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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #99 6/16/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #99
From: Nashville, TN

It was announced on Impact that NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett would defend against Ron Killings on June 23rd. Jarrett promised a public execution for this weeks show.

3LK come down to the ring and cut a promo. BG James says they are here for a fight and says that Jarrett’s men are going to be minute men because that’s how long they will last… one minute.

Opening Contest: BG James, Konnan & Ron Killings vs. The Elite Guard (Onyx, Chad Collyer & Hotstuff Hernandez): The Elite Guard has been hired by Jarrett and they are acting as military guys. All six men are brawling in the ring as Killings powerslams Hernandez. Killings heel kicks Hernandez followed by a clothesline to the floor. Onyx runs into a boot by Konnan, but comes back with a clothesline only to miss an elbow drop. Konnan dropkicks a seated Onyx. Konnan plants Collyer with a reverse DDT. BG jabs Onyx several times and decks everyone with forearms. Killings heads to the top rope hitting a leg drop on Onyx’s groin. Collyer gets a few strikes on BG as they roll to the floor. BG has a chair and hits Collyer a few times in the crowd. Onyx and Konnan are brawling near the stage. Hernandez has Killings in the ring, but Killings hammers away on Hernandez. Hernandez hits a sit out powerbomb for a near fall on Killings. Killings tries for a sunset flip, but Hernandez doesn’t budge and tosses Killings overhead. Hernandez shoulder rams Killings several times in the corner. Hernandez boots Killings in the corner and hits a back suplex. Onyx continues to choke Konnan by the stage. Killings drops Hernandez with a flying forearm smash and hits the scissors kick for the clean win. (*1/4. Well, that was mostly just brawling and the 3LK having very little issue with the Guard. Don West made it seem as if the Guard was making fun of 3LK because they had the same ethnic members as 3LK, but I don’t think that was the goal of this, at all. The Elite Guard didn’t come across well at all and felt like a joke group just to give 3LK a victory.) After the match, Jarrett slides into the ring with a guitar and misses a guitar shot. Killings has the guitar, but is attacked by the Elite Guard to save Jarrett. Jarrett plants Killings with the Stroke. Jarrett has the guitar, but Vince Russo enters the ring. Russo grabs Jarrett and is smashed by the guitar. Russo has been laid out as Jarrett departs the ring. Tenay and West are disgusted by Jarrett’s actions. Russo is bleeding from the nose, but it’s evodent that he had something in his hand and isn’t legit bleeding from that.

Second Contest: Angel Williams vs. Trinity: Trinity attacks before the bell to get the cheap advantage with stomps and forearms. Trinity clotheslines Williams and tosses her down to the mat by her hair. Williams hits a spinning heel kick, but Trinity battles back with knee lifts. Trinity puts a camel clutch on Williams between the ropes briefly. Trinity drives Williams down with a backbreaker for a two count. Trinity delivers another backbreaker. Trinity shoulder rams Williams in the corner several times along with chops. Trinity clotheslines Williams in the corner. Williams avoids Trinity in the corner to deliver a swinging neckbreaker. Trinity tries for a slam, but Williams counters with a rollup for a two count. Trinity powerslams Williams for a two count. Trinity hooks Williams for a slam and drives Williams down to the mat. Trinity kicks Williams on the back and over the middle rope to deliver a 619. Trinity tries for a cover and wins the match. (*. The finish felt out of nowhere as I wasn’t expecting the 619 to be enough. Williams, better known as Angelina Love, looked decent in the match and the bout didn’t drag along.) After the match, Trinity hits Williams with a chair and hits a top rope moonsault onto a chair. Desire comes out and dropkicks the chair into Trinity’s face. Desire gets the chair and Trinity rolls away. Desire uses the chair on security as Trinity escapes, but Desire attacks in the crowd.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Sonny Siaki and Pat Kenney. They explain the ultimate humiliation match. Kenney mentions how many times he was embarrassed by the NYC and how they used stereotypes on him for being Irish. Kenney is proud to be Irish and Siaki is proud to be Samoan. Siaki has a box of stuff and says they will be surprised to see what they have.

Third Contest: Sonny Siaki & Pat Kenney vs. Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger in a ultimate humiliation match: All four men are in the ring brawling to start the match. Siaki drop toe holds Gilbertti onto the ropes and kicks Gilbertti to the floor. Kenney works over Swinger with an atomic drop and jabs. Kenney discus punches Swinger while Siaki and Gilbertti brawl on the floor. Kenney tosses Swinger across the ring. Kenney rams Swinger groin first into the ring post. Gilbertti elbows Kenney a few times on the floor. Siaki prevents a double suplex on Kenney. Kenney clotheslines both Gilbertti and Swinger on the aisle way. Gilbertti drops Kenney arm first over the top rope and Swinger delivers an arm breaker to gain control of the contest. Gilbertti legally tags in and sends Kenney shoulder first into the corner. Swinger delivers a forearm drop off the middle rope after a drop toe hold by Gilbertti. Kenney is double teamed in the corner. Kenney fights back with right hands on Gilbertti, but Gilbertti stops Kenney with an arm breaker for a two count as Siaki made the save. Kenney is prevented from tagging out as is double teamed by the NYC. Gilbertti tosses Kenney through the ropes to the floor and Kenney is sent into the post shoulder first.

Kenney stops Swinger with a sit out spinebuster. Siaki finally gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Siaki hits a Samoan Drop on Swinger and chops Gilbertti several times. Siaki nails Gilbertti with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Kenney trades strikes with Swinger while Gilbertti gains control on Siaki in the corner. Keneny sends Swinger into Gilbertti and Gilbertti falls to the floor. Kenney accidentally superkicks Siaki and Swinger hit a side Russian leg sweep on Kenney. Gilbertti tries to steal a pin on Siaki, but only manages a two count. Kenney is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Swinger is pulled to the floor and Siaki hits the swinging neckbreaker to win the match. Thus, the NYC will be humiliated for thirty days. (*. I was bored by this and the action wasn’t interesting when the heels were in charge of controlling it.) After the match, Borash announces that if the NYC doesn’t comply to the stipulation they will be fired.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Raven. Hudson says that there was a vow with the Sheik to never have Raven and Sabu wrestle. Raven reminds us that he’s dead and the vow doesn’t matter now. Raven was trained by Sheik because he saw the barbaric nature in him while Sabu was related to him. Raven is annoyed that Sonjay Dutt got involved in his affairs. Raven promises to torture Sonjay and do whatever he has to do to get Sabu in the ring. Raven says that promises are made to be broken and so are bones.

Fourth Contest: Raven vs. Sonjay Dutt in a no disqualification match: Raven attacks Dutt during his entrance and sends Dutt face first into the ring post and ring steps. Raven sends Dutt into the guard railing back first a few times. Raven taunts Tenay while choking Dutt asking where is Sabu. Dutt kicks Raven on the knee a few times. Dutt rams Raven face first into the corner several times followed by right hands. Raven powerbombs Dutt out of the corner and pulls Dutt up on a cover attempt. Raven knee lifts Dutt a couple of times to maintain control of the contest. Raven gets a microphone and promises to torture Dutt unless Sabu comes out to the ring. Dutt tries to fight back with strikes and is stopped by a clothesline. Raven tapes Dutt’s hands together. Raven has a screwdriver and digs it into Dutt’s forehead. Raven grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Dutt is driven onto the chair with a drop toe hold. Raven delivers another drop toe hold onto the chair. The referee does a fast count to save Dutt from further punishment. (1/2*. This is just a complete squash to build to Raven/Sabu, which is fine by me. I wish they wouldn’t hurt Dutt’s momentum, but it’s going to lead to the bigger match.) After the match, Raven tapes Dutt’s legs together. Raven wants Dutt to call for his buddy. Dutt calls for Sabu while being choked and the lights go out. Sabu slides into the ring and confronts Raven. Sabu checks on Dutt and Raven slaps Sabu. Raven tells Sabu that his uncle would not respect a coward. Raven thinks that Sabu’s uncle saw him as being an God and slaps Sabu, but Sabu can’t strike Raven. Raven stomps on Sabu several times, but Sabu will not strike back. Security comes down to the ring to prevent anything further.

Dusty Rhodes makes his way down to the ring and tells Raven that’s enough. Rhodes asks what happened with the handshake and reminds Raven about Sabu saving Raven in a riot in Ohio. Dusty will take care of family business and doesn’t want it in the ring. Dusty suggests Raven slap him, but Raven bails to the floor and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson says he’s been looking for NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett and doesn’t know if Vince Russo is returning. David Young enters the scene and needs to talk with Russo. Hudson tells Young that he’s not booked this week. Young wants to know who he can talk to about his job. Erik Watts enters the scene with a table and needs Goldylocks to sign a contract with him right now. Watts wants Goldy right now to sign a contract and he’ll wait the rest of the show.

Fifth Contest: NWA X-Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Dallas: Styles kicks Dallas on the leg, but Dallas doesn’t go down or anything. Styles ducks a wild strike and hammers away on Dallas a few times followed by chops and strikes in the corner. Styles continues with forearms against the ropes. Dallas misses a clothesline and they have a standoff. Styles avoids Dallas and rolls to the floor leading to Dallas chasing after Styles. Styles knocks Dallas off the apron with an elbow strike. Styles dropkicks Dallas coming off the ropes and continues with right hands and kicks. Dallas shoves Styles away and tries for a chokeslam, but Styles breaks free. Styles dumps Dallas over the top to the floor. Styles baseball slides Dallas on the floor and leaps off the apron, but Dallas catches Styles and rams Styles into the guard railing a couple of times. Dallas clubs Styles to the mat with a forearm and drops Styles chest first to the mat. Dallas sends Styles into the corner a few times to maintain control of the contest. Dallas tries for a cover, but Styles kicks out at two. Dallas sends Styles into the corner and chokes Styles to maintain control of the contest. Dallas drives down onto Styles knee and casually chokes Styles on the mat. Dallas elbows Styles in the corner, but Styles battles back with strikes. Dallas elbows Styles coming off the ropes and gets a two count.

Dallas catches Styles on a crossbody attempt and drives Styles down to the mat gut first. Dallas stomps on Styles and gets a two count. Dallas chops Styles against the ropes and delivers a blow to the back. Styles nails Dallas with a Pele kick and both men are down. Styles forearms Dallas against the ropes and connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Styles clotheslines Dallas in the corner and Dallas stumbles out. Styles delivers a few forearm strikes, but Dallas doesn’t fall down. Styles connects with a springboard forearm smash for a two count. Kid Kash makes his way down to the ring with a crutch. Kash has a broken fibula, apparently. Dallas grabs Styles, but is dropped over the top rope. Kash shakes the ropes on a springboard and Dallas hits a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Kash is on the apron and Styles pulls Kash off the apron. Styles hits a slingshot rollup off the apron into the ring and pins Dallas. After the match, Kash breaks the crutch over Styles back. Kash chokes Styles with the crutch and whacks Styles with the crutch. D’Lo Brown enters the ring and hits Dallas with a pipe a few times. Brown clotheslines Dallas over the top to the floor. (*1/2. I wasn’t invested in this match as I’m not sure if Dallas was ready for this kind of spot. I’m more interested in an eventual Kash vs. Styles match, which apparently takes place next week. Dallas just could have done a lot more to showcase his size advantage.)

D’Lo Brown has a microphone and says this is the reason he’s back at the Asylum, which he considers home. Brown came back to make an impact. Brown puts over Styles for recapturing the X-Division Championship. Brown has been inspired to go after his championship aspirations. Brown wants to be NWA World Champion. His music plays, which abruptly ends the segment.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Erik Watts. Hudson is laughing at the sight of Gilbertti and Swinger. They don’t want to enter the scene and we see them dressed as a Hawaiian girl and a leprechaun. Gilbertti is pissed saying they can’t go back home looking like this. Swinger thinks this is setting the business back thirty years. David Young enters the scene and needs to find someone a match tonight. Young is upset that he’ll lose his job tonight. Gilbertti tells Young to find Dusty Rhodes to help him out. D-Ray 3000 asks where the ring is and Hudson notes that he’s not booked. D-Ray walks the opposite way to the ring.

Sixth Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Monty Brown & Abyss: Storm and Brown kickoff the tag title match. Brown shoulder blocks Storm and taunts the crowd. Brown tosses Storm into the corner a few times and delivers a few strikes. Storm tries for a rollup, but Brown kicks out. Brown avoids a backslide, but Storm nearly wins with an inside cradle causing Brown to bail to the floor. Abyss tags into the match to try his luck, but Storm dropkicks Abyss into Brown from behind. Abyss gets control with right hands against the ropes. Storm kicks Abyss and tags in Harris. Harris hits a top rope axe handle, but Abyss catches a second attempt and tosses Harris into the corner to deliver right hands. Abyss stomps Harris several times in the corner. Harris avoids Abyss in the corner and pummels Abyss with right hands. Harris kicks Abyss and runs into a press slam going down to the mat gut first. Brown tags back into the match managing a two count on Harris. Brown drops Harris gut first over the top rope and keeps control in the corner. Harris tries for a suplex, but Brown breaks free. Brown tosses Harris with a double under hook suplex. Abyss tags back into the match. Abyss splashes Harris in the corner and tags Brown back into the contest.

Brown works over Harris in the corner for a few moments. Brown splashes Harris in the corner. Abyss enters the ring and accidentally splashes Brown in the corner. Abyss misses a splash and lands on the middle rope. Storm is tagged in and beats on Brown with right hands and a hurricanrana. Storm head scissors Abyss to the mat and sends Brown to the floor. Storm head scissors Abyss to the floor after pulling himself up on the apron. Harris takes everyone out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Storm tries to cover Brown, but only manages a two count. Brown plants Storm with a neckbreaker for a two count. Brown jabs Storm in the ribs to maintain the advantage. Abyss briefly works over Storm before tagging Brown back into the ring. Brown delivers a backbreaker and a fallaway slam. Brown plants Storm with a back suplex. Storm plants Brown with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Scott Hudson is talking to Goldylocks on the aisle and she goes backstage. Harris and Abyss get tags into the match with Harris hammering away on Abyss. Harris kicks Abyss and hits a Thez Press to deliver punches. Brown misses a clothesline and Harris hits a leaping clothesline. Storm clotheslines himself and Abyss to the floor. Harris drives Brown with a vertical suplex for a near fall.

Harris tries for the Catatonic, but Brown lands on his feet and hits the POUNCE! Harris rolls away and Storm superkicks Brown to the floor! Abyss chokeslams Storm and nearly wins the match. Abyss has Storm in a Torture Rack, but Storm breaks free to superkicks Abyss and Harris nails Abyss with a spear! The Naturals enter the ring and attack AMW with chairs and powder. They continue their attack on AMW with stomps and right hands. Security enters the ring to stop the attack. Naturals grab AMW ring jackets and put them on to taunt the champs. (**. A decent match with the closing minutes picking up and keeping my interest. The Naturals attack was done well and I can get into a feud between the two teams. I like the angle that the Naturals did this to get their names out of the Gut Check match and to show their worth to the company.)

Backstage, Goldylocks is livid at Erik Watts, who wants her to sign the contract. Goldy promises to own Watts and says the money isn’t his. Abyss runs into the scene and attacks Watts with Goldy yelling “it’s not your money” several times.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Raven for an interview. Raven has asked for this time and has apologized one time. Raven agrees that Dusty Rhodes is right. Raven apologizes to Sabu and is going to have a tribute ceremony next week for Sheik that they will be proud of.

Earlier today, Mike Tenay talked with Team Canada and says he was disgusted by their actions in shredding the NWA flag with their hands. Scott D’Amore admits that he crossed the line in the heat of passion. Tenay talks about Jerry Lynn being a great leader while D’Amore lacks the leadership. D’Amore has strong leadership and good morals. D’Amore thinks that Lynn is a perfect option to lead the NWA. D’Amore says that Lynn can’t win the big one. Tenay refutes that reminding D’Amore that Lynn has won gold in TNA. D’Amore doesn’t let Petey Williams answer a question and D’Amore insists he’s the leader. D’Amore will let them speak when he thinks they are ready. Bobby Roode asks when can they speak and D’Amore gets in his face. D’Amore tells Tenay that the interview is over and D’Amore freaks out on Rode for challenging his authority. D’Amore blames Tenay for trying to cause issues with them.

Main Event: Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper & Chris Sabin vs. Eric Young, Bobby Roode & Petey Williams in a flag match: The flags are just placed in the opponents corner. You then have to climb a pole to put the flag at the top to win the match. Lynn and Roode start the main event. Roode works over Lynn with right hands in the corner followed by stomps. Lynn fights back with right hands and a head scissors takedown. Lynn stomps Roode several times in the corner and swings at D’Amore. Lynn takes Roode over with a hurricanrana. Lynn tries to reach the flag, but it stopped and met with a knee lift. Roode beats on Lynn with strikes on the mat. Skipper decks Roode and Lynn hits a reverse DDT. Skipper tags in and is beaten down by Roode. Young tags into the match and punches Skipper several times. Young is sent into the corner and shoulder rams Skipper from the apron. Young dumps Skipper to the apron. Skipper spin kicks Young and tries to grab the flag, but is stopped. Skipper plants Young with a belly to belly suplex. Sabin tags into the match and Williams arm drags Sabin. Sabin is eye rakes by Williams, but delivers a dropkick to a seated Williams. Sabin has Williams on his shoulders, but Roode helps Williams hit a face buster. Williams distracts Lynn and Skipper as they try to get the flag, but fail and they brawl around ringside sending Roode into the ring post face first.

Sabin drives Williams down with a swinging backbreaker. Skipper tags in and Roode pummels Skipper a few times. Skipper hits a headlock suplex on Roode and decks Team Canada off the apron. Skipper plants Young with a spinebuster and grabs the flag, but is pulled to the floor. All six men are brawling on the floor as Scott D’Amore steals the flag and gives the flag to Roode. Roode begins to climb the pile, but Skipper stops Roode from behind. Skipper tries for the Play of the Day on Roode, but Williams hits a missile dropkick. Williams plants Skipper with a tornado DDT and tags in Young to deliver a knee drop on Skipper. Young clotheslines Skipper with the flag and beats on Skipper. Young jabs Skipper a few times with the flag, but Skipper stops Young with a boot and a lifting reverse suplex. Lynn backdrops Roode and decks Team Canada off the apron. Lynn takes Roode down with a side Russian leg sweep, but all six men get involved in the match again. Young clotheslines Skipper, but Sabin hits a DDT on Young. Williams tried for the Destroyer, but Sabin countered. Williams hits a side Russian leg sweep on Sabin, but Skipper plants Williams with a slam. Young takes Skipper down with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker.

Lynn head scissors Roode over the top to the floor. Young has the flag and tries to climb the pole, but Sabin stops Young with strikes. Young knocks Sabin to the mat and Sabin hits an overhead suplex off the top rope. Williams clotheslines Skipper and grabs the flag, but skipper stops Williams to hit a release German suplex off the top! Lynn slides the flag into the ring and Roode beats on Skipper with kicks to the floor. Lynn tries to climb the pole with the flag, but D’Amore uses a hockey stick. Lynn spikes Roode with the cradle piledriver. Lynn climbs the pole and is hit again by the hockey stick. Young has the flag and proceeds to hook the flag to the pole to win the match. (***. A fine match, but boy I’m getting tried of Team Canada relying on interference to win matches. The conclusion to this feud has to be a match between Lynn and D’Amore as that seems to be where all the heat is attached to. Team Canada continues to be presented strong, but I wish they had better finishes.)

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett tells Scott Hudson that Vince Russo was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jarrett says that next week that Ron Killings will never forget his name.

Final Thoughts:
This week felt like a complete filler week as we head into the second anniversary show. They built on some angles, but there wasn’t much accomplished here in the grand scheme of things. I’ve got to give this week a thumbs down.

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