WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/13/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (original content, not from syndication)
1.) The Bushwhackers defeated The Executioners
2.) Texas Tornado defeated Rick Martel by disqualification
3.) Tito Santana defeated Col. Mustafa
4.) Greg Valentine defeated Kato

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Mr. Perfect, Bobby Heenan, Slick and Gorilla Monsoon are the panel this week for Prime Time Wrestling. It would appear that Perfect and Heenan have smoothed over any issued they may have encountered last week. Perfect suggests that if Flair wins the WWF World Championship that he could hand the title over to him.

2.) The panel promote the Royal Rumble pay per view. Monsoon notes that Marty Jannetty isn’t going to win the Royal Rumble due to the split between the Rockers and Jannetty being sent through the barber shop window.

3.) The panel continue to talk about the Royal Rumble match and McMahon tries to act like Skinner could win the match as a serious threat. Slick thinks British bulldog could win. Heenan refuses to even entertain the thought that Flair wouldn’t win. Heenan suggests that Texas Tornado could win with dumb luck.

4.) Tornado blocks a kick, but misses a clothesline attempt at Martel avoided the move and taunts the crowd. Tornado collides with Martel in the corner, which was a little awkward. Martel back elbows Tornado away. Tornado rams Martel into the corner face first. Tornado misses a clothesline, but on a second attempt manages to knock Martel through the ropes to the floor. Tornado heads to the floor and rams Martel shoulder first into the ring post. Tornado again sends Martel into the ring post on the apron. Tornado pummels Martel with right hands to maintain the advantage in the corner. Tornado keeps a wrist lock on Martel, but Martel counters by sending Tornado into the corner. Tornado arm drags Martel to regain the advantage on the mat. Tornado keeps a wrist lock on Martel, but misses a spear in the corner hitting the post. Martel clubs on Tornado over the back and leaps off the middle rope to deliver an axe handle to the lower back of Tornado. Tornado stops Martel leaping off the middle rope with the claw. Martel goes to the apron, but is pulled back into the ring. Martel recovers in the corner, and manages to spray Arrogance into Tornado’s eyes leading to a disqualification. (1/2*. This was a bad match. Tornado had several awkward moments and the flow of the match was just off from the beginning, really.)

5.) Gorilla Monsoon believes that the Natural Disasters have a good chance to win the WWF Tag Team Championships from the Legion of Doom at the Royal Rumble pay per view.

6.) Mr. Perfect promotes the dangers of the Royal Rumble match and how there are no disqualifications or pins. Perfect promotes how it is unpredictable.

7.) Mustafa controls Santana with a go behind, but Santana counters until Mustafa reaches the ropes. Mustafa gets a full nelson on Santana, but Santana counters quickly until Mustafa reaches the ropes. Mustafa delivers a strike against the ropes, but Santana fights back with a dropkick. Santana scoop slams Mustafa and teases a kick to the lower midsection and eventually delivers the stomp. Santana pulls Mustafa to the corner and drops Mustafa leg around the ring post. Mustafa gains control in the ring with a stomp and rams Santana into his boot in the corner. Mustafa keeps a headlock on Santana for a few moments. Tito runs into a clothesline by Mustafa. Mustafa continues with a gut wrench suplex. Santana fights back with a vertical suplex. Santana continues with right hands and punches Mustafa several times in the corner. Mustafa knocks Santana off the apron after getting help from Gen. Adnan. Santana almost wins with a sunset flip from the apron. Adnan gets on the apron, but collides with Mustafa. Santana rolls Mustafa up and wins the match. (1/2*. As you can imagine this was another lackluster match. I can’t believe Mustafa is having singles matches in 1992 on TV.)

8.) The panel continues to promote the Royal Rumble and discuss the match between the Beverly Brothers and the Bushwhackers. Slick has offered to bring Jameson to where he buys clothing.

9.) Kato taunts Valentine after backing Valentine against the ropes. Valentine gets a hammerlock on Kato, but Kato reaches the ropes to break the hold. Kato gets a headlock on Valentine for a moment. Valentine counters a hammerlock, but is stopped by a back elbow. Kato goes back to a headlock. Valentine hip tosses and slams Kato to the mat. Kato backs off into the corner to regroup. Kato shoulder rams Valentine in the corner followed by chops. Valentine chops Kato several times in the corner and delivers an elbow strike to send Kato bailing to the floor to regroup. Kato briefly gets the advantage upon returning, but a knee lift by Valentine stops that momentum. Valentine is sent through the ropes to the floor. Kato elbows Valentine to the mat for a two count. Kato misses a splash in the corner and drops to the mat. Valentine ducks a strike to delivers a knee breaker. Valentine headbutts Kato on the lower midsection followed by a few elbow drops. Valentine signals for the figure four and locks it in for the win. (1/2*. Another match that I simply didn’t care for. It has to be just a matter of time before Valentine and Flair have a TV match focusing on the fact they both use the figure four, right?)

10.) Chris Chavis has another vignette promoting his debut.

11.) Bobby Heenan says that only Ric Flair can win the Royal Rumble. Monsoon declares that Hulk Hogan will win the match and title. Perfect agrees with Heenan that Flair will win. Slice gets involved and they begin to argue to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Honestly, this was one of the worst episodes of a pro wrestling show that I’ve ever watched. I’m honestly wondering why I even recapped any of the matches because they were that bad. This show did not enhance the build for the Royal Rumble, at all.

Thanks for reading.

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