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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #110 9/1/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #110
From: Nashville, TN

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett kicks of the show and comes out to cut a promo. Jarrett notes that we are only a week away from the match between himself and Jeff Hardy for the NWA World Championship. Jarrett hypes up their finisher moves and nicknames against each other. Jarrett doesn’t think Hardy has an answer for the figure four. It will be the biggest match in TNA history and Hardy’s career. It’s also the biggest match of his career. Jarrett says that Jimmy Hart and his friends will be watching the match. Jarrett believes there will be eyes on the match that have never seen a wrestling match before. Jarrett says it’s the last Wednesday night pay per view next week. Jarrett takes credit for taking TNA to victory road. Jarrett has one piece of advice for Hardy and says that he’s talking to the challenger. Jarrett’s advice is that Hardy should be very careful about who he trusts.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Dallas and Kid Kash. Kash says that he doesn’t like Jarrett or anyone in the building. Kash has never liked Jeff Hardy because Hardy was the cute little boy that teachers and girls like. Kash never made good grades and was focused on being the toughest guy. Kash thinks they better put his straightjacket back on because he might do something stupid to AJ Styles tonight. Kash thinks AJ has his head so far up Russo’s ass that he can see his tonsils. Kash promises to break Styles up. Dallas chimes in and says there are going to be two pieces of dead meat when they are done with them.

Opening Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions The Naturals vs. XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted: All six men are in the ring brawling as soon as the bell sounds. Three men will be in the match at one time. Daniels works over Stevens with a headbutt while Storm slaps Douglas on the floor. Harris slammed Skipper on the aisle. Stevens punches Daniels several times and delivers a kick to the ribs. Daniels hammers away on Stevens with chops. Daniels hip tosses Stevens followed by a dropkick and clothesline. Storm drop toe holds Daniels. Storm and Daniels punch Stevens several times and Storm clotheslines Daniels. Harris tags into the contest and atomic drops Stevens followed by a double clothesline. Skipper enters and decks Harris, but is met with a back elbow strike. Stevens tries to tag out, but is stopped. Stevens is hip tossed by Skipper and Harris. Harris plants Skipper with a delayed vertical suplex and Douglas enters to kick Harris followed by a double under hook DDT for a near fall. Douglas double under hook suplexs Skipper, as well. Skipper kicks Douglas a few times knocking Douglas to the floor. Harris hammers away on Skipper and tosses Skipper to the apron, but Skipper delivers a kick. Harris tries to punch Skipper, but Skipper flips off the apron and clotheslines Douglas on the floor. Skipper tries for a cover, but Harris breaks the cover.

Harris backdrops Skipper and Daniels delivers a dropkick to Harris and Douglas. Harris nails Daniels with a clothesline and tags in Storm. Storm kicks Daniels to keep control of the contest. Storm tries for a slam, but his injured back gives out. Douglas knocks Storm to the floor. Naturals deliver a double backbreaker to Daniels for a near fall. Stevens works over Daniels while Storm is hurting on the floor due to his back. Douglas delivers a strike to Daniels midsection on the mat as Storm tries to get back into the ring. Stevens kicks Storm on the apron and is pummeled by Harris! Douglas knee lifts Daniels followed by a boot scrape. Stevens returns to the match and hammers away on Daniels ribs. Stevens knocks Storm off the apron again. Stevens hip tosses Storm onto the concrete floor. Harris is livid and decks Stevens from behind to try and help his partner. Stevens legally enters the match to take Daniels over with a double backdrop. Storm struggles to his feet and delivers a double clothesline to the Naturals. Harris finally gets to his feet and cleans house with left hands to the champs.

Harris nails Douglas with a leaping clothesline and a running bulldog out of the corner. Skipper tries for a springboard and nails Douglas with a spin kick. Harris plants Stevens with a full nelson slam. Harris and Skipper collide on clotheslines. Daniels hammers away on the Naturals, but the Naturals try for the Natural Disaster, but that’s prevented by Harris. Skipper tosses Stevens to the floor while Harris speared Douglas. XXX and AMW are in the ring now brawling against each other. Storm plants Daniels with a DDT. Skipper tries to walk the ropes, but is shoved off by Storm. Harris is waiting in the corner, but is pulled out by Douglas. Storm tries for the superkick, but his back gives out. Daniels hits the Angels Wings on Storm, but Douglas sends Daniels into the corner chest first and Stevens pins Storm to retain the titles! (***1/4. I enjoyed this even if the Naturals felt like an afterthought to AMW/XXX. I liked the finish of the Naturals stealing the match and surprising the two teams since they have been kind of forgotten due to the feud between the two bigger teams. It’s a clean win, too. That’s the big takeaway is that they didn’t have to cheat, but rather they outsmarted their opponents.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Vince Russo and thinks that things are working out well for Russo. Russo backed Zbyszko’s decision to book the match and now has to think about who the Naturals will defend against next, but Russo doesn’t know. Russo admits the situation with Dusty has been frustrating. Russo will welcome Dusty back to the arena next week when Jeff Hardy wins the NWA World Championship. Russo calls Jarrett a mass manipulator and says if Hardy ignores Jarrett then he’ll be the next champion.

Second Contest: Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane vs. Amazing Red & Chris Sabin: Kazarian and Sabin start the match with Kazarian taking Sabin over with an arm drag. Sabin gains wrist control following a kick to the midsection. Sabin almost wins with a rollup and keeps Kazarian on the mat with an arm lock. Kazarian arm drags Sabin again and they have a standoff. Kazarian kicks Sabin followed by strikes in the corner. Sabin boots Kazarian in the corner followed by a somersault cutter. Sabin hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Kazarian elbows free from Sabin, but Sabin takes Shane over with an arm drag and tags in Red. Red chops Shane and nearly wins with a rollup. Shane gets a backslide on Red for a near fall. Red ducks a clothesline and arm drags Shane to maintain arm control. Sabin returns to the match and Shane is met with a double leg sweep. Red dropkicks Shane while trapped by Sabin on the mat for a two count. Shane chops Sabin several times in the corner, but Sabin responds with chops of his own. Shane dropkicks Sabin while Sabin is trapped in the ropes due to Kazarian getting involved. Kazarian cheap shots Sabin several times on the floor. Kazarian continues to work over Sabin with strikes. Sabin misses a dropkick and Kazarian hits a leg drop for a near fall.

Kazarian dropkicks Sabin in the corner, but Sabin fires back with strikes. Kazarian shoves Sabin into the corner and Sabin hits a tornado DDT. Shane gets tagged in and Sabin tags in Red. Red hits a dropkick and a standing hurricanrana on Kazarian. Red with a spinning heel kick and a Red Star Press on Shane for a two count. Shane stops Red with a jawbreaker, but Sabin kicks Shane. Red nearly pins Shane with a rollup. Kazarian dropkicks Sabin to the floor and Red is left alone in the ring. Shane and Kazarian hit a blockbuster/powerbomb combo on Red. Sabin clotheslines Kazarian on the floor while Shane got a two count on Red. Sabin and Red hit a swinging neckbreaker combo for a two count. Sabin hits a crossbody to the floor onto Kazarian. Traci distracts Red after getting knocked off the apron allowing Shane to superkick Red for the win. (***. A fine match with the ideal result to give Shane and Kazarian momentum in the tag division. I really think Shane and Kazarian would be a great heel tag team given a big push over the next few months. They’re a better duo than the tag champs currently.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Team Canada for an interview. They don’t know who the mystery partner is for the 3LK tonight. D’Amore puts over Team Canada beating Team USA in hockey last night. D’Amore says the second Dusty Rhodes is allowed back in the arena that it’s on Vince Russo. D’Amore notes that they control the X-Division with Petey Williams holding the championship. D’Amore believes they will dominate the tag and heavyweight divisions in just a matter of time.

Third Contest: NWA X-Division Champion Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt: Dutt almost wins with a quick rollup on a few tries causing Williams to retreat to a corner to regroup. Williams attempts the Destroyer, but Dutt avoids it. Williams misses a seated dropkick and Dutt keeps arm control. Dutt knee lifts Williams in the corner and kicks Williams away to hit a head scissors. Dutt delivers a running double knee and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Williams bails to the floor and wants to leave with the championship. They will settle for a count-out, but Dutt grabs Williams and tosses the champ back into the ring. Williams misses an elbow drop allowing Dutt to hit a slingshot elbow drop from the apron. Williams beats on Dutt in the corner with strikes and sends Dutt into the guard railing. Williams rolls Dutt into the ring for a two count. Williams pummels Dutt with right hands on the mat. Williams tries for the Destroyer, but Dutt counters with a rollup for a two count. Williams hits a back suplex on Dutt to maintain control of the contest. Williams puts Dutt in the tree of woe to deliver stomps. Williams stands on Dutt’s groin for a moment. Williams continues to control Dutt with strikes and stomps as Dutt remains in the tree of woe. Dutt gets out of the situation with a cutter!

Dutt dropkicks Williams coming off the ropes and hits a Slice Bread for a two count. Williams sends Dutt into the middle turnbuckle face first and plants Dutt with a facebuster for a near fall. Dutt counters the Destroyer with a reverse piledriver for a near fall. Dutt sits Williams on the top rope, but Williams shoves Dutt off. Dutt comes back with a strike and the Muscle Buster! Dutt heads to the top rope looking for the Hindu Press, but misses after D”Amore caused a distraction. Williams spikes Dutt with the Canadian Destroyer to win the match. (**1/2. A fine match, but it’s becoming quite obvious to me just how underrated Dutt truly is. He’s a lot of fun and his offense holds my interest every time he competes. It’s a good win for Williams since Dutt had some good momentum going for him. I continue to dislike the constant need to use D’Amore in the finishes, but I feel like that’s not going to change any time soon.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with BG James and Konnan regarding the six man tag. BG shoutouts Dusty Rhodes since Dusty is sitting at home due to Russo banning him. BG does a Dusty impersonation. Konnan chimes in and says that Scott D’Amore is impersonating a wrestler. Konnan says tonight is the end of the American Dream and the beginning of the American Nightmare. Konnan wants to know who is behind their careers being sabotaged. They are wrestlers and they dare anyone in the locker room to prove otherwise.

Fourth Contest: Konnan, BG James & Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) vs. Bobby Roode, Eric Young & Johnny Devine: Rider fell over the railing and the camera cut away quickly. 3LK brawl with Team Canada in the ring with Devine and Roode being sent to the floor. Team Canada is livid on the floor because they know it’s Dusty Rhodes under the mask. Devin and Konnan kickoff the match with Devine controlling Konnan on the mat with a headlock. Konnan locks in an arm bar, but Roode leg drops Konnan. Konnan recovers with an ankle lock, but Devine dropkicks Konnan. Konnan forearms Devine and plants Roode with a facebuster. Konnan nails Devine with a rolling thunder clothesline. Konnan holds Devine to allow Rider to kick Devine in the groin. Rider hammers away on Devine in the corner and plays to the crowd. BG and Rider jab Devine several times and Devine falls to the mat. BG tries for a cover, but Devine kicks out at two. Devine rubs BG’s eyes over the ropes and delivers right hands. Roode enters and stomps on BG in the corner. Roode elbows BG coming off the ropes for a two count. Roode nails BG with a boot in the corner followed by a running shoulder block and taunts Rider. BG plants Roode and Devine with a double DDT. Rider tags in and elbows Team Canada. D’Amore tries to get involved and is jabbed by Rider several times. Konnan lifts Devine into the air and down to the mat gut first. BG plants Devine with a pump handle slam allowing Rider to deliver an elbow drop for the win. (*. Obviously Midnight Rider was Dusty Rhodes. The segment was just an extended squash for the Rider and 3LK. I was mostly bored by this.) After the match, Vince Russo confronts 3LK while Midnight Rider left through the crowd.

Backstage, Goldylocks demands Alex Shelley put Shark Boy and D-Ray in the boiler room to prevent their involvement in the match coming up next. Goldy meets with Abyss and is speaking nicely to him for once. Goldy says Abyss reminds her of a big cuddly teddy bear. Goldy claims that Abyss has always been her favorite. Goldy knows that Abyss is going to make her proud. Goldy tells Abyss that Alex Shelley has never meant anything to her and that Abyss was the favorite. Shelley tells Abyss to not screw up again or he’ll answer to him tonight.

Fifth Contest: Sonny Siaki & Erik Watts vs. Abyss & Alex Shelley: Watts and Abyss brawl on the floor to start the match and roll into the ring. Watts hammers away on Abyss while Shelley and Siaki brawl around ringside. Watts nails Abyss with a big boot. Shelley yanks Siaki down to the mat by his hair, but Siaki comes back with a clothesline and heel kick for a two count. Abyss tags in and is met with a drop toe hold into the ropes followed by a kick to the head. Abyss forearms Siaki and tags in Shelley. Siaki hits a suplex throw and tags in Watts. Shelley comes off the ropes and is met with a double back elbow. Watts continues with a series of elbow drops and right hands to keep control. Siaki tags in and kicks Shelley in the ribs followed by chops against the ropes. Abyss nails Siaki from behind and Shelley delivers a kick to the head. Abyss works over Siaki in the corner with strikes. Siaki battles back with chops and ducks a clothesline, but is met with a big boot. Shelley returns to the match and Siaki plants Shelley with a Samoan Drop. Watts tags in and decks Shelley a few times. Watts kicks Shelley, but is stopped by Abyss from behind. Watts tries for a chokeslam on Abyss, but Abyss elbows free and Watts connects with a powerslam and big boot to Shelley. Watts hits the chokeslam, but Shelley breaks the cover. Siaki tags into the contest and all four men are brawling.

Abyss and Shelley are sent into each other causing Shelley to shove Abyss. Watts clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor. Shelley is lifted into the air and down to the mat gut first for a near fall. Abyss pulls the referee out and Watts hit a crossbody to the floor. Siaki connects with a swinging neckbreaker on Shelley, but Goldylcoks gets in the ring and sprays mace into Desire’s eyes! Siaki has Goldy and tries for a suplex, but Shelley makes the save. Erik Watts’ wife rolls into the ring to prevent Goldy from using mace. Siaki gets a rollup on Shelley to win the match. (*1/2. The finish felt a little off and clunky. The feud would appear to be over with and I’m fine with it. I don’t think the feud was all that interesting and I’m surprised they didn’t do more with Goldy controlling the wrestlers. I think it’s just a matter of time before Abyss turns face.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Monty Brown for an interview. Hudson notes that Brown was working together with Jeff Jarrett. Brown acts surprised that the biggest match in TNA history is seven days. Brown says that Jarrett has something that he wants and he will be getting it. Brown says he’s on his own and hunts on his own. Brown was on the hunt when Hardy got involved. Brown says that Jarrett is a liar, but knows that Jarrett is telling the truth about him getting the next title shot. Brown heard Vince Russo on Impact and proceeds to mock Russo. Brown is more than ready and trusts himself and nobody else.

Mike Tenay and Don West talk to Dusty Rhodes in the crowd and he’s acting like he wasn’t the Midnight Rider. Vince Russo comes out and asks Dusty what he’s suppose to do. Russo asks why Dusty continues to step on his authority. Dusty wants a piece of Scott D’Amore next week on PPV. Russo tells Dusty that 3LK would be barred from ringside and Team Canada would be, too. Russo names himself as the special referee for the match. If D’Amore wins then Dusty would have to leave TNA. Dusty promises that if he were to lose then they’d never see his face again. Russo gives Dusty the match and shakes hands before walking off.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles and Ron Killings regarding the street fight coming up next. Styles thinks it’s funny that Kash shows how jealous and bitter he really is. Styles says he’s coming back for the NWA X-Division Championship and warns Petey Williams. Ron Killings talks about being the man that named the building he Asylum. Killings knows what it takes to beat Jeff Jarrett and believes Jeff Hardy will win the NWA World Championship.

Main Event: AJ Styles & Ron Killings vs. Kid Kash & Dallas in a street fight: Styles and Killings attack before the bell and all four men brawl in the ring. Dallas and Kash are sent into each other and Dallas is clotheslined to the floor. Dallas tries for a press slam, but Styles dropkicks Dallas into the crowd. Killings leaps off the top onto Kash and Dallas in the crowd! Kash nails Killings with a chair shot to the face. Killings hammers away on Dallas in the crowd while Kash tosses Styles to the floor in the crowd. Killings is met with a double clothesline in the ring. Kash nails Styles to the floor to keep Killings alone in the ring. Dallas scoop slams Killings followed by a moonsault by Kash for a two count. Styles hammers away on Kash against the ropes. Dallas nails Styles from the floor and Kash connects with a slam. Dallas drives Styles down with a side slam for a two count. Dallas assists Kash on a leg drop, but Styles almost gets a rollup on Kash. Dallas chokes Styles over the apron while Kash sets a table up on the floor. Dallas lays Styles onto the table, but Killings decks Kash to make the save. Styles hammers away on Kash by the announcers table. Killings brawls with Dallas around ringside, as well.

Styles tosses Kash into several chairs in the crowd. Killings hammers away on Dallas outside the ring, as well. Kash gets a chair kicked into his face by Styles. Dallas big boots Styles in the crowd. Killings nails Dallas with a chair shot, but Dallas hit Killings with a chair at the same time. Killings hammers away on Dallas in the bleacher seats. Styles continues to brawl with Kash in the crowd, as well. Styles beats on Dallas hitting a splash against the railing. Kash taunts a woman in the crowd allowing Killings to deliver strikes on the floor. Killings and Dallas go down in the crowd. All four men continue to brawl around ringside. Dallas rams Styles into the ring steps face first. Killings hammers away on Kash after Kash taunted another fan in the front row. Styles chops Dallas several times against the railing. Kash is in the ring and begs off, but is double teamed with a double hip toss. Dallas is worked over as well with strikes. Styles dropkicks Kash after being lifted up by Killings. Dallas is met with a double dropkick. Killings heel kicks Dallas and Styles leaps off the back of Killings to take Dallas down with a hurricanrana. Killings gets a two count on Dallas. Kash and Styles brawl on the floor where Styles sends Kash into the railing back first. Dallas grabs Styles by the throat looking for a chokelsam, but Styles breaks free with a dropkick. Killings hits a scissors kick off the top on Dallas to get the clean win. After the match, Team Canada attacks Killings and Styles. Williams taunts Styles with the championship while Kash punches Styles several times. Styles is put on the top turnbuckle and Kash hits a hurricanrana off the top through the table on the floor. 3LK run into the ring and attack Team Canada. Jeff Hardy comes out with a steel chair and whacks the heels with the chair several times to make the save. Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring and chop blocks Hardy. Jarrett tries for the figure four, but Hardy counters with a Boston Crab, which Tenay calls the Spine Line? The show goes off the air with Jarrett tapping. (**. The match was just mostly brawling and very little street fight vibes to me. I was disappointed by the action, but the aftermath was effective in promoting the title match next week and gives Hardy a submission hold to combat Jarrett’s figure four.)

Final Thoughts:
Overall, it’s a solid show, but the second half isn’t as strong as the first half. I’m looking forward to the final weekly PPV next week. I think they’ve done a good enough job to promote the feuds and blow off the angles next week. If I’m TNA, I’m probably putting the title on Hardy to start their new era, but maybe they’ll drag it out a little longer. We shall see.

Thanks for reading.

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