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WCW Pro 1/20/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Todd Morton
2.) Jim Duggan defeated Ned Brady
3.) Kurasawa defeated Bobby Starr
4.) VK Wallstreet defeated Terry Morgan
5.) American Males defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Kevin Sullivan beat up Todd Morton all over the arena before winning the match.

2.) Ned Brady is a biker kind of gimmick that would perfectly at Sturgis.

3.) Ray and Bagwell kickoff the tag title match with Ray hammering away on Bagwell. Bagwell tries for a crossbody, but gets caught and Riggs dropkicks Bagwell onto Ray. Ray eye rakes Bagwell and gains control in the corner. Booker tags into the match and keeps a headlock on Bagwell. Bagwell hip tosses Booker and keeps Booker on the mat with an arm lock. Riggs comes off the top with a hammerlock and keeps a wrist lock on Booker. Booker knee lifts Riggs in the corner a few times. Booker misses Riggs in the corner and Riggs gets a rollup for a two count. Bagwell tags into the match and keeps wrist control until Booker eye rakes Bagwell. Ray tags into the match and chokes Bagwell over the middle rope. Sherri slaps Bagwell over the middle rope. Ray hits a suplex on Bagwell for a two count. Bagwell gets a rollup out of the corner after Ray missed a splash in the corner. Riggs axe handles Ray from the top rope and keeps wrist lock on Ray. Riggs hammers away on Booker and tags in Bagwell. Booker sends Bagwell into the ropes where Ray knee lifts Bagwell. Booker nails Bagwell with a forearm smash.

Booker knee lifts Bagwell and delivers a jump kick to the face for a near fall. Sherri talks with Parker in the front row before going back to the ringside area. Booker keeps Bagwell on the mat with a chin lock. Bagwell hip tosses Booker, but Booker pops back up and nails Bagwell with a leaping side kick. Booker side slams Bagwell leading to a near fall. Booker sends Bagwell to the floor where Ray rams Bagwell into the apron face first. Booker tries for a pump handle slam, but Bagwell lands on top for a two count. Booker clotheslines Bagwell and goes to the top, but is crotched by Bagwell. Bagwell goes for a suplex off the top, but is shoved off by Booker. Bagwell dropkicks Booker in midair and both men are down. Riggs hammers away on Ray and Booker managing a two count on Ray with a crossbody. All four men are in the ring brawling. The champs are sent into each other. Riggs dropkicks Booker into Parker and a double dropkick to Ray. Parker stops Riggs by pulling his hair and we get a cheap disqualification. (*1/2. They never got past the first gear, but it wasn’t a bad match overall. It was just a mostly slow and kind of boring match with yet another cheap finish that just didn’t need to happen.)

Final Thoughts:
A skippable show with the enhancement matches not showcasing interesting characters and the feature match being a disappointment.

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