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TNA Impact 7/15/2010

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

A video recapping what happened at Victory Road on Sunday is shown.

The updated top ten rankings are the following:
10.) TNA Global Champion Rob Terry
9.) The Pope
8.) Kurt Angle
7.) Hernandez
6.) AJ Styles
5.) Jay Lethal
4.) Samoa Joe
3.) Mr. Anderson
2.) Jeff Hardy
1.) Abyss

Abyss makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Abyss is carrying something a slab of meat over his shoulder along with his 2z4 with nails in it, which is known as “his girl.” Abyss mentions RVD and says that “they” have a plan for RVD and his girl. That plan is something that RVD hasn’t ever experienced before. It is beyond extreme and something that RVD has never done before. Abyss is waiting for some final instructions. Abyss introduces RVD to his girl, Janice. So, Janice is the 2×4 with nails in it. Abyss calls the 2×4 sexy and smart. However, there’s a dark side to Janice. Abyss beats up the slab of meat with Janice. Abyss starts to eat the raw meat. Abyss notes that Janice is one hell of a cook, too. Abyss says that RVD will realize just how much of a bitch Janice is. (For those unaware, “Janice” is inspired by Janice Carter, owner of Panda Energy and thus owner of Impact Wrestling.”

Backstage, Sarita is attacking Taylor Wilde. Wilde throws a sign at Sarita and continues to brawl.

Opening Contest: Taylor Wilde vs. Sarita in a street fight: Sarita tells Wilde that she’ll always be better than her. Wilde hits Sarita with a chair to the midsection. They brawl towards the photoshoot area. Sarita puts an arm bar on Wilde as the show goes to commercial. Upon returning from commercial, the bell sounds despite they are brawling in the crowd still. Wilde smashes Sarita with a chair shot at ringside. Sarita tosses a water into Wilde’s eyes. Sarita decks Wilde from behind at ringside and delivers a chop to the chest. Sarita rams Wilde face first into the ring steps. Sarita lifts the padding up on the floor. Wilde counters a slam and drives Sarita face first onto the arena floor. Wilde slams the chair down to the ground and continues with strikes at ringside. Wilde chops Sarita a few more times at ringside. Sarita leaps off the apron and is met with a chair shot in midair. Wilde sends Sarita into the ring post shoulder first and into the guard railing. Wilde dropkicks Sarita over the railing into the crowd. Sarita grabs a purse and chokes Wilde over the railing. Tazz notes that you’d get fired in some companies referencing Daniel Bryan. Sarita chokes Wilde out and wins the match as the referee calls for the bell. (*1/2. I like that the match was a complete brawl and they never once entered the ring. It was a little repetitive, but I didn’t mind the action.)

Backstage, TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam is walking and says he doesn’t get scared by Abyss and wants to see if Abyss will be ready to use it tonight.

Backstage, Ms. Tessmacher is on the phone saying she’ll fire someone as soon as she gets power. Kevin Nash enters the room and is looking for Bischoff. Nash says there’s nothing she can help with him after a brief hesitation. Nash returns and says that at 10pm he;’ll be the last man tonight.

Second Contest: TNA X-Division Champion Doug Williams vs. Brian Kendrick in an I Quit match: This is a non-title match. Kendrick goes right after Williams with kicks to the legs. Kendrick kicks Williams to avoid a backdrop, but Williams goes to the ropes. Kendrick misses a boot and Williams delivers a kick over the middle rope followed by a clothesline. Williams forearms Kendrick to the mat and puts a chin lock on Kendrick, but doesn’t get a submission. Kendrick hammers away on Williams in the corner. Williams forearms Kendrick to the mat and continues to try for submissions, but Kendrick doesn’t give up. Kendrick tries for a sleeper, but Williams rams Kendrick into the corner. Kendrick battles back with strikes in the corner. Williams leg legs Kendrick and catapults Kendrick into the mat. Williams locks in a single leg crab, but Kendrick reaches the ropes. Williams knee lifts Kendrick in the corner and hits a snap suplex. Williams tosses Kendrick overhead with an exploder, but Kendrick doesn’t give in. Williams slaps Kendrick with climbing gloves, which he used at the PPV. Williams uppercuts Kendrick into the ropes. Kendrick fights back and delivers a jumping kick. Kendrick forearms and dropkicks Williams. Kendrick hits a missile dropkick and locks in a full nelson. Williams breaks free, but misses a knee strike in the corner. Kendrick locks in the cobra clutch submission. Williams is forced to submit. (*1/2. The constant asking by the referee after basic moves was rather annoying. It should have been kept to only when a submission was put on. The match wasn’t too bad, though. Kendrick has to be the champion at some point.) After the match, Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring to grab a microphone. Kendrick doesn’t look thrilled. Nash grabs Kendrick and delivers a chokeslam. Nash is tired of Hogan and Bischoff dodging him and can’t believe that he can’t get TV time. Nash says there will be only person like him. Nash suggests that he’ll have to take out a few of the young guys to get their attention.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and cuts off Nash’s attempt to hurting Kendrick some more. Jarrett tells Nash that this is the last thing they need and notes Sting’s suspension. Nash asks why Jarrett is out here to begin with. Jarrett tells Nash that he has an issue with Bischoff and Hogan, just like Sting did. Nash came out to get Bischoff and Hogan’s attention. Jarrett knows that Nash wants everyone’s attention. Jarrett thinks that Nash is a glory hound and an egotistical SOB. Nash doesn’t like that and says that some would say he’s the greatest worker of all time. Nash always gets his money. Nash isn’t sure that Jarrett’s blue eyes fool him. Nash wonders why Jarrett is taking up for Hogan and Bischoff. Nash wants Jarrett to stay tuned and find out who gets their way.

Backstage, Kevin Nash is interviewed and talks about Jarrett being sent home but is defending them upon his return. Nash doesn’t think it adds up. Nash believes he’ll have the answers by 10pm tonight.

Third Contest: TNA Global Champion Rob Terry vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe in a non-title match: Magnus joins the commentary team at the start of the match. Joe jabs Wolfe a few times and Terry delivers a strike. Joe kicks Wolfe through the ropes to the floor. Joe and Terry trade forearm strikes. Terry drops Joe with a strike, but Joe takes Terry down to the mat with a leg bar, but Wolfe enters to elbow drop Joe. Joe chops Wolfe a few times to get the advantage. Wolfe yanks Joe down to the mat by his arm. Joe rolls to the floor to regroup. Wolfe works over Terry in the corner with strikes and a stomp to the knee over the middle rope. Wolfe taunts the fans and kicks Joe away on the floor. Wolfe continues with strikes on Terry in the corner. Terry shoves Wolfe away and is met with a running uppercut. Wolfe kisses at Chelsea and dumps Joe to the floor. Wolfe knee drops Terry’s knee over the middle rope. Wolfe kicks Terry on the mat and delivers a spinning toe hold. Wolfe shoulder rams Joe off the apron to the floor. Wolfe is tossed away by Terry followed by clotheslines. Terry backdrops Wolfe coming off the ropes. Terry nails Wolfe with a high spin kick. Joe leaps off the top to connect with a boot. Joe locks in a rear naked choke and forces Wolfe to submit for the win. (*1/4. I found myself not caring about this match whatsoever. I’m glad that Joe won as he needs some sort of direction or push. I can see him possibly going for the Legends Championship with this win.) After the match, Joe pats Terry on the back as if to give him an endorsement.

Backstage, Ric Flair is going to have an announcement that will send TNA spiraling bigger and bigger.

There’s a contract for a match stipulation hanging for the ladder match coming up next. Thus, whomever wins they will choose the next stipulation.

Fourth Contest: TNA Tag Team Champions Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin vs. Bobby Roode & James Storm in a ladder match in the first match of a best of five series: Roode and Storm attack before the bell for the cheap advantage. Shelley is double teamed in the corner after Sabin is sent to the floor. Shelley holds onto the ropes and forearms both men, but is met with a double boot to the gut. Sabin saves Shelley from a suplex and they hit a double dropkick. Guns hit stereo dives to the floor to take out Beer Money. Sabin grabs the ladder and sets it up trying to retrieve the contract, but Storm yanks Sabin off. Roode works over Shelley in the corner. Storm sets a ladder up in the corner, but Shelley delivers a kick in the corner. Shelley leg sweeps Roode and follows up with a double kick with Sabin. Roode is sent into the ladder and splashed. Sabin misses a splash hitting the ladder. Storm takes Shelley down with a side Russian leg sweep and Roode connects with a knee drop. Sabin is sent groin first into the ladder in the corner. Storm sets the ladder up again and begins to climb, but is stopped by Shelley. Roode sends the ladder into Shelley’s face. Roode begins to climb the ladder, but Shelley stops Roode with forearms.

Storm jabs Shelley in the midsection with the ladder. Storm tosses a second ladder into the ring and they slam the ladder onto Shelley, who has a ladder laying on top of him. Sabin missile dropkicks the ladder into Beer Money. Shelley double stomps the ladder onto Beer Money. Sabin rams the ladder into Storm in the corner, and messes up running up the ladder to deliver a knee strike. Roode turns Sabin inside out with a clothesline. Roode sets the ladder up and begins to climb, but Shelley hits Roode with a ladder. Shelley lays the ladder over the bottom rope, but Roode tries for a suplex. Guns hit a double team bulldog sending Roode face first onto the ladder. Storm pulls Sabin to the floor and Shelley nearly wins the match, but Storm pushes the ladder over and hits a Backstabber. Storm sits Sabin on the top turnbuckle looking for a suplex. Sabin blocks and Storm is stuck in a tree of woe. Sabin dropkicks the ladder into Storm’s face. Roode stops Sabin with a backbreaker. Shelley dumps Roode to the apron and Sabin dropkicks Roode off the apron onto a ladder. Shelley double stomps Roode and dives onto Storm. Sabin hits a slingshot splash into Roode on the ladder!

Storm shoves the ladder into Shelley. Sabin tries to climb up the ladder, but Storm meets Sabin at the top of the ladder trading strikes. Shelley sends Roode into the ladder and Storm falls to the floor. The referee is knocked to the floor as Roode and Sabin trade strikes on the top of the ladder. Sabin knocks Roode to the floor. Sabin has grabbed the contract, but Storm hits Sabin with a beer bottle and grabs the contract. The referee sees Storm with the contract and awards the match to Beer Money. (***1/4. It’s a good TV match with the match getting plenty of time to deliver. That was quite refreshing to see them get so much time and be able to put forth a quality match. The finish was a little lackluster as I feel like a cheap finish isn’t really necessary.)

Backstage, Abyss is using Janice to destroy a watermelon and is eating the melon off of Janice.

Fifth Contest: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan: Morgan misses a strike in the corner, but Dinero doesn’t followup on the advantage. Dinero kicks Morgan on the knee followed by a dropkick. Morgan stops Dinero with a toss into the corner. Morgan connects with a series of elbow strikes in the corner. Morgan kicks Dinero a few times but misses a clothesline. Dinero wiggles free from a suplex and dropkicks Morgan into the ropes. Dinero delivers a Codebreaker and wins the match. (NR. Uh, what. That was quick.) After the match, Morgan attacks Dinero and hits a fallaway slam. Morgan nails Dinero with the Carbon Footprint to send Dinero to the floor. Morgan puts Dinero’s head against the ring post, but Mr. Anderson comes out to make the save with a chair. Anderson rolls Dinero into the ring. Anderson wants to share the beatdown, but turns on Morgan and works over Morgan in the corner to send Morgan to the floor. Anderson offers his hand to Dinero, but Dinero isn’t interested. Dinero does do a head nod, though.

Backstage, Lacey Von Erich is talking with Velvet Sky saying that Madison Rayne could have a good explanation for her actions. Velvet is livid about Rayne adding a fourth member without even asking them. Velvet promises to put her foot up Rayne’s ass tonight.

In the ring, Madison Rayne is upset about the decision at Victory Road. Rayne is upset with referee Andrew Thomas for stripping her of the TNA Knockouts Championship. Rayne notes that the stipulation was if Velvet or Lacey interfered then Angelina would win the championship. That didn’t happen and demands that within seven days of right now the decision is reversed. Rayne will sue TNA for every penny if that doesn’t happen.

Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich make their way down to the ring to confront Rayne. Sky is mad that Rayne would bring someone new into their group without their approval or even telling them about it. Sky asks what is wrong with Rayne. Rayne says that Sky has been taking her dumb blonde pills again. Rayne did what she had to do and put matters in her own hands. Sky thinks that Rayne overdosed on hers. Sky wants Rayne to explain why she doesn’t need them anymore. Rayne will gladly explain it to Sky. Sky wants to kick Rayne’s ass right now. TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love comes out to the aisle. Love doesn’t know who acts worse the ladies on the Hills or the ladies in the ring. Love doesn’t buy what Sky is talking about. Love knows that it was Sky on the motorcycle because of the fake boobs. Sky denies that accusation. Sky has never been more insulted and says that the girl has a dumpy ass, which couldn’t be her. Sky points at Rayne and says that Love can have Rayne. Love walks out on the segment walking past Love and says that Rayne is all hers. Rayne wants Love to come to the ring and return the belt to her. Love enters the ring and Rayne forearms Love. That naturally leads to a brawl between the two of them. The mysterious woman on a motorcycle comes out and attacks Love. She’s wearing an oversized helmet while choking Love in the corner. Rayne slides a chair into the ring. Rayne plants Love with a DDT onto a steel chair. Rayne hops onto the bike and drives off with the mysterious woman,

Backstage, Jeff Hardy puts over Jay Lethal for his win at the PPV. However, the question tonight is can Lethal defeat Jeff Hardy.

Main Event: Jay Lethal vs. Jeff Hardy: They shake hands to show mutual respect for each other. Hardy shoulder blocks Lethal and counters a catapult with a leg drop for a two count. Hardy sends Lethal into the corner and is dumped to the apron. Lethal springboard dropkicks Hardy to the floor. Lethal takes Hardy out with a suicide dive. We see Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Raven walking in the crowd. Lethal rolls Hardy into the ring for a two count. Hardy kicks Lethal and tries for the Twist of Fate, but Lethal counters with a dropkick for a near fall. Hardy takes Lethal out with Whisper In The Wind. They trade a few strikes and chops. Hardy nails Lethal with a short arm clothesline and an atomic drop. Hardy connects with a seated dropkick for a two count. Lethal kicks Hardy away in the corner and goes to the apron. Lethal waits on the apron hitting a springboard missile dropkick for a near fall. Lethal tries for Lethal Combination, but Hardy counters with Twist of Fate. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb to win the match. (*. What is the point of this booking? Lethal gets the biggest win of his career on PPV and then does a clean job for Hardy in under five minutes? Did Hardy really need this kind of win? Why are we going to cut Lethal’s momentum already? The action was fine for the short time, but this kind of booking is very frustrating for a talent like Lethal.)

Backstage, Abyss is walking with Janice.

In the ring, Ric Flair is with AJ Styles and Kazarian for a special announcement. Flair says that Styles and Kazarian are the first two members of Fortune. Flair puts them both over when Desmond Wolfe makes his way down to the ring. Wolfe knows that Americans don’t like to give British any credit. Wolfe thinks he deserves to be in Fortune. Wolfe tells Flair to listen to him. Abyss makes his way out to join the segment. Abyss runs Fortune out of the ring. Abyss calls out TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam.

RVD makes his way out to confront Abyss. As RVD gets closer to ring, Abyss backs off and puts Janice down in the corner. Abyss says it is time to share the plans that “they” have for RVD. Abyss says when they get here they will take TNA over and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. They have asked him to pave the way for them. Abyss has been told to get the TNA World Championship off of RVD. They have laid out a blueprint for Abyss. Abyss says they are going to hang Janice above the ring and they are going to have the most extreme match in wrestling history. They are going to use whatever RVD wants in the match. Abyss says that Janice wants a piece of RVD’s ass. Abyss says the only thing left is the when and the where. Abyss wants to get extreme with RVD. RVD snatches the microphone and says he’s going to try and not take it personal. RVD says that the championship is his and he likes to set the standards. RVD proceeds to deck Abyss and a few kicks. RVD dropkicks Abyss followed by a knee strike. RVD nails Abyss with a spinning heel kick. RVD hammers away on Abyss in the corner. Abyss blocks a catapult and big boots RVD in the corner. Abyss plants RVD with a chokeslam.

Mick Foley appears at the top of the aisle, who hasn’t been seen in months since Bischoff fired him. Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Richards and Rhino slide into the ring and attack Abyss! TNA security run into the ring and they are taken out by the former ECW guys. The locker room empties trying to help, but they are thrown out, as well. The TNA locker room is failing to get any offense on the former ECW wrestlers. Dreamer decks Pat Kenney to the apron. D’Lo Brown, Al Snow and Kenney are getting physically involved. Lethal comes out and brawls with Snow. Snow is helping the ECW guys. Brother Devon comes out and helps ECW guys, too. Jeff Jarrett runs into the ring and tries to get control. Police officers come into the ring and try to get some order. Dixie Carter gets on the microphone and demands that they stop. Dixie reveals that she invited them. Everyone is shocked to hear this to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
For the most part, I enjoyed the show. The ladder match was a lot of fun for a TV match and the closing segment was interesting. The booking in some spots is truly baffling. I don’t understand the loss for Lethal here, but it’s to be expected. I want to understand the ECW guys coming in and literally destroying the entire locker room. But, it’s 2010 and it’s guys like Dreamer, Raven, Richards and Rhino. These same guys that had been presented as midcard acts in various promotions for the last handful of years. I’m not sure if I can really get there to buy them as some kind of serious threat to TNA. I’m not even sure why Dixie would invite them if they are wanting to destroy her own company. So, those questions will have to be addressed next week or some time soon. Anyway, I thought it was a decent overall episode of Impact this time around.

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