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OVW TV 4/20/2002

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Leviathan defeated Sean O’Haire
2.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damaja & Doug Basham defeated Flash & Trailer Park Trash, Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin, and Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway in an elimination match to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier today, Synn says she’s heard everyone talking about how she’s managed Leviathan. She reveals that Leviathan needs to defeat Sean O’Haire and he’ll get a rematch against the Prototype for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

2.) O’Haire and Leviathan trade shoves followed by right hands with Leviathan getting the advantage and delivers a big boot for a two count. Leviathan delivers a knee strike and a right hand to maintain the advantage. Leviathan leg sweeps O’Haire for a two count. O’Haire fights back with right hands, but runs into a spinebuster. Leviathan misses a spear and hits the ring post shoulder first. O’Haire lifts Leviathan up with a fireman carry suplex for a two count. O’Haire works over Leviathan with strikes in the corner and locks in a cross arm bar. O’Haire sends Leviathan into the corner, but misses a splash. Leviathan clotheslines O’Haire and hits an inverted stunner for a two count. O’Haire ducks a clothesline, but runs into the referee. Synn gets on the apron and has mace, but sprays Leviathan on accident. O’Haire nearly wins following a spin kick and argues with the referee. Leviathan spears O’Haire and wins the match. (*1/4. It wasn’t awful, but it felt a little clunky and rushed. I’m getting a vibe that Synn will be turning on Leviathan at some point.)

3.) Jim Cornette interviews the Revolution and Johnny Spade in the ring. Cornette tells Spade that he had no reason to be in the ring last week. Spade tells Cornette to calm down and insults Cornette’s lack of intelligence. Spade puts over Basham for finding some loopholes. Spade hands Cornette a paper to read for the fans. Cornette reads it and it says that any wrestler suspended can get a hearing from the athletic commission. Spade didn’t get his meeting in the proper timeframe and thus he’s back in OVW. Cornette reminds them that they are in a four way elimination tag match for their tag titles. Cornette says that the three teams they are wrestling don’t like them. Basham says they are still in control and they are going to sweeten the pot. Damaja declares they are putting the tag titles on the line in the match now. They are going to prove why they are the revolutionary force in wrestling. Cornette realizes they are making the teams against each other and not just against them. Basham says they are equipped to handle any situation. Victoria chimes in and says they are both well equipped.

4.) Backstage, Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin cut a promo saying they fought long and hard for this tag title opportunity. They are only looking out for each other. Nidia chimes in and promises to take care of Victoria if she decides to get involved in the match.

5.) At Six Flags, Jim Cornette interviewed Ric Flair asking him about the OVW talent. Flair puts over the OVW talent and thinks there is a future for the talent in OVW. Flair thinks there is a lot of opportunity especially with the brand split. Cornette asks if Flair will draft OVW talent for the draft. Flair says that he will be looking at OVW wrestlers to get them on his brand.

6.) Footage of Kenny Bolin and OVW Heavyweight Champion The Prototype attending a meeting with a billionaire. Bolin promises that this is going to put Bolin Services on the map. Bolin tells Prototype to not do anything stupid. Prototype bumps into Mark Cuban and calls him a dork. Bolin brings Cuban into the room and introduces Prototype. Prototype tries to do damage control and Cuban wanted to meet Leviathan. Cuban is throwing Bolin under the bus ad Bolin is denying that he said anything about Leviathan. Prototype can’t believe that Cuban never heard of him and he’s a billionaire. Bolin hopes that everything is good between him and Cuban. Cuban thought that Prototype was an usher. Bolin says that Prototype will beat guys like the Rock and Steve Austin. Prototype continues to insult Cuban calling him a dork. Prototype says that he can be the greatest athlete no matter the money. Prototype says things will be done his way once they realize how good he is. Cuban and Prototype shake hands. Bolin is happy with the meeting and thinks they will takeover in short time. Bolin looks forward to move the company to Dallas.

7.) Backstage, Flash and Trailer Park Trash cut a promo. They talk about the potential for them to win the tag titles. They will shake hands after the match, but Flash isn’t going to do that. Flash tells them they better be ready to go through hell for the titles.

8.) Backstage, Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway cut a promo about the tag title match. Dinsmore says they want the tag titles. Conway tells the other teams to take the Revolution out first and then there will be new champions. They will do whatever it takes to get the belts back.

9.) Dismore and Trash kickoff the tag main event. Trash almost pins Dinsmore with a rollup in the opening seconds of the match. Disnmore keeps a wrist lock on Trash for a few moments. Trash shoulder blocks Dinsmore and puts a headlock on. Dinsmore gains control on the mat. Conway tag into the match and keeps a wrist lock Trash before going for a few pin attempts. Trash can’t keep Conway down on the mat. Trash knee lifts Conway and tags in Flash. Conway drop toe holds Flash and they end up un the corner where Benjamin blocks a punch by Flash . Benjamin tags in and Flash hammers away on Benjamin. Benjamin atomic drops Flash to gain the advantage. Flash decks Basham on the apron and that is a tag into the match. Benjamin tosses Basham into the ring and arm drags Basham. Benjamin hammers away on Basham a few times. Benjamin arm drags Basham to the mat and keeps control of the contest. Disnmore tags in and clotheslines Basham to the mat followed by chops. Dinsmore backdrops Basham coming off the ropes. Basham tags in Conway causing Dinsmore and Conway to square off. They run the ropes and tag in the tag champs at the same time.

Dogg tags in and Basham ducks a lockup to tag in Flash. Flash keeps a headlock on Dogg and tags in Dinsmore. Dogg counters a wrist lock on Dinsmore, but that doesn’t last long. Dogg powerslams Dinsmore coming off the ropes for a two count. Dinsmore backdrops Dogg and Flash hits a blockbuster off the top to pin Dinsmore for the first elimination! Dinsmore tosses Flash with a German suplex to allow Damaja to pin Flash for the second elimination. So, we’re already down to two teams. Revolution vs. Dogg & Benjamin as the show goes to commercial.

Benjamin and Damaja are in the ring with Benjamin hitting a clothesline for a two count. Dogg enters the match and ducks a clothesline to jab Damaja a few times. Damaja misses a discus right and Dogg decks Damaja to the mat for a two count. Damaja eye rakes Dogg. Dogg hip tosses Basham and misses a clothesline. Dogg powerslams Basham to the mat for a near fall. Dogg pummels Basham in the corner a few times. Dogg clotheslines Basham a few times in the corner and hits a bulldog for a near fall. Damaja decks Dogg with a clothesline for a near fall after making a blind tag. Damaja keeps control witha. Right hand and chokes Dogg on the mat. Basham stomps on Dogg in the corner a few times and taunts Benjamin. Dogg is clotheslined by the champs and is nearly pinned by Damaja. Damaja chokes Dogg over the ropes and sends Dogg backwards to the mat. Basham chokes Dogg while taunting the fans. Basham comes off the ropes with a leg drop for a two count, but Benjamin makes the save. Damaja elbows Dogg a few times and scoop slams Dogg to the mat. Damaja waits for Dogg to get up and signals for the Brain Damage. Dogg low blows Damaja to break free. Benjamin tags in and cleans house with strikes. Benjamin hits a spinning elbow and a spinebuster to Basham. Benjamin superkicks Basham for a two count as Damaja made the save. All four men are in the ring, but Victoria low blows Benjamin. Nidia and Victoria brawl to the floor. Basham has the cover, but Benjamin kicks out at two. Benjamin backdrops Basham and decks Spade off the apron. Basham got a chain from Spade and decks Benjamin with the chain to win the match and retain the titles. After the match, Nidia and Victoria continue to fight. Dogg enters the ring to deck Basham with the chain. Referees try to get involved, but they are tossed aside. (**3/4. I like the idea of Benjamin and Dogg being the next challengers for the Revolution’s tag titles. Their segment together was enjoyable and held my interest. I’m sure Nidia and Victoria would be able to feud, as well. Conway and Dinsmore should probably be in the main event picture moving forward.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode this week as they kept the show simple and it flowed very well. They promoted the tag main event very well and I thought Prototype was fantastic in his segment with Cuban.

Thanks for reading.

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