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WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/19/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Corpus Christi, TX

1.) Randy Savage defeated Hercules
2.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Dusty Daze
3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom defeated Brian Donahue & Unknown
4.) Nasty Boys defeated Larry Samson & Bobby Jones

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It is announced that The Mountie has won the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart in Springfield, MA. Hart had a 104 degree temperature and had the flu. Bret went against the orders of his doctor and lost the title as a result.

2.) Savage and Hercules lockup into the corner, but cleanly breakaway. Hercules eye rakes Savage and delivers a boot to the midsection followed by a right hand. Savage elbows Hercules shared a pre-tape promo regarding twenty-nine other souls. Taker says that Sunday is a day of rest and the other wrestlers will have an eternal rest. Savage blocks a splash with a big boot. Savage slams Hercules and goes to the top rope hitting the elbow drop for the win. (*. There wasn’t really much to this, but it’s Macho Man and I’m always invested in his matches whether they are competitive or not.)

3.) WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes highlights the WWF Intercontinental Championship title change. Mountie is the champion having defeated Bret Hart. Roddy Piper made the save, but was also beaten down by Mountie. It’s now announced that Mountie must defend the title against Roddy Piper at the Royal Rumble. Piper has the opportunity to win two titles in one night. Jimmy Hart and Mountie cut a promo with Mountie bragging about winning the title like he had promised. Mountie says that Piper will find out what kind of damage he can do. Piper also cut a promo saying that he has a chance to go after two titles at Rumble. Piper wouldn’t want to be like the Mountie.

4.) The Natural Disasters had a pre-tape promo during the LOD match. Disasters promise to win the tag titles and LOD will be history at the Royal Rumble.

5.) Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect promote a house show match with Piper. Flair says they had a dream, but they went out and did it. Flair wants Piper to look at the next WWF World Champion. Roddy Piper also shares another promo saying that he’s going to be a double champion, but notes that Flair doesn’t have the guts to go after two titles. Piper says he was born a year late and pokes fun at Flair’s nose. Piper is going to beat up Flair with two belts.

6.) Shawn Michaels cuts a promo during WWF Royal Rumble Report with Mean Gene. Michaels tells Jannetty to bring it on at the Rumble, but it’s noted that Jannetty is not making the match.

Final Thoughts:
Well, it’s a bit shocking that Mountie won the title from Bret and now it’s Mountie/Piper at the PPV. The angle of Piper possibly walking out with two titles is a bit of an interesting twist to the show. I think there’s a decent amount of buzz heading into the Rumble despite a lackluster undercard to the Rumble match.

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