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WWE Heat 8/18/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) D’Lo Brown defeated Justin Credible
2.) William Regal defeated Shelton Benjamin
3.) Bradshaw defeated Shawn Stasiak

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) D’Lo Brown comes out and cuts a promo to start the program. Brown talks about Raven saying that Heat is his person playground and he didn’t like that. Brown challenged Raven to a match last week, but Raven couldn’t wrestle because of an ankle injury. Raven cost D’Lo the match with a crutch shot to the head. Brown calls out Raven to the ring and wants to make Raven realize who he is. Raven makes his way out and is dressed to wrestle. Raven accepts the challenge, but not for tonight. Raven reminds D’Lo that Heat is his personal playground and nobody will dictate when he wrestles. Raven says there’s a bunch of guys who want to make a statement. Raven reveals that Justin Credible will be wrestling D’Lo tonight.

2.) Brown heel kicks Credible followed by a clothesline in the opening moments of the match. Credible boots Brown in the corner, but is met with a flapjack for a two count. Brown ducks a clothesline and is met with a superkick. Credible continues to beat on Brown with strikes and rams Brown into the corner to deliver a few chops. Credible forearms Brown for a two count. Brown fights out of a headlock and rolls through a sunset flip to dropkick Credible. Credible knee lifts Brown, but Brown hits a swinging side slam and both men are down. Brown drops Credible with right hands and a backdrop. Brown elbows Credible to the mat. Credible knee lifts Brown followed by right hands. Brown sends Credible groin first into the ring post and delivers a scoop slam. Brown leg drops Credible for a near fall. Brown avoids Credible in the corner and connects with the Sky High for the clean win. After the match, Raven enters the ring and plants Brown with the Raven Effect. (*. There were a couple of times that Credible mistimed his movements and it hurt the flow of the match. It wasn’t an awful match, but it was a mostly basic encounter.)

3.) Benjamin backs Regal into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Benjamin arm drags Regal and they have a standoff. Regal takes Benjamin down to the mat with arm control. Benjamin head scissors Regal to break free. Regal keeps a neck vice on Benjamin, but is arm dragged again to the mat. Regal appears to be approving of Benjamin’s skill and offers a handshake. Benjamin doesn’t go for it and dragon screw leg whips Regal. Benjamin backdrops Regal out of the corner for a near fall. Benjamin keeps a chin lock on Regal, but doesn’t get a submission. Benjamin slams the back of Regal’s head onto the mat. Regal elbows Benjamin followed by a few uppercuts to drop Benjamin. Regal forearms Benjamin in the corner a few times. Regal boots Benjamin and gets a rollup for a two count. Benjamin savant kicks Regal for a near fall. Regal forearms Benjamin a few times. Benjamin hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Benjamin tosses Regal with a gut wrench slam and backslides Regal for a near fall. Regal decks Benjamin with a clothesline. Benjamin gets out of a sunset flip, but Regal manages another cradle to pin Benjamin. (*1/2. It was clear that Regal was out wrestling Benjamin on the mat and that made for a few awkward moments, including the finish. Regal did put over Benjamin with his facials, but I think the match exposed Benjamin as not being ready for the main roster more so than any of his other appearances.)

4.) Backstage, Raven is leaving the arena when Terri caught up to him. Raven says that D’Lo was a victim of his playground. Raven considers Credible a sacrificed pawn. Raven says the games are not over for D’Lo.

5.) Bradshaw big boots Stasiak and tosses Stasiak over the top to the floor Bradshaw continues to beat on Stasiak around ringside with several strikes. Stasiak hammers away on Bradshaw in the ring, but Bradshaw clubs Stasiak over the back and continues with strikes followed by a DDT for a two count. Bradshaw forearms Stasiak on the back and delivers a headbutt. Stasiak backdrops Bradshaw and a clothesline. Stasiak tries for a crossbody, but is caught by Bradshaw and tossed with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw boots Stasiak a few times in the corner. Stasiak sends Bradshaw into the corner and locks in a sleeper hold. Bradshaw struggles for a moment, but breaks free with a back suplex. Bradshaw elbows Stasiak to the mat. Bradshaw shoulder blocks Stasiak and delivers an elbow drop. Bradshaw connects with a clothesline in the corner and plays to the crowd. Bradshaw puts Stasiak on the top turnbuckle. Bradshaw tries for a suplex, but Stasiak shoves Bradshaw off and hits a top rope flying clothesline for a near fall. Stasiak misses a splash in the corner and Bradshaw delivers the Clothesline From Hell to win the match. (*. I was mostly bored by this as it was just an extended squash match. Stasiak just doesn’t entertain me at all.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the build for Raven/D’Lo feud, I thought this was a boring episode of Heat. The action just wasn’t very good.

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