WWE Heat 8/11/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) Shelton Benjamin defeated Shawn Stasiak
2.) Sean O’Haire defeated Justin Credible
2.) Spike Dudley defeated Steven Richards by disqualification
3.) Johnny Stamboli defeated D’Lo Brown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Stasiak backs Benjamin into a corner and shoves Benjamin in the face before running away into a corner to regroup. Benjamin takes Stasiak down to the mat to gain control with arm work. Stasiak slaps Benjamin in the face followed by right hands. Stasiak shoulder blocks Benjamin, but Benjamin comes back with an awkward Thez Press and an arm drag. Stasiak misses a clothesline, but sends Benjamin over the top only for Benjamin to skin the cat and tosses Stasiak over the top to the floor. Stasiak pulls Benjamin to the floor and rams Benjamin into the apron before hitting a suplex on the floor. Stasiak stomps on Benjamin to keep control of the contest. Stasiak drives Benjamin back first into the corner and continues with stomps before choking Benjamin for a moment. Stasiak connects with a back suplex for a two count. Stasiak presses his knee into Benjamin’s back and pulls back on the arms. Stasiak decks Benjamin over the back, but Benjamin almost wins with a rollup. Stasiak catches Benjamin on a crossbody attempt connecting with a powerslam and taunts the fans. Benjamin kicks Stasiak and fires back with right hands. Benjamin elbows Stasiak to the mat followed by a clothesline. Benjamin backdrops Stasiak for a two count. Stasiak runs into a boot in the corner, but plants Benjamin with a spinebuster. Stasiak stomps on Benjamin and blocks a superkick and spins Benjamin around, but Benjamin uses his free leg to nail Stasiak with a kick to the face for the win. (*. A sloppy match which doesn’t surprise me because that tends to be the case when Stasiak is involved. Benjamin is still green as grass and having him in there with a non-seasoned worker didn’t help him very much this time around.)

2.) Credible has wrist control a moment until O’Haire counters with a wrist lock. Credible tries to punch O’Haire, but is tackled to the mat before reaching the ropes. Credible punches O’Haire out of the corner and is tossed across the ring. O’Haire hip tosses and arm drags Credible before settling for some more arm control. Credible eye rakes O’Haire followed by another right hand. O’Haire knee lifts Credible and a middle rope rolling neck snap. O’Haire misses a spear in the corner hitting the ring post. Credible hammers away on O’Haire and wraps his arm around the ring post. O’Haire shoves Credible away, but Credible keeps control on the mat. O’Haire breaks free and powerslams Credible to the mat. O’Haire decks Credible with right hands and a forearm strike. O’Haire superkicks Credible for a two count. O’Haire heads to the middle rope, but is met with a superkick in midair leading to a near fall. Credible continues with strikes against the ropes, but O’Haire hits the Cruel Intentions for the clean win in the middle of the ring. (*1/2. O’Haire should be an absolute star at some point in the WWE.)

3.) Backstage, Terri interviews Spike Dudley and Steven Richards. Terri says they don’t have any issues and Spike says there’s no beef thinking it should just be a regular match. Richards has a beef because Spike has no shot against him. Richards is confident that he’s going to win with the Stevie Kick. Spike assures Richards that he’s not going to be defeated tonight. Spike isn’t impressed by the Steven Bomb. Spike reminds Richards that Terri won the WWE Hardcore Championship from Richards recently. Richards knows that Spike is trying to get in his head, and Spike says there’s nothing in his head. Spike says that Richards will get beaten tonight and calls him a wacko.

4.) Spike tries for a rollup in the opening moments of the match, but Richards kicks out at tow. Spike hip tosses Richards and gets a backslide for a two count. Richards knee lifts Spike and sends Spike shoulder first into the ring post. Richards hits a snap suplex a few times for a near fall. Richards connects with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Richards continues with stomps in the corner and chokes Spike. Richards signals for a suplex, but Spike counters and tries for the Dudley Dog, but is sent chest first into the corner. Richards locks in a full nelson, but Spike refuses to give in. Spike avoids having his arm drop three times. Spike reaches the ropes to break the hold. Richards goes to the floor and grabs a steel chair. Dudley delivers a running headbutt and an atomic drop. Spike connects with a bulldog and tries for the Dudley Dog, but Richards blocks it. Richards proceeds to smash Spike over the head with the steel chair to cause the disqualification. Richards is talking the chair and seems to have snapped. (*1/2. The action wasn’t bad between these two and I like the character development for Richards snapping and coming across more like a lunatic.)

5.) The main event was originally promoted as being a bout between Raven and D’Lo Brown. Last week, they had a confrontation at the announcers table. Raven comes out using crutches and is not able to compete against D’Lo.

6.) Raven cuts a promo saying that he’s regretfully informing D’Lo that he’s not going to be able to compete tonight due to a sprained ankle. Raven knows the fans would like to see him risk even more damage to his sprained ankle. Raven blames D’Lo for his injury when he was attacked last week. Raven has enlisted the aide of someone to take out D’Lo. Raven has a debt collector and that man is Johnny Stamboli.

7.) Brown kicks Stamboli and delivers a few right hands. Brown sunset flips Stamboli for a two count. Stamboli clotheslines Brown and sends D’Lo into the corner followed by strikes. Stamboli eye rakes Brown in the corner. Stamboli tries for a sunset flip, but is dropkicked by Brown. Brown continues with right hands and a backdrop. Brown ducks a clothesline and heel kicks Stamboli for a two count. Brown is sent into the corner, but avoids a splash. Brown slams Stamboli and connects with a leg drop. Raven whacks Brown with a crutch while the referee is out of position. Stamboli hits the Forget About It and wins the match. (*. A quick match and not surprised that Raven ended up getting involved. I kind of like that Raven/D’Lo is an exclusive to Heat feud and a slow build to a match between the two is something I can appreciate.)

Final Thoughts:
While the in-ring action wasn’t the best this week, I still found myself enjoying the show because the matches involved guys that I tend to enjoy watching. I’ve been liking Benjamin on Heat each week and O’Haire continues to be someone I look forward to seeing compete. I’m also digging the minor angles for Heat which include D’Lo/Raven and the spiraling of Richards.

Thanks for reading.

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