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WWF Heat 10/15/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/15/2000
From: Los Angeles, CA

1.) Too Cool defeated Edge & Christian
2.) Chris Jericho defeated William Regal
3.) Chris Benoit defeated Road Dogg

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mick Foley is the special guest on this weeks edition of Heat. Foley says he was wearing the same outfit as Rebecca and ended up changing his attire. Foley says it is no secret as to why Heat moved to MTV and it’s at WWF New York. It’s also not a secret as to who ran over Steve Austin. Foley throws a jab at Al Snow wondering how Snow keeps a job with the company. Foley is debuting a new game called who wants to be a Commissioner. Foley will be bringing back a legend to the WWF.

2.) Backstage, Acolytes and T&A are playing cards. Albert thought he won, but Bradshaw had a better hand to win. Faarooq laughs when Albert offers to write a check. Trish Stratus enters the room and Test thinks they can work something out.

3.) Edge and Christian go on the attack before the bell sounds to get the cheap advantage. Too Cool fight back with a double dropkick and backdrop Christian. Edge is met with a double clothesline. Christian gets sent into Edge in the corner and Edge falls onto Christian’s groin. Sexay slingshots Christian into the ring from the apron, but Edge drops Sexay throat first over the top rope to the mat. Edge enters and beats on Sexay with a double axe handle strike. Edge sends Sexay into the corner hard back first. Christian works over Sexay with a choke on the mat. Christian slams Sexay and tags in Edge. Edge takes Sexay over with a snap suplex. Edge mocks Sexay and misses a middle rope leg drop. Sexay kicks Edge and tags in Scott 2 Hotty. Hotty cleans house with strikes and scoop slams. Edge is met with a flapjack. Hotty bulldogs Christian and hits the Worm. Edge spears Hotty as the Conquistadors come out and the distraction allows Hotty to rollup Edge for the win. (*1/2. A decent little match and a huge win for Too Cool even with the interference aspect. WWF’s tag team division has incredible depth.)

4.) Backstage, Mick Foley is reading his children’s book. Rebecca enters the scene and Foley plugs his book. Foley reads a little bit of the book to her. Foley is looking for some trivia questions for tonight.

5.) Backstage, Albert and Test are still playing cards with the Acolytes. They are playing strip poker and Trish is losing clothing.

6.) Jericho and Regal trade wrist control early on until Jericho shoulder blocks Regal followed by a few chops. Jericho comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick and a clothesline for a two count. Regal tries for a rollup, but Jericho sits down. Jericho tries for the Walls Of Jericho, but Regal kicks free and sends Jericho shoulder first into the ring post. Regal works over the left arm of Jericho to keep control on the mat. Regal arm drags Jericho to the mat and keeps a wrist lock on. Jericho gets a rollup on Regal for a two count. Regal locks in a key lock, but Jericho doesn’t give in. Regal uppercuts Jericho a few times to maintain control of the match. Regal hits a double under hook suplex for a near fall. Regal goes back to the key lock, but Jericho breaks free after a few right hands. Jericho puts a sleeper on Regal, but Regal counters with a spinning slam for a two count. Jericho goes for a backslide, but Regal kicks out at two. Jericho drops Regal with right hands and chops. Jericho comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm smash. Jericho hits a running bulldog for a two count. Jericho elbows Regal and tries for a missile dropkick, but hits the referee on accident. Regal low blows Jericho and out comes Al Snow. Snow decks Regal with Head and Jericho hits the Lionsault to win the match. (**. A rather standard match that wasn’t too boring for the most part. It seems a bit weird to me to use Jericho in a spot to advance the issues between Regal and Snow of all things, but whatever.)

7.) Backstage, Trish Stratus is walking around the table in her lingerie. Trish isn’t thrilled with Acolytes having the best hand and removes some more clothing.

8.) Backstage, Rebecca grabs Mick Foley to go play his game, who wants to be a commissioner.

9.) Mick Foley comes out to host his game and will be asking WWF related questions. The winner will win two tickets to No Mercy. There are three lifelines, which will be Michael Cole, Tazz and the fans. The first question is how many people Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley has kissed since debuting in the company. The fan guesses three, but the correct answer is four. The second question is what retro item appears on his desk. The correct answer is lava lamp that a fan gets it right. What kind of underwear is Tazz wearing right now. Tazz doesn’t like question. Foley ends up leaving without a winner.

10.) Backstage, T&A are still losing to the Acolytes and Trish takes her top off.

11.) Backstage, the poker game is still going on and Trish has to get completely naked. However, Test and Albert end up attacking the Acolytes delivering chair shots to leave them laying.

12.) Dogg quickly hammers away on Benoit to start the match. Dogg misses a clothesline, but Benoit misses a chop and is met with a forearm strike. Dogg works over Benoit with kicks in the corner. Dogg continues to beat on Benoit in the corner with strikes. Benoit misses a splash and Dogg tries for a jab, but Benoit counters with an attempted Crossface. Benoit stomps away on Dogg on the mat to keep the advantage. Benoit rams Dogg gut first into the corner. Benoit stomps on Dogg in the corner and sends Dogg chest first into the corner. Benoit stomps away on Dogg in the corner to keep the advantage. Benoit drives Dogg down with a shoulder breaker. Benoit heads to the top rope missing a diving headbutt. Dogg fights back with a series of jabs to drop Benoit and delivers a knee drop for a two count. Dogg kicks Benoit and tries for a pump handle, but Benoit counters with the Crossface to win the match. After the match, Triple H runs down to the ring and spears Benoit followed by right hands on the mat. HHH sends Benoit into the announcers table. HHH sends Benoit into the ring steps, as well. They brawl into the crowd. (*1/4. They kept a good pace since they weren’t given a lot of time by any means. I was glad that Benoit won cleanly and the aftermath with Triple H was a nice added touch to the show and feud.)

13.) Mick Foley reveals the WWF legend he referenced earlier as being Mr. Socko.

Final Thoughts:
The segment with Foley was rather lackluster and didn’t deliver anything of entertainment. They had some strong acts on the program, but the matches aren’t given enough time to really become anything all that enjoyable. Regardless, it’s a quick view and doesn’t overstay his welcome.

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