WWF Heat 1/14/2001

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Oakland, CA

1.) Too Cool fought Taka Michinoku & Funaki to a no contest
2.) APA defeated D’Lo Brown & Chaz
3.) Albert defeated Crash Holly

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Trish Stratus arrived to WWF New York in a limo and she’s the special guest for the episode. Trish has her own personal security and is escorted to her dressing room.

2.) Trish Stratus appears on the stage and is wearing a very short skirt. Stratus knows that the fans have questions for her, but she doesn’t trust the fans. Stratus will grant the fans with an exclusive interview where she’ll reveal everything. She wants a professional reporter and thus Michael Cole will interview her. Tazz is shocked to hear that Cole gets the interview.

3.) Backstage, Trish Stratus enters her dressing room and wonders who bought her flowers and chocolates. You can hear production cues during the segment.

4.) Prior to the next match, Taka says he knows that Too Cool can dance, but can they fight.

5.) Hotty shoulder blocks Funaki to start the tag match and hits a back suplex. Hotty does a moonwalk and tags in Sexay. Too Cool drive Funaki to the mat and Hotty hits a seated dropkick. Sexay follows up with a leg drop. Taka hammers away on Sexay, but Sexay comes back with a shoulder block. Sexay nails Taka with a kick to the head. Hotty tags in and Funaki kicks Hotty on the apron. Hotty kicks Funaki off the apron, but Taka connects with a spinning heel kick. Funaki tags in and puts a chin lock on Hotty allowing a dropkick by Taka. Funaki taunts the fans and is worked over by Hotty in the corner. Funaki sends Hotty into the corner and tags in Taka to keep control of the match. Hotty plants Taka with a sit down powerbomb. Funaki and Sexay tag in with Sexay cleaning house slamming both men. Funaki eye rakes Sexay, but Sexay hits a double DDT for a near fall. Sexay dumps Taka over the top to the floor allowing Hotty to bulldog Funaki. Hotty connects with the WORM on Funaki. Taka and Funaki bail to the floor with Taka grabbing a microphone. Taka decide to bail on the match and instead want to dance. They proceed to dance with Too Cool, but they end up attacking Too Cool. Taka spikes Hotty with the Michinoku Driver. Taka gets the microphone and says they can’t be trusted because they are evil. (*1/2. I actually liked that Taka and Funaki tricked Too Cool into the dancing part and left them laying. I wouldn’t mind a rematch since now there’s a reason for the two teams to wrestle.)

6.) WWF Women’s Champion Ivory makes her way down to the ring to cut a promo. They show part of Chyna’s interview from RAW where doctors said she was lucky. Ivory says that she wants to be the reason Chyna gets back in the ring. Ivory is tired of hearing Chyna talk about women’s rights and puts down the Playboy spread. Ivory finds it unacceptable. Ivory found Chyna to be healthy in the interview from Monday. She thinks that Chyna is bluffing about her neck injury. Ivory believes that Chyna is afraid of her. Ivory is going to put the WWF Women’s Championship on the line at Royal Rumble. She will prove that she’s a true champion for women’s rights. It will be for Chyna’s own good.

7.) Backstage, Trish Stratus is on the phone flirting with someone, most likely Vince McMahon. Trish gets some earrings and she’s flattered.

8.) Tiger Ali Singh cuts a promo before the next match saying they don’t drive taxis and sell drinks at 7/11. Singh proclaims they are athletes and demand silence as they pay their respects. APA come out and mock them by calling for a taxi. Bradshaw doesn’t care about what drinks they sell, but he is confused as to why they don’t drink beer.

9.) Brown and Chaz try for the cheap advantage, but Bradshaw works over Chaz in the corner with strikes. Bradshaw shoulder blocks Chaz followed by a forearm strike. Bradshaw clubs Chaz over the back and delivers a chop and right hand to the mat. Chaz is met with a shoulder block and near fall for Faarooq. Brown tags in and is powerslammed by Faarooq. Faarooq works over Brown in the corner with strikes. Faarooq tries for the Dominator, but Brown counters with the Sky High. Chaz enters managing a one count on Faarooq. Faarooq is double teamed briefly. Brown nails Faarooq with a heel kick, but Bradshaw breaks the cover. Chaz hammers away on Faarooq, but runs into a spinebuster. Brown tags in and Bradshaw delivers a big boot. Bradshaw misses a clothesline but tosses Brown with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw is clotheslined by Chaz. Faarooq goes after Chaz with strikes and they go to the floor. Brown misses a splash and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline From Hell for the win. (*. I’m not against a push for the APA. I’ve really been enjoying their work lately.)

10.) Backstage, Trish Stratus is looking at her earrings in the mirror.

11.) Crash hammers away on Albert, but is tossed into the corner and Albert drops Crash with several strikes. Crash stomps on Albert in the corner, but is sent chest first into the corner and Albert press slams Crash to the mat gut first. Albert delivers a splash to the back of Crash. Albert blocks a sunset flip, but misses an elbow drop. Crash punches Albert, but is sent into the ropes. Crash gets a sleeper on Albert, but is rammed into the corner back first. Crash boots Albert in the corner and continues with stomps. Crash rams Albert onto the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick. Crash tries for a cover, but Albert powers out sending Crash to the floor. Crash returns to the ring and goes to the top rope. Albert catches Crash in midair hitting the Baldo Bomb for the win. (*. An easy win for Albert, which is fine with me. I could get behind a singles push for Albert as he’s always been someone I’ve enjoyed.) After the match, Albert continues to attack Crash until Hardcore Holly runs down and makes the save. Hardcore kicks Albert between the legs over the top rope. Hardcore dropkicks Albert through the ropes to the floor.

12.) Michael Cole conducts an interview with Trish Stratus on the stage. Cole warns Stratus that the questions will be intimate questions. Cole asks about the nature of her relationship with Vince McMahon. Trish likes working for McMahon because he’s not afraid of things and likes a man who takes control. Cole asks if Trish has ever engaged in activities that aren’t business like. Cole notes that Trish is very friendly with McMahon, and Stratus says they are friends. Cole suggests that they are more than just friends. Stratus asks if Cole can see through doors and denies Cole claims. Stratus ends up leaving the interview and Cole is left stunned.

Final Thoughts:
This was a lackluster episode of Heat as there wasn’t much of anything that kept my interest. I do like that Heat continues to get a some angle advancement stuff, but there’s not a lot going on here.

Thanks for reading.

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