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NWA-TNA Impact 5/3/2007

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL


1.) NWA Tag Team Champions Team 3D wrestled Samoa Joe & Rhino to a no contest
2.) Gail Kim defeated Jackie Moore in a street fight
3.) Kurt Angle & Sting defeated NWA World Champion Christian Cage & AJ Styles in a no disqualification match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sting makes his way down to the ring, but Kurt Angle is in the ring with a chair and tries to hit Sting, but misses. Security is in the ring to keep them apart.

2.) Backstage, NWA World Champion Christian Cage tells Jeremy Borash that he’s going to the ring to settle the issue.

3.) Back to the ring, Angle is pissed because he had Sting beat and he knew it. Sting thinks that Angle has issues with Cage and not him. Angle recalls Sting having a bat over his body, but Sting says that he was justified due to Angle getting involved and costing him the title. NWA World Champion Christian Cage makes his way out and asks if they can all get along. Cage says Sting has to admit that he didn’t deserve the shot. Cage calls Angle an asshole, but agrees that Angle has a point. Cage agrees that Angle ruined Sting’s slim chance at winning the championship. Cage wants to be fair and says tonight there will be a tag match where Angle and Sting team up to take on Cage and Styles. The match will have no disqualification rules. If either one gets a pin fall then they will get a shot at the championship. But, there’s more. If Cage and Styles win then neither man gets a shot at Sacrifice. Sting doesn’t have to roll the dice because he already has his shot. Angle asks if Sting is a bitch or an icon. Sting ends up accepting the challenge.

4.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is with Team 3D. Brother Ray is proud to be the tag champs, which is the most important tag title in the business. Ray believes they will have a long reign. They are defending against LAX and the team of Steiner & Tomko at Sacrifice. Tonight, they are wrestling Samoa Joe and Rhino. They look forward to seeing how tough Samoa Joe is tonight.

5.) Rhino and Devon kickoff the tag match with Rhino hitting a shoulder block, but Devon delivers one of his own. Ray tags in and Rhino is knocked down with a double back elbow. Joe tags into the match and gets a headlock on Ray. Joe kicks Ray and comes off the ropes missing a knee drop. Ray tosses Joe with a German suplex. Joe no sells and tosses Ray with a t-bone suplex. Joe and Ray proceed to have a standoff. Devon drops Joe over the top rope and Ray connects with a back suplex, but Rhino makes the save. Joe hits a Samoan Drop on Devon. Ray plants Joe with a slam. Rhino waits for Devon to get up, but Christopher Daniels enters the ring and hits both Rhino and Devon with baseball bat. The referee calls for the bell. After the match, Joe chokes Daniels and rolls Daniels back into the ring. Team 3D hit the What’s Up. They decide to get a table to use on Daniels. Daniels is kicked by Joe and Rhino GORES Daniels through the table in the corner. Daniels does have a smile on his face. (1/2*. Well, I guess the main point of this was to make Daniels look like a fool.)

6.) Backstage, AJ Styles is telling Cage to stop volunteering him into these matches. Styles doesn’t want to be in the matches. Cage promises they are going to win because Angle and Sting aren’t getting along. Cage suggests that Styles could be the number one contender to the title. Styles is pissed that Cage is stealing his look and someone else could be more phenomenal than him. Cage explains it and Styles gives an awkward hug before walking off happier.

7.) In the ring, Robert Roode and Traci are in the ring where Roode says he’s not happy. Roode is going to fire Eric Young tonight. Roode tells Young to get down to the ring. Jim Cornette comes out instead and confronts Roode. Cornette told Jarrett to stay home because he’s not going to have men beating up women even if they deserved it. Cornette says that Young breached his TNA contract by signing with Roode, but Cornette says that Roode is guilty with tampering. Cornette says he could fire Roode or bring him to court if he wanted to. Cornette wants Roode to mind his own business and drop the whole thing. Roode tells Cornette to get out of his face. Roode tells Cornette that Young is getting fried one way or another. Roode shoves Cornette to the mat and tells Cornette to never put his hands on him.

Eric Young makes his way down and brawls with Roode. Young gets the advantage and is fired up. Young bails to the floor and gets a guitar. Young misses a shot and is planted by a DDT. Roode works over Young in the corner and gets handcuffs from Traci. Young is trapped in the corner. Roode smashes a guitar over Young’s head in the corner. Cornette returns to the ring and has a microphone. Cornette announces that Roode will wrestle Jarrett at Sacrifice.

8.) Father James Mitchell has a pre-tape promo package highlighting the attack on Abyss that left him bloodied and seemingly out of action. Abyss has been replaced.

9.) Kim hits Moore with a trash can lid and they quickly go to the floor. Kim slams Moore on the floor. Moore drops Kim chest first over the railing. They brawl on the ramp where Moore gets a two count. Kim rams Moore onto the apron a few times face first. Kim goes under the ring to get a trash can and cooking sheets. Kim puts the trash can over Moore’s body and hits the trash can with a pipe. Kim covers for a two count. Moore hits Kim with a kendo stick shot to the midsection and chokes Kim for a moment. Kim tosses powder into Moore’s eyes and chokes Moore with a bra. Moore breaks free on the apron and gets a steel chair. Moore gets a chair dropkicked into her face leading to a three count. After the match, James Storm comes out and Moore decks Kim from behind. Moore plants Kim with a DDT. Chris Harris runs down to the ring to make the save wearing an eyepatch, but removes the eyepatch and hits a spinebuster on Storm. Harris pummels Storm and knocks Storm to the floor. Harris is apparently completely healthy now. (*. The street fight wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be since both women are good wrestlers. I’m interested in seeing a better match with Harris and Storm.)

10.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is with Christy Hemme, Lance Hoyt, Kip James and BG James. Hemme complains that they smell bad. Hemme has a surprise for them at Sacrifice.

11.) Paparazzi Productions reminds us of the issue between Sabin and Backlund where Backlund held his own and took Sabin down a few times in the grass. Alex Shelley ended up helping Sabin and they took Backlund’s book.

12.) Angle and Cage kickoff the main event with Angle ducking a clothesline to shoulder block Cage. Angle uppercuts Cage followed by right hands. Angle runs into an elbow in the corner. Cage is caught leaping off the middle rope and is backdropped by Angle. Angle covers for a two count. Sting tries for a backdrop, but is kicked by Cage. Sting dropkicks Cage and knocks Styles off the apron. Sting press slams Cage to the mat. Sting delivers a middle rope splash for a two count on Cage. Cage sends Sting into the corner knocking Styles off the apron. Styles pulls Sting down and into the post groin first. Styles elbows Sting several times. The show goes to commercial.

Sting elbows Cage, but is yanked down to the mat by his hair. Styles covers Sting for a two count. Styles and Sting trade strikes until Sting catapults Styles. Angle wants the tag and enters the match to clean house with clotheslines. Angle hits a German suplex on Cage. Styles counters one, but Angle hits it anyway for a two count. Styles sends Angle into the railing chest first. Sting clotheslines Styles and Cage. Sting hits a double Stinger Splash in the corner. Sting plants Cage with the Scorpion Death Drop, but Angle stops the cover. Styles runs into a double slam. Sting tells Angle to win the match. Cage hits Angle and Sting with a chair shot. Cage jabs Sting a few times. Styles grabs another chair and they look to hit Angle with a double chair shot, but Angle avoids it and dumps Cage to the floor. Angle and Sting lock in double ankle locks forcing Styles to submit. Who won the match?! (*1/2. The finish seemed kine of obvious that it would be a three way and Styles would be the guy taking the fall or submission. It wasn’t a bad match, but it was just predictable.)

Jim Cornette asks the referee who Styles submitted to. Cornette announces that at Sacrifice it will be Cage vs. Angle vs. Sting at Sacrifice for the TNA World Championship.

Final Thoughts:
I’d probably say this was an underwhelming episode of Impact. I am interested in the feud between Cage, Angle and Sting, but anything aside from that this week wasn’t really holding my interest.

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