotches Generico and hits a spike piledriver. Reefer hits a frog splash off the top and pins Generico for the second elimination.

Evans returns to the match and stomps on Reefer to gain control. Evans forearms Reefer into the corner. Evans hits a handspring back elbow in the corner and a springboard knee to the back of Reefer’s head for a near fall. Evans and Reefer trade strikes until Reefer hits a hip toss and leg drop for a two count. Reefer elbows Evans and comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for another near fall. Reefer rams Evans into the corner and chops Evans. Evans boots Reefer and goes to the top rope missing a 450 and Reefer almost wins with a small package. Evans nearly wins with a bridging rollup. Reefer almost wins with a rollup and plants Evans with an elevated DDT for a two count. Reefer goes to the top missing a senton splash. Evans hits a standing phoenix splash for a near fall. Evans chops Reefer in the corner. Reefer forearms Evans on the apron. Evans and Reefer climb to the middle rope. Evans shoves Reefer to the floor, but Reefer climbs back up and suplexs Evans off the middle rope to the floor! Evans avoids a spear in the corner and Reefer hit the post. Evans hits a top rope 630 for the win. (***1/2. As soon as Rance was eliminated, the match really picked up. It was very clear to me that Rance is way behind the other three guys in terms of in-ring ability. Reefer, Generico and Evans carried this to a fun match with crazy spots. Evans being suplexd onto the floor off the middle rope was a crazy spot. I enjoyed this for being a crash and burn style match.)

Sixth Contest: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff vs. Trent Acid: Maff shoves Acid to the mat after missing a lockup. Maff shoves Acid to the corner. Acid pokes Maff in the eyes and ducks wild strikes. Maff sends Acid to the apron and tries to ram Acid into the corner. Acid tries to go tot he top and is shoved off the floor. Maff takes Acid out with a suicide dive to the floor. Maff smashes Acid with a chair on the floor. Maff boots Acid in the ring followed by a senton splash for a near fall. Acid superkicks Maff and hits a DDT for a two count. Acid sends Maff to the floor. Acid hits Maff with a chair on the floor and taunts the crowd. Acid tries for another chair shot, but Maff blocks it. Acid sends Maff gut first into the railing and then back first into the railing. Acid rams Maff into the ring steps and continues to deliver strikes around ringside. Acid eye rakes Maff and rolls the champ back into the ring. Acid chokes Maff in the corner. Acid knee strikes Maff in the corner followed by a missile dropkick. Acid stomps on Maff followed by more punches to lay out Maff. Maff spits at Acid and is met with more right hands. Acid forearms Maff, but is met with a clothesline after coming off the ropes.

Maff splashes Acid in the corner followed by a running splash and a running cannonball in the corner. Maff is met with a boot in the corner and Maff tosses Acid into the corner with an overhead suplex. Maff tries for the Burning Hammer, but Acid breaks free and arm drags Maff. Acid kicks Maff in the corner, but Maff tosses Acid with an overhead suplex for a two count. Maff sets up four chairs on the floor. Maff tries for a suplex, but Acid lands on the apron. Acid low blows Maff on the apron. Acid plants Maff with a DDT on the apron. Acid lays Maff onto several chairs on the floor. Acid hits a springboard moonsault onto Maff on the chairs! Acid tries for a cover but Maff kicks out at two. Acid avoids a chair shot and hits a Codebreaker with the chair. Acid nearly wins following a yakuza kick. Acid sits Maff on the top turnbuckle and hits a version of the Acid Bomb out of the corner for a near fall. Maff sends Acid through the ropes to the floor. Maff runs into a yakuza kick and Acid nearly won the match again.

Acid sets a few chairs up in the ring. Acid kicks Maff followed by right hands. Acid heads to the top rope, but is caught in midair. Maff switches to the Burning Hammer, but Acid breaks free and nails Maff with a yakuza kick. Acid misses a second attempt and Maff hits the Burning Hammer onto the chairs to win the match and retain the title. (***. A solid title defense and fine match for Maff and Acid. It was a good back and forth match with both men looking good. They held my interest and I think it was quality match. It may have been a rare instance of putting the title match early on in the show as being a good thing. If this was a main event match, I might not have rated it as high.) After the match, Maff shows respect for Acid in the ring.

Seventh Contest: Josh Prohibition, M-Dogg 20 & Sonjay Dutt vs. SAT & Amazing Red: Dutt and Joel kickoff the six man tag match. Joel takes Dutt down to the mat and they trade some mat wrestling until Joel bails to the floor. Dutt head scissors Joel followed by an arm drag to gain the advantage. Dutt connects with a handspring reverse hurricanrana. Dogg and Jose tag into the match. Dogg shoulder blocks Jose and connects with a dropkick to send Jose to the floor. Prohibition and Red enter the match with Red delivering a kick to the ribs. Prohibition tosses Red with a wheelbarrow suplex. Joel attacks Prohibition from behind and sends him to the floor. Red hammers away on Dogg in the corner with strikes. Dogg is triple teamed with a powerbomb and a wheelbarrow suplex with Dogg landing on knees for a two count. Jose dropkicks a seated Dogg for a two count. Joel tags back in and the SAT hold Dogg over their knees allowing Red to put a chin lock on Dogg, but they fail to get a submission. Dogg drops Joel over his knee and tags in Prohibition for a two count. Prohibition chops Joel and hits an overhead suplex while keeping a headlock on and Dogg comes off the ropes with a dropkick. Dutt slams Joel and goes to the apron hitting a slingshot elbow drop for a near fall.

Dutt hits a running back elbow in the corner for a two count on Joel. Red is backdropped and Dutt connects with a hurricanrana on Joel and then to Red for a near fall. Dutt drives Red with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Dutt knocks the SAT off the apron, but Joel decks Dutt with a forearm strike. Dutt is double teamed in the corner by SAT. Red does an awkward roll off of Dutt’s back with SAT holding Dutt in the air. Joel kicks Dutt in the corner and Prohibition is triple teamed until Dutt comes off the top rope to hurricanrana to the mat. The referee is calling for medics as Dutt looks to have seriously injured his wrist. The bell has sounded so it looks like the match has come to an abrupt end. (NR. Since the match ended due to an unfortunate end due to an apparent injury, I can’t rate this. Dutt seemingly broke his wrist on the huge spot, which is insanely impressive. Hopefully they run this match again at some point.)

Eighth Contest: Low Ki vs. B-Boy: Ki gains wrist control to start the match and takes Boy down to the mat with a head scissors. Boy counters with a headlock and keeps wrist control. Ki kicks free to stagger Boy back into a corner. Ki climbs the ropes while locked up and gets an arm bar on Boy for a moment, but has to let go since it’s illegal. Boy bails to the floor to regroup. Boy bridges Ki down to the mat while having their hands locked together. Boy keeps a front face lock on Ki, but Ki backs Boy against the ropes and delivers a chop to break free. Ki comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for a two count. Ki continues to chop Boy followed by an uppercut. Ki shoves Boy through the ropes to the floor and continues with chops. On the floor, Ki chops Boy a few more times before they return to the ring where Ki gets a two count. They begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. Ki dropkicks Boy on the knee and tries for a kick, but Boy bails to the floor. Ki continues to chop Boy around ringside before they return to the ring. Boy knee lifts Ki followed by a kick to the head and a knee drop. Boy comes off the ropes with a rolling neck snap. Boy takes Ki over with a Russian leg sweep and switches to submission on the mat. Ki punches Boy several times to the midsection and eye rake. Boy neck wrenches Ki on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission.

Boy chops Ki and delivers a forearm strike for a near fall. Boy goes back to a chin lock, but Ki doesn’t submit. Boy dropkicks Ki coming off the ropes and puts a surfboard on Ki. Ki once again refuses to give up and Boy is forced to let go. Ki chops Boy a few times to gain momentum and chops Boy coming off the ropes. Ki chops Boy several more times against the ropes. Ki takes off Boy’s shirt and continues with a series of chops to drop Boy to the mat. Boy is kicked on a full nelson suplex attempt. Ki nails Boy with a springboard kick to the face managing a two count. Ki begins to kick Boy on the chest several times before finishing off with a kick to the face. Boy forearms Ki in the corner, but Ki ends up kicking Boy in the corner and locks in a dragon sleeper in the ropes for a moment. Ki comes off the top rope to hit a double stomp. Ki slowly makes the cover, but Boy kicks out at two. Ki kicks Boy on the chest and tries for a springboard, but Boy avoids it and locks in an arm trapped submission. Boy almost pins Ki with a rollup. Boy tries for a brainbuster, but Ki knee strikes free. Boy chops Ki against the ropes, but Ki responds with a chop of his own. Boy continues with several forearm strike, but Ki nails Boy with a somersault kick. Boy nails Ki with a running dropkick in the corner as Ki was seated trying to recover. Boy tries for a cover, but Ki is able to kick out at two.

Ki kicks Boy in the corner followed by a chop to the chest. Ki kicks Boy in the corner, but Boy manages to plant Ki with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Ki almost surprises Boy with an inside cradle. Boy knee lifts Ki to keep control of the contest. Boy knee lifts Ki several times to drop Ki to the mat again. Boy misses a shining wizard. Ki nails Boy with a somersault kick to stagger Boy and regain his own footing. Ki misses a shining wizard, but back kicks Boy into the corner. Ki nails Boy with a handspring kick in the corner. Ki hits the Ki Krusher 99 for the clean win. (***1/2. A hard hitting and competitive match between these two JAPW regulars. I probably left the match more impressed by Boy, but Ki provided better offense than just mostly chops and kicks. They worked well together and for a twenty minute match it didn’t feel like it took that long.)

Ninth Contest: Homicide vs. Teddy Hart in a no disqualification match: Homicide mounts Hart with right hands on the mat. Hart knee lifts Homicide in the corner and hits a vertical suplex into a cutter. Hart plays to the crowd and misses a moonsault allowing Homicide to nail Hart with a clothesline. Homicide slaps Hart to the mat and Hart rolls to the floor to regroup. Homicide follows Hart around ringside, but Hart delivers a piledriver over the middle rope. Hart punches Homicide on the mat a few times before tossing Homicide through the ropes to the floor. Hart misses a double axe handle and sends Homicide into the railing. Hart sends Homicide into the railing and accidentally hits Jack Evans with a moonsault on the floor. Homicide hits Evans with a hub cap. Hart has been busted open due to the moonsault and hitting the railing. Homicide spikes Hart with a piledriver on a steel chair. Homicide has a fork and digs the fork into Hart’s forehead. It’s gross to see the fork literally under the skin. Homicide decks the referee with a right hand and he’s laid out. Homicide goes under the ring to grab something. Homicide set a table up on the floor before going after a bloody Hart with more strikes. They go to the floor where Homicide lays Hart onto the table on the floor. Homicide goes to the top rope splashing Hart through the table! Jack Evans attacks Homicide with a spinning kick in the ring. Evans hits a corkscrew 450 off the top! Evans continues to stomp on Homicide, but here comes Low Ki to attack Evans with chops. B-Boy comes out and spins Ki around. They have a confrontation as the announcer announces the match has been thrown out. Boy turns heel attacking Hart and Evans. (***. It’s a disappointing that the match only went seven minutes and gets thrown out. However, there’s no denying that the level of heat between these two guys in unmatched to anything else during this era. I think this saga between Homicide and Teddy is one of the most memorable indie wrestling feuds of all time.) After the match, Ki plants Hart with the Ki Krusher. Homicide hits the Cop Killa on Evans. Homicide issues an open challenge to any of the Hart’s. Homicide slaps Teddy while Ki is wiping Teddy’s blood onto Boy’s arm. They steal Teddy and Jack’s shoes, as well.

Main Event: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal vs. Azireal in a ladder match: They shove each other and start off with trading strikes and chops. Lethal backdrops Azireal out of the corner and Azireal bails to the floor. Lethal continues to chop Azireal on the floor, but hits the ring post. Azireal stomps on Lethal around ringside. Azireal sends Lethal into the guard railing. Azireal hooks Lethal for a suplex, but Lethal drops Azireal chest first over the railing. Lethal uppercuts Azireal to regain control around ringside and continues with chops, but Azireal responds accordingly. Lethal sends Azireal into the guard railing back first. Azireal and Lethal chop each other around ringside with Lethal dropping Azireal. Azireal sends the ladder into Lethal’s face on the floor. Azireal rams Lethal with a ladder to the midsection. Azireal drops the ladder onto Lethal’s back. Azireal rams the ladder into Lethal’s midsection. Azireal chops Lethal against the railing and wedges the ladder against Lethal against the railing. Azireal chokes Lethal with a shirt and kicks Lethal on the back. Azireal dropkicks Lethal backwards onto the ladder. Azireal rams Lethal into the railing. Lethal springboard dropkicks the ladder into Azireal back in the ring. Lethal lays the ladder over the middle rope. Azireal chops Lethal, but is stopped with a strike in the corner. Lethal drives Azireal face first down to the mat and smacks Azireal’s head into the ladder out of a wheelbarrow position. Lethal connects with a wheelbarrow suplex.

Azireal sends Lethal into the corner and delivers a forearm. Lethal runs into a boot in the corner allowing Azireal to connect with a double stomp out of the corner. Azireal slides a chair into the ring and lays the ladder down out of the corner. Azireal puts Lethal between the ladder and stomps Lethal several times. Azireal whacks the ladder with a chair several times onto Lethal. Lethal slams Azireal a few times and onto the ladder. Lethal tries for a diving headbutt, but Azireal barely hits a cutter in midair. Azireal stomps on Lethal and delivers a chair shot. Azireal jabs Lethal over the back with chair shot. Azireal sets up chairs and delivers right hands. Azireal is dumped over the top to the apron. Lethal pulls Azireal off the apron into the guard railing back first. Lethal sets a table up on the floor. Lethal uppercuts Azireal around ringside and lays Azireal onto a table. Azireal stops Lethal on the apron and looks for a German suplex off the apron! Lethal holds onto the ropes and tries for a suplex of his own, but Azireal holds onto the ropes. Lethal tries for a full nelson suplex, but Azireal keeps holding the ropes and low blows Lethal. Azireal tries for a full nelson suplex, but Lethal holds on, as well. They trade chops on the apron with both men staggering. Azireal dropkicks Lethal off the apron to the floor. Lethal clotheslines Azireal on the floor.

Lethal is sent back first into the railing and Azireal connects with a running yakuza kick. Azireal goes for a suplex in the crowd, but Lethal blocks it and delivers a gut buster and a knee strike. Lethal plants Azireal with a neckbreaker on the basketball court floor. They brawl up the bleachers trading strikes. Lethal tries for a back suplex, but Azireal counters with a DDT on the bleachers. Lethal rolls down the bleacher steps. Azireal tosses a cup into Lethal’s dad! Lethal’s father slaps Azireal and he goes rolling down the bleachers! Lethal sets a ladder up in the middle of the ring. Azireal stops Lethal on the ladder with a strike to the back. Azireal pulls on Lethal’s arm and lays Lethal between the ladder onto chairs. Azireal leaps off the top of the ladder to double stomp Lethal’s head and arm on the chairs! Azireal climbs the ladder, but Lethal rolls to his side and Azireal falls off the ladder throat first over the top rope. They both begin to climb the ladder and trade right hands. Lethal hooks Azireal for a suplex off the ladder, but settles for a front face lock on the top of the ladder. They both drop off the ladder. Lethal sets the ladder up in the corner, but Azireal stops Lethal and climbs the other side. Lethal hooks Azireal for a suplex but is met with a knee strike. Azireal hits an electric chair driver off the top of the ladder!

Lethal powerbombs Azireal and goes to the ladder in the corner. Lethal climbs to the top of the ladder and leaps off hitting a diving headbutt! Lethal tries to climb the ladder, but Azireal stops lethal with a back suplex off the ladder. Azireal sits Lethal on the top turnbuckle and hits a middle rope sit out Death Valley Driver causing Lethal to roll to the floor. Azireal climbs the ladder, but Lethal climbs the corner and hits a leaping DDT to drive Azireal off the ladder to the mat. Lethal brings a table into the ring and spikes Azireal with a running brainbuster. Lethal sets the table up in the ring. Lethal is knocked off the top rope with a palm strike. They both are standing on the apron and slowly climb the ropes. Azireal has Lethal on his shoulders on the middle rope, but Lethal elbows free. Lethal hits a top rope powerbomb through the table! Lethal grabs the ladder and places it over Azireal and begins to climb. Lethal manages to retrieve the belt to win the match! (*****. A fantastic ladder match that went a half-hour but it flew by. They did crazy spots throughout the match and the crowd was into the match from the beginning. Lethal’s father getting involved added to the match and intensity of the contest. I’m not an expert on indie wrestling ladder matches, but this has to be at the top of all-time great ladder matches on the indie scene. An unbelievable ladder match and I recommend viewing.)

Final Thoughts:
I haven’t watched a lot of JAPW shows at this point, but this is a great show. I strongly recommend checking this out.

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