WCW Worldwide 5/19/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 5/19/1996
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Faces of Fear defeated Public Enemy
2.) Brad Armstrong defeated Jushin Liger
3.) WCW World Champion The Giant defeated Jim Duggan to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Grunge and Meng kickoff the tag match to start the program. Grunge clotheslines Meng, but Meng doesn’t go down. Grunge hits a back suplex and tries for a big splash only for Meng to get his knees up. Grunge is met with a double backdrop and jumping headbutts. Rock attempts a springboard moonsault but is caught by Barbarian. Barbarian runs over Rock with a clothesline. Rock fights back with a standing senton and goes to the top. Meng shakes the ropes and Rock drops over the top rope. Barbarian puts Rock on the top rope and hits an overhead suplex. All four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Grunge is sent to the floor and the referee checks on him. The Nasty Boys run out to toss Rock off the top and Meng delivers a savant kick for the win. (1/2*. The referee was out of position several times and had to force himself to look the other way while Meng cheated. This was not a good match largely due to the referee doing an awful job.)

2.) Liger takes Armstrong down to the mat, but Armstrong breaks free quickly. Liger does it again and keeps a head scissors for a moment. Armstrong counters and they have a standoff. Liger head scissors Armstrong followed by an arm drag. Liger shoulder blocks Armstrong and delivers a kick to the head. Liger puts a surfboard on Armstrong. Liger somersault splashes Armstrong for a two count. Liger chops Armstrong and delivers a somersault kick in the corner. Liger puts Armstrong on the top rope and hits a superplex for a one count. Liger heads to the top rope missing a diving headbutt. Armstrong connects with a dropkick and gets kicked by Liger. Armstrong hits the side Russian leg sweep to earn a shocking win! (**1/2. That was an enjoyable match and a shocking result to have Armstrong win cleanly against Liger. This may be one of the biggest wins for Armstrong, ever.)

3.) Mean Gene promotes WCW’s return to New York City. Randy Savage enters the scene to talk about his upcoming match against Ric Flair. Savage has some friends and enemies in NYC. Savage doesn’t know how it’s going to turnout but he’s going to beat up Flair.

4.) The Giant actually has theme music, which is a rarity in WCW.

5.) Duggan goes right after Giant with right hands as Giant tried to enter the ring. Giant knocks Duggan away and finally enters the ring. Duggan hammers away on Giant in the corner. Giant chokes Duggan in the corner with his boot to control the match. Giant chokes Duggan over the apron. Duggan delivers a few strikes and headbutts to stagger Giant. Giant splashes Duggan in the corner, but misses and staggers away. Duggan tries to slam Giant, but fails to do so. Giant puts a bearhug on Duggan in the middle of the ring. Duggan fights out with a bite to the forehead. Giant misses a splash in the corner. Duggan tapes his fist and punches Giant a few times, but the champ only staggers. Duggan staggers Giant into the corner and is met with a boot in the corner. Giant plants Duggan with a chokeslam to win the match and retain the title. (*1/4. A formula big man match, but a solid encounter between the two. They kept a fine pace and I didn’t hate it.)

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable show with all the matches having a purpose and featuring worthwhile talent.

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