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WWF Heat 11/19/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/19/2000
From: Tampa, FL

1.) Val Venis defeated Jeff Hardy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We are live at Survivor Series and not at WWF New York. Michael Cole and Tazz highlight the feud between Triple H and Steve Austin, which started last year at Survivor Series where Steve Austin got ran over by a car. Austin was out of action for nearly a year.

2.) The Radicals enter the arena with Eddie Guerrero telling Lilian Garcia she looks great and that Chyna is going to feel some heat and says Garcia would be lucky for him to show her that same heat.

3.) Backstage, the Right To Censor corner Jeff Hardy in the corner and they promise they have some hope for him still. They are trying to convince Jeff to join their cause. Jeff thinks they all have serious problems. Val Venis pushes Jeff against lockers and tells Jeff that he will not allow him to insult what they are doing. Venis challenges Jeff to a match tonight.

4.) A limo arrives and nearly hits Lilian Garcia. It’s Rikishi who says “Relax, you know I’m a good driver.” Garcia doesn’t want to go for a ride so Rikishi suggests she grabs his bags.

5.) Backstage, Coach interviews Rikishi regarding his match with the Rock at Survivor Series. Rikishi says he can stand here today and say he’s proud of what he’s done. Hitting Rock with a sledgehammer and splashing Rock on Smackdown are things he’s proud of. He was happy to see Rock’s blood coming out of his mouth. Rikishi wonders how sick his mind could be if he’s capable of doing what he’s already one. He can do whatever he wants to the Rock.

6.) Backstage, Jeff Hardy goes up to Mick Foley and says he wants Val Venis tonight on Heat. Foley thinks that Jeff is sick and demented to want to wrestle Venis tonight. But, he’ll book it.

7.) Backstage, The Radicals are hanging out. Saturn tells Terri to leave the room so they can change. Terri is a little offended but leaves. I think they were teasing Terri has seen all of them naked before.

8.) Backstage, Coach meets up with Test, Albert & Trish Status. They are competing against Steve Blackman, Crash and Molly. Test isn’t all too worried since Blackman can’t use her weapons and Crash is tiny. Trish isn’t worried about Molly, either.

9.) WWF World Champion Kurt Angle has arrived to the arena and Lilian Garcia is there to interview him. Angle feels like a million dollars despite having never beaten Undertaker in a singles match. Angle says he just has to make one call to ICS to send Garcia out of the country.

10.) Backstage, the Radicals are hanging out and they worry that Steve Austin is at the door, but it’s just Terry. Eddie had a lamp he was going to use.

11.) Backstage, Kevin Kelly is with Billy Gunn, Chyna, Road Dogg and K-Kwik. Gunn says they have them right where they want them. They are ready to fight the Radicals.

12.) WWF European Champion William Regal makes his way out to cut a promo. Regal is quickly cut off by Hardcore Holly. Holly has been out for five months with a broken arm. Holly warns Regal that he’ll stick his arm where it doesn’t belong. Holly hates tea drinking wussies like Regal. Holly tells Regal that he’s going to wrestle him tonight for the WWF European Championship. Holly prevents Regal from speaking. Holly wants Regal to accept his challenge and see just how much Regal likes him after that.

13.) Backstage, Chris Jericho is getting his back worked over due to a chokeslam through the announcers table on Smackdown by Kane.

14.) Backstage, Chris Benoit is on the phone saying “everything is going to be fine.”

15.) Venis shoves Jeff to the mat to start the match to showcase his size advantage. Jeff hammers away on Venis, but Venis counters with strikes in the corner to drop Jeff in the corner followed by stomps. Jeff sends Venis back first into the corner followed by a dropkick to a kneeling Venis. Hardy clotheslines Venis to the floor and takes Val out with a slingshot crossbody. Matt Hardy and the Dudley Boys prevent the RTC, Edge and Christian from getting involved. Venis drops Jeff chest first over the guard railing. Venis continues to work over Jeff as the fans chant that they want tables. Venis drops Jeff with a right hand on the jaw. Venis decks Hardy with another right hand. Venis chokes Hardy over the top rope and lets go after a bit. Hardy comes off the ropes to hit a crossbody, but Venis regains control with a quick clothesline. Jeff punches his way free of Venis and comes off the ropes, but is met with a spinebuster. Venis locks in an abdominal stretch on the mat. Venis chokes Hardy over the middle rope and backs away allowing Goodfather to get a few cheap shots in.

Venis scoop slams Hardy leading to another near fall. Venis keeps a headlock on Jeff, but Jeff fights out quickly and locks in a sleeper of his own. Venis counters with a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Venis argues with the referee on the count. Venis drives Hardy chest first into the corner and continues to chop Jeff. Jeff fires back with right hands until Venis drops Hardy throat first over the top rope. Hardy kicks Venis and runs into a back elbow strike. Hardy boots Venis in the corner and continues with right hands. Hardy clotheslines Venis and connects with a backdrop. Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind and both men are laid out. Hardy gets up first and decks Buchanan off the apron followed by Goodfather. That leads to a massive brawl on the floor, as expected. Venis tries for a suplex, but Hardy counters with a rollup. Steven Richards superkicks Hardy from behind and Venis covers Hardy to get the cheap win. (**. They got plenty of time and they produced an average match with not a lot of excitement. The brawling aspect was predictable, but the fans popped for it so it clearly worked.) After the match, everyone continues to brawl until the faces stand tall.

Final Thoughts:
They touched on quite a bit for Survivor Series and it was an effective lead in for the pay per view. I’d say this added to any excitement there may be for the show.

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