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WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/12/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Corpus Christi, TX

1.) The Undertaker defeated Scott Bazo
2.) Owen Hart & Jime Neidhart defeated Dusty Daze & Unknown
3.) The Berzerker defeated Unknown by count-out
4.) Roddy Piper defeated Louie Spicolli
5.) Jake Roberts defeated Larry Ludden

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) During the Undertaker’s match, Paul Bearer and Taker cut a pre-tape promo. Bearer says they are preparing to cremate 29 other bodies at the Royal Rumble. Taker didn’t say a word.

2.) There’s another vignette promoting the debut of Chris Chavis. It’s the same vignette that was shown last week.

3.) Virgil cut a pre-tape promo during Piper’s match. Virgil says that at the Rumble it could come down to him and Piper. Virgil promises it would be lights out for Piper, but they’d still be friends.

4.) Brutus Beefcake hosts the Barber Shop with the Rockers being his guest this week. Beefcake notes there’s been some controversy between them. Beefcake has the WWF Magazine that has teased them possibly splitting up. Shawn Michaels says they are the tightest team in the WWF. Michaels says he’s the captain of the team and there are no problems between the Rockers. Marty Jannetty doesn’t want Michaels to lie and admits there is tension between them. Jannetty notes that neither of them are the captain. Jannetty notes they almost lost a match because Michaels was distracted by a female fan. Michaels doesn’t want blame tossed back and forth. Michaels recalls wrestling Ric Flair and giving him a wrestling lesson on Prime Time Wrestling, but Jannetty rolled him into the ring. Jannetty says he was concerned for Michaels after he hit his head. Michaels never told Jannetty he needed his help. Jannetty wants Michaels to listen to what he’s saying. Jannetty doesn’t know what is going on in Michaels head. Jannetty says they were really close to winning the tag titles from LOD. Jannetty believes they can make it to the top, but asks if Michaels wants to go there. Jannetty is going to turn his back and if Michaels leaves they go their own way, but if Michaels is there they remain together to go for the tag gold. Jannetty turns around and Michaels remains spinning Jannetty around and they embrace. Michaels raises Jannetty’s arm, but then delivers a superkick! Michaels grabs Jannetty and tosses him through the Barber Shop Window! Michaels kicks Jannetty in the ribs and Jannetty is cut up from the glass window. Michaels rips the magazine and walks off.

5.) Sgt. Slaughter cut a promo during Jake Roberts match saying that he’d never trust a snake like Roberts. Slaughter is going to toss Roberts out and win the WWF World Championship for his country.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a memorable episode simply for the Rockers splitting and the beginning Shawn Michaels in a heel singles role. The enhancement matches didn’t really do much for me, but the turn was nicely done and made the show worthwhile because it’s a major moment.

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