WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/6/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

1.) Virgil defeated Skinner
2.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Barry Horowitz
2.) The Berzerker defeated The Barbarian by count-out
3.) Nasty Boys defeated the Rockers
4.) The Warlord defeated Greg Valentine

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Slick, Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan are on the panel this week. They promote the Royal Rumble match taking place on January 19th. Bobby Heenan has a New Year Resolution and believes that Ric Flair is a man to look up to and he’ll become the champion at Royal Rumble.

2.) Virgil vs. Skinner is from the November 30th, 1991 MSG show that can be read HERE.

3.) Vince asks if Jack Tunney made a fair decision to allow Hogan and Taker to pick numbers between 20 and 30 for the Rumble. Monsoon doesn’t think its unfair because Flair got involved in their match. Monsoon thinks that Flair should have gotten the first entrant in the Rumble. Mr. Perfect thinks that’s fine because nobody has done it before and believes that Flair would be the kind of guy to achieve that feat. Slick believes the WWF President made the right decision.

4.) Bret starts off with a side headlock to control Horowitz. Hart shoulder blocks Horowitz and keeps an arm bar on Horowitz. Bret keeps a hammerlock on Horowitz, but Horowitz counters for a moment. Bret regains control, but Horowitz breaks free and they run the ropes until Bret delivers an atomic drop and clothesline off the ropes. Bret signals for the Sharpshooter, but settles for a kick to the lower midsection. Horowitz knee lifts Hart a few times and delivers an elbow to the midsection. Horowitz comes off the ropes to whiplash Bret to the mat and follows up with a leg drop. Horowitz gets a rollup on Bret for a two count. Horowitz drives Bret down to the mat face first and taunts the fans. Horowitz eye rakes Hart and rams Bret face first into the corner. Horowitz sends Hart into the corner back first, but misses a splash and hits the corner chest first. Hart delivers a backbreaker and comes off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop. Hart locks in the Sharpshooter and wins the match. (*1/2. This is not the same match that aired on Superstars, so Horowitz is 0 for 2 against Bret in just a few days. It’s a fine extended squash match with Horowitz not really getting much effective offense in on Bret. Bret makes even the most obvious match outcomes entertaining.)

5.) A vignette promoting Chris Chavis is aired. Chavis talks about a river and says that it is his lifeblood. Chavis must become the river and carry the scared wisdom to all nations.

6.) Berzerker has a strap and tries to hit Barbarian, but Barbarian blocks the swings with his jacket. Berzerker continually yells Huss at Barbarian, but is met with a few chops and strikes. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and run the ropes. They both attempt shoulder blocks, but neither man drops. Berzerker big boots Barbarian to the mat and plays to the crowd. Berzerker manages a two count and stomps on Barbarian a few times. Barbarian big boots Berzerker to the mat. Berzerker works over Barbarian with a few strikes and misses a splash in the corner. Barbarian sends Berzerker back first into the corner and delivers a shoulder block. Barbarian misses a second shoulder block attempt in the corner. They trade a few blows with Barbarian getting the advantage and nails Berzerker with a clothesline. Fuji trips Barbarian with his cane and Barbarian stalks Fuji on the floor. The referee ends up counting Barbarian out and Berzerker wins the match. After the match, Berzerker avoids a cane shot and bails to the floor. (DUD. Two heels working each other and literally only doing strikes made this a boring match that nobody benefited from whatsoever.)

7.) Vince McMahon suggests that Barbarian or Berzerker could become the WWF World Champion. The panel talks about Randy Savage and Jake Roberts being in the Rumble match. Heenan doesn’t think that Savage will be able to focus on the title with Roberts involved in the match. Slick thinks they need to put their personal vendetta to the side and whomever does that will win the title.

8.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Elizabeth and Randy Savage. Savage talks about the chance of becoming the next WWF World Champion at the Royal Rumble. Savage has been to the top of the mountain and he wants to go back to the top of the mountain because he can see better from up there. Savage says there are no friends at the Rumble. Savage doesn’t care who the wrestler is because it is every man for themselves. Savage doesn’t want anything more than to be the WWF World Champion. That is except for getting his hands on Jake Roberts again. Savage promises to get Roberts. Elizabeth chimes in and says she almost feels sorry for Roberts. Savage believes that Roberts will be history. Elizabeth hopes to hear that Savage is the next WWF World Champion at the Rumble. (This was aired on Superstars originally.)

9.) Vince McMahon asks Mr. Perfect why he’s not competing in the Royal Rumble match. Perfect says his contract prevents him from wrestling against Ric Flair. Bobby Heenan wrote the contract and McMahon is teasing issues amongst the group. Perfect doesn’t look too happy. Heenan notes that the World Championship wasn’t involved in the match before and seems to be making progress with Perfect. McMahon notes that Perfect may never get a chance to win the championship ever again. Perfect is left thinking about what is going on while Heenan is panicking.

10.) Back to the panel after Repo Man’s match, Heenan is off to the side trying to smooth things over with Mr. Perfect. The panel talk about the tension between Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. McMahon wonders what would happen if the Nasty Boys have to wrestle each other. Slick doesn’t think the bond is tight between Sags and Knobbs. Heenan is still not stressing about the issue with Perfect that’s going on right now.

11.) The Rockers/Nasty Boys match is from the November 30th, 1991 MSG show that can be read HERE.

12.) Back to the panel, McMahon talks about the issue between Heenan and Perfect that he caused today. McMahon suggests that Heenan has a bonus for Flair winning. Perfect asks if Heenan looked over his contract before he signed it. Heenan is freaking out and falls out of his chair.

13.) The match between Warlord and Greg Valentine is joined in progress, which makes me think the match is not very good. Warlord sent Valentine into the ring post and keeps control with strikes to the lower back. Warlord locked in a bearhug, but Valentine doesn’t look to submit. Valentine breaks free and clotheslines Warlord, but misses an elbow drop. Warlord kicks Valentine in the midsection and drives Valentine into the corner back first. Warlord rams Valentine into the corner face first. Warlord drives Valentine down with a backbreaker for a two count. Warlord goes back to a bearhug, but Valentine doesn’t give in. Valentine elbows free from Warlord and comes of the ropes dropping Warlord with an overhand strike. Valentine is fired up and chops Warlord a few times. Warlord knee lifts Valentine to stop his momentum. Warlord misses a splash and Valentine almost wins with a rollup. Valentine tries for a slam, but Warlord lands on top and wins the match. (NR. It was joined in progress, but I can say that what was shown was not all that great. Warlord has a great look, but he’s just not very good in the ring.)

14.) Vince McMahon continues to mention that Mr. Perfect can’t win the Rumble and become WWF World Champion. McMahon makes a joke about calling the Hulk Hogan hotline to win a prize, if his contract allows it.

15.) They aired the Barber Shop with Sid from Challenge and the vignette of DiBiase and Sherri going to El Matador childhood home to promote their feud.

16.) Mr. Perfect declares that if there are issues between himself and Heenan that they will take care of it internally. Looks like they smoothed things over. McMahon notes that Heenan has a big money deal for hosting Up All Night. Perfect gets upset about this, as well. McMahon loves to stir the pot.

Final Thoughts:
Action wise the show isn’t very good, but the promotion for the Rumble is going well. They inserted the key segments from the syndication shows. So, I think it was a decent overall show and they are doing a fine job hyping up the PPV.

Thanks for reading.

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