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WWF Heat 11/26/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/26/2000
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1.) Edge defeated Al Snow
2.) WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn defeated Hardy Boys
3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather defeated Too Cool to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier today, Chyna arrived to WWF Network as she will be special guest host.

2.) Chyna appears on the stage to address the crowd and she gets a strong reaction from the crowd. Chyna remembers that she ripped her skirt the last time she was on MTV and decided to do it on her own this time. Chyna tells the crowd she use to be a dancer and shows off her moves, which is basically just turning around. Chyna assures the crowd she was not an exotic dancer, but she would take a dollar. She was a belly dancer and had a snake until she was bitten and that ended that experiment. Chyna has a lot fo self respect and that confidence allowed her to pose nude for Playboy. The crowd would love to have Chyna as their personal trainer. Chyna says she’s gonna be a personal trainer for someone in the crowd tonight. Chyna picks a guy wearing a black jacket.

3.) Snow and Edge trade hammerlocks until Snow gets control with an arm drag and stomps on the left arm. Edge works over Snow with strikes in the corner, but Snow fires back with right hands. Snow is clean shaven and it’s a little weird. Snow hits a back suplex for a near fall. Snow comes off the ropes to clothesline Edge and Christian grabs his foot. Snow chases Christian on the floor and that allows Edge to spear Snow on the floor. Edge gets a two count back in the ring. Edge stops Snow with right hands in the corner. Edge continues with a rolling neck snap for a near fall. Snow hammers away on Edge and delivers a kick to the side of Edge’s head. Snow decks Edge with right hands and a clothesline. Snow gets distracted by Christian again. Edge eye rakes Snow and accidentally elbows the referee. Snow hits a sit out powerbomb on Edge and goes to Head. Christian tosses Head to Edge, but Snow ducks and nearly wins with a German suplex. Snow nails Christian with Head and Edge yanks Snow down with the Edge-O-Matic for the victory. (*1/2. It was a decent match, but too much involvement from Christian for my liking. Edge should be able to win this match without help from his brother. Also, Snow needs to keep the facial hair.)

4.) Backstage, Chyna is with Donta Jones (comedian Patrice O’Neal) and O’Neal just wants to get right to the workout. Donta is flirting with Chyna big time and Chyna doesn’t seem all that interested but is being nice.

5.) Backstage, Chyna is helping Donta trying to touch his toes, but he can’t do it. Chyna gives Donta small weights and Donta is having a tough time with them, too.

6.) Malenko and Matt Hardy start off the tag match trading wrist locks in the early moments of the match. Malenko drop toe holds Matt face first into the middle turnbuckle. Saturn tags in and works over Matt in the corner with strikes and stomps. Matt ducks a clothesline and drops Saturn with a right hand. Jeff tags in and takes Saturn over with a double vertical suplex. They slam Malenko to the mat, too. Jeff head scissors Saturn and hits the Whisper In The Wind. Saturn nails Jeff with a strike and Malenko tags in. Saturn pulls Jeff to the floor and Malenko gets a cheap shot before returning to the ring. Jeff hits a springboard middle rope clothesline to nail Malenko. Matt gets tagged in and decks Malenko with a few right hands and a backdrop. Matt drops Saturn with a flapjack and a bulldog. Matt tries for the Twist of Fate, but Malenko hits Matt from behind. Malenko locks in the Texas Cloverleaf on Matt, but Jeff bulldogs Malenko. Hardy’s hit the Poetry In Motion on Malenko in the corner and Jeff sends Saturn to the floor with a head scissors. Malenko misses a clothesline and Matt hits a back suplex. Matt hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count on Malenko. Jeff runs the railing and clotheslines Saturn on the floor. Matt plants Malenko with the Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton Bomb by Jeff. Terri gets on the apron and Saturn comes off the top to nail Matt with an elbow drop. Lita decks Terri while Malenko pins Matt for the win! (**1/4. An average tag match that didn’t seem to have a lot of heat attached to it. They worked well together and the finish allows them to run this again at some point.)

7.) Backstage, Chyna is working out with Donta again. Donta was checking her out and not paying attention.

8.) In the kitchen, Tazz is plugging a fake video that he has and says he’s working people out just like Chyna. Tazz is bullying the workers at WWF New York. Tazz put the Tazz Mission on the waiter for fun.

9.) Stephanie McMahon provides some comments regarding what happened on RAW. She had announced her attempts to have a child with Triple H only for Steve Austin to threaten her. She tried to end the issues before it ended in tragedy. Instead, she was embarrassed by Austin. Stephanie says they had a rotten Thanksgiving due to the issues with Steve Austin. HHH was in a bad mood that half the guests left the dinner was served. Stephanie is bitter that Austin ruined their Thanksgiving. Triple H rewatched what happened at Survivor Series where Austin dropped HHH’s car 40ft in the air to the ground. Stephanie reveals they are putting their family plans on hold to allow Triple H to get revenge on Austin. Stephanie suggests that Austin watch out both above his head and by his feet. They are bringing Austin to the depths of hell.

10.) Backstage, Chyna is still with Donta and she’s huffing. Donta just wants to go on a date with Chyna. Chyna says she’ll go on a date with Donta if he finishes her workout. Donta does fifty jumping jacks.

11.) Hotty and Buchanan start the match with Buchanan delivering a few strikes. Hotty ducks a clothesline and dances. Hotty hammers away on Buchanan and counters a press slam. Buchanan kicks Hotty allowing Goodfather to deliver a big boot coming off the ropes. Goodfather scoop slams Hotty and misses an elbow drop. Sexay tags in and Too Cool hit a double elbow drop. Sexay boots Goodfather in the corner and connects with a DDT for a two count. Sexay decks Buchanan on the apron and grabs Ivory on the floor by her hair. Goodfather drops Sexay with a strike and chokes Sexay over the ropes. Buchanan takes Sexay down with a swinging neckbreaker. Goodfather returns to the match and yanks Sexay down to the mat with Bull. Goodfather scoop slams Sexay and heads to the middle rope missing a splash as Sexay got his knees up. Buchanan and Hotty get tagged in with Hotty getting the upper hand with a superkick for a tow count. Goodfather enters and Sexay hits a missile dropkick. Goodfather is clotheslined to the floor while Hotty plants Buchanan with a bulldog. Sexay slingshots Ivory into the ring and Hotty delivers a bulldog to her. Hotty proceeds to hit the Worm on Ivory. Buchanan slides back in and low blows Hotty from behind. Buchanan drives Hotty down with an over the shoulder backbreaker for the win. (**. Some decent action throughout with the expected result. Too Cool seems to have lost some steam on their act and are being positioned as the job guys of the division at this point.)

Final Thoughts:
A fine overall episode for Heat as there was a noteworthy promo by Stephanie and some decent wrestling as well.

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