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Rebooking The WWF: Week 1, 1995

WWF RAW 1/2/1995
1. Scott Norton defeated Tim York in 2:04 following a shoulder breaker. After the match, Scott Norton cut a promo on the Undertaker with Jim Ross saying that at the Royal Rumble the Deadman will be more than just a nickname for the Undertaker, it will be a reality.
2. Duke Droese defeated AJ Fatal in 2:33 following a spine buster. After the match, Droese said that he is going to continue to toss the trash out, especially at the Royal Rumble when he tosses twenty-nine other men over the top to main event WrestleMania XI.
3. 1994 Awards: WWF President Jack Tunney is in the ring with Vince McMahon to reveal who won the 1994 Year-End awards as voted by the fans. Tunney announces that the WWF Favorite debut of the year is awarded to John Bradshaw. Bradshaw comes out and accepts the award. Bradshaw says that tonight against Ron Simmons he will show the fans that their support in his is invested wisely as he looks to make a dent in the Movement tonight! The 1994 Best Tag Team award goes to the Smoking Gunns. Billy and Bart come down and accept the awards. Billy notes that they wish they could accept these awards as the WWF World Tag Team Championships but at the Royal Rumble they will reclaim what is rightfully theirs to show the world they are the best tag team. The Most Shocking Moment of the year is awarded to Rick Steiner for turning on Scott Steiner. Rick Steiner makes his way down to the ring grinning to accept the award, but before he could make it too the ring he is attacked by his brother WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner causing the wrestlers in the ring to break up the fight and help officials bring both men to the backstage area. Tunney restores order and continues with the awards noting the next award is for the most hated man in the WWF. Tunney reveals that Ted DiBiase has been voted the most hated, but DiBiase is there to accept the award. DiBiase hasn’t been seen since late ’94. The final two awards the 1994 Most Popular Wrestler and 1994 Wrestler of the Year were won by one person, and that man is Bret Hart. Bret makes his way to the ring and accepts the award saying that he accomplished a lot in ’94, but until he regains the WWF World Championship he won’t be satisfied. Owen Hart comes out and gives Bret a pat on the back and says “it’s good to see that at the Royal Rumble I’ll defeat the top wrestler of the year, because 1995 is the year of the Rocket, brother!” Bret takes it as a jokingly motivated jab and hugs his brother saying “may the best brother win.”
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Bob Holly in 5:49 following a piledriver. After the match, Lawler proclaims that royalty will prevail at the Royal Rumble.
5. Tamara & Brian Lee Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Tamara and her new boy toy, Brian Lee. Ross asks Tamara why she would betray Rick Martel in the manner that she did. Tamara recalls having a good time with Martel, but that was only when he had something for her and that was the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Why else would she spend her time with an old man like Martel? When she saw Brian Lee she was instantly in love with him. Brian Lee is taller, bigger and far sexier than Rick Martel. Tamara says it is just a matte rod time before Brian Lee is at the top while Martel is free falling to the bottom and she doesn’t associate herself with losers. Tamara tells Ross that Martel needs to move on and ride off into the sunset or Brian Lee will take him out forever.
6. Razor Ramon defeated Arn Anderson in 8:05 following a Razors Edge. Late in the match, Jeff Jarrett attempted to get involved but Ramon knocked him off the apron. Jarrett stared down Ramon after the match while helping Anderson to the backstage area.
7. WWF World Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated The Headshrinkers in 7:35 when Vega pinned Samu after a spinning heel kick.
8. Randy Savage Interview: Jim Ross attempted an interview with Randy Savage backstage. Ross mentions that the beating that Savage took from Bam-Bam Bigelow. Savage tells Ross that 1995 isn’t the end of Randy Savage nor is it the end of the Mega Powers. Savage isn’t going to be walked over by the WWF superstars who think they are up and coming at his expense. Macho Man says that Bigelow is going to be in for a fight.
9. Hakushi Vignette: A video promoting the impending debut of the greatest Japanese wrestler, Hakushi, is aired.
10. Doink the Clown & Hughie The Clown defeated Joe Cage & Mike West in 3:14 when Hughie hit a top rope moonsault. After the match, Doink and Hughie cut a laughing promo saying they were going to laugh their way to the top whether it is the WWF Tag Team Championships or one of them winning the WWF World Championship in 1995!
11. Kings Court w/Diesel: Jerry Lawler conducted an interview with Big Daddy Cool, Diesel. Lawler first gloats about his victory earlier in the night and says that it is a sign of things to come for him as he is going to be the first person of royalty to win the Royal Rumble and win the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania XI. Diesel laughs at Lawler and tells him to wake up from his fairytale. Diesel says that he obtained tag team greatness with Shawn Michaels but knows that he has what it takes to obtain singles greatness. Diesel says when he finds a mission he isn’t going to abort it. He tells Lawler and the other twenty-eight men in the match to watch out because this mack truck isn’t going to be slowed down from winning the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania XI.
12. Shawn Michaels defeated Quebecer Jacques in 4:02 following a super kick.
13. Vince McMahon Announcement: Vince McMahon reveals that Ted DiBiase had reached them following the earlier segment and will appear on RAW next week for the first time in several months.
14. Ron Simmons defeated John Bradshaw in 7:14 following a spine buster. After the match, Simmons stood over Bradshaw, handing Bradshaw his first loss in the WWF, and taunted the fans that he would win the Royal Rumble.

WWF Superstars 1/7/1995
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Scotty Anton in 2:25 following a double under hook power bomb.
2. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mart Scott in 2:43 following a diving head butt.
3. The British Bulldog defeated Paul Lynch in 1:13 following a running power slam.
4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated The Kamikaze Kid in 7:58 following the Pedigree.


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