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WCW Main Event 2/4/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Orlando, FL

1.) VK Wallstreet defeated Rick Garcia
2.) Konnan defeated WCW United States Champion One Man Gang to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) An interesting fact for the WCW US Championship match is that the match happened during a WCW Nitro show, but it was not aired on Nitro. It was an non-televised match.

2.) Konnan leaps off the middle rope to arm drag Gang into the corner. Konnan hits a top rope twisting shoulder block, but Gang decks Konnan with a clothesline. Gang works over Konnan with strikes to the back. Gang clubs Konnan over the back and delivers a few shots to Konnan’s injured shoulder. Gang keeps a chin lock on Konnan followed by a strike to the chest. Gang chokes Konnan over the middle rope and delivers another elbow strike. Gang misses a splash in the corner. Konnan dropkicks Gang on the knee followed by a spin kick. Konnan ties Gang into the ropes and hits a running crossbody through the ropes to the floor. Gang tries to bring Konnan into the ring with a slam, but Konnan lands on top and pins Gang to win the title. (1/2*. That was not a good match because Gang is boring in a singles role. This was Konnan’s second match in WCW and wins a title. That’s pretty cool, too.) After the match, Gang attacks Konnan for a moment, but Konnan escapes further assault.

Final Thoughts:
Sure there was a title change, but the show is a mostly boring episode. I hope Gang is limited to tag team stuff moving forward with Shark rather than a singles run.

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