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TNA Impact 6/7/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Robert Roode defeated Jerry Lynn
2.) Gail Kim defeated Traci Brooks
3.) Chris Harris fought James Storm to a double count-out in a KOTM qualifying match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Roode decks Lynn from behind delivering a few strikes and rams Lynn into the corner face first. Roode misses a clothesline and Lynn hits a tilt a whirl head scissors and an arm drag. Lynn knee drops Roode on the arm a few times. Lynn avoids Roode in the corner to deliver a kick. Lynn runs into a knee lift from Roode. Lynn tries to fight back, but Roode tosses Lynn to the floor. Roode sends Lynn into the guard railing, but runs into a boot. Roode rams Lynn back first into the railing before returning to the ring for a near fall. Roode hammers away on Lynn several times. Roode delivers a gut buster for a two count. Roode has a reverse bearhug on Lynn, but doesn’t get a submission as Lynn elbows free and clotheslines Roode. Roode only staggers, but Lynn connects with a hurricanrana. Lynn gets a rollup for a two count and dropkicks Roode. Lynn plants Roode with a DDT for a near fall. Lynn tries for a piledriver, but Roode low blows Lynn as Ms. Brooks got on the apron. Roode hits the Payoff (fisherman suplex) to win the match. (**. It has felt like a while since we’ve seen Roode compete on Impact. I thought this was a solid match with the action flowing very well and it held my interest. The finish was pretty basic, but Roode winning is the right call.) After the match, Roode stomps on Lynn until Eric Young runs into the ring with a chair to make the save. Roode shoves Ms. Brooks into Young and runs off. Brooks is rolled into the ring as Young looks to get some revenge. Brooks runs into Lynn and Lynn holds Brooks for a chair shot, but Cornette comes out and says that he meant no men beating up on women in TNA. Cornette tells Brooks that he didn’t say Brooks wouldn’t get her butt kicked tonight. Cornette books Brooks into a singles match against Gail Kim tonight.

2.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is talking with Tomko, who says that Cage changes his number everyday, but Cage has nowhere to hide tonight. They haven’t smoothed things over, apparently.

3.) A video package highlighting Christopher Daniels and Sting feud is next. Daniels says you either embrace your beliefs, or you’re consumed by them. Daniels has made his choice and suggests Sting do the same.

4.) Earlier today, Mike Tenay had a talk with Sting and Christopher Daniels. Sting says that Daniels requested this for something to say. Daniels lost the X-Division championship months ago and he sought Sting for advice. Daniels has used that advice in the ring. Sting says that Daniels isn’t understanding literally everything he has said. Daniels knows he needs to look at things black and white. Daniels understands wrath, consequences and pain from Sting. Sting doesn’t know where Daniels got stuff like penance from. Daniels says this is important to him and promises to make things right between them and walks off. Sting tells Tenay he wishes he can believe him.

5.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is with Gail Kim, but Traci Brooks enters and attacks Kim. They brawl on the couch until security gets involved.

6.) Paparazzi Productions is up next. Kevin Nash reminds Lethal he’s wrestling Sabin and not Jake Roberts. Sonjay Dutt appears and is wearing a white outfit. Dutt says they need to see what he sees. This is the new Sonjay Dutt… He’s the guru Sonjay Dutt.

7.) There was a press conference for Slammiversary where James Storm spat beer on former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck. Storm challenged Wycheck to get in the ring. Wycheck whacked Storm over the head with a guitar.

8.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash chats with AJ Styles, but Kurt Angle enters the scene and tells Styles he’s going to cripple him before the PPV. Styles doesn’t understand why Angle would say that. Styles wants to find Cage and asks to use Jeremy’s phone. Cage is dressed in a disguise and pulls Styles into a room to end the segment.

9.) Kim chases Brooks around ringside before getting in the ring and Brooks stomps on Kim. Brooks tries for a slam, but Kim avoids it and mounts Brooks with right hands. Kim stomps on Brooks hand and hits an arm drag out of the corner. Kim slams Brooks before going to the top rope. Brooks crotches Kim on the top rope and chokes Kim over the middle rope. Brooks splashes on Kim over the middle rope. Brooks gets a two count on a cover attempt. Brooks slams Kim down to the mat by her hair. Kim punches Brooks a few times, but Brooks knee lifts Kim followed by a gut wrench suplex. Brooks pulls back on Kim’s hair and keeps control on the mat. Brooks rams Kim into the corner face first and goes to the middle rope, but Kim delivers a few right hands. Kim hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Kim runs into a big boot, but clotheslines Brooks a few times. Kim yanks Brooks down to the mat followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Brooks stops Kim with a jawbreaker. Brooks has Kim on her shoulders, but Kim gets a rollup for the win. (**. Kim is a lot of fun to watch and her offense just comes across as unique compared to other women wrestlers. Brooks did a fine job in there and I actually found myself interested in the match. This exceeded my expectations.) After the match, Robert Roode comes out and Kim attacks Roode. Brooks yanks Kim down to the mat. Brooks delivers a running clothesline. Brooks taunts Kim and Roode raises his arm with Brooks.

10.) Backstage, Tomko is looking for Christian Cage and Borash is way too interested in that.

11.) Brother Ray cut a pre-tape promo saying they just wanted to show respect for the Steiner Brothers. Rick Steiner also has a pre-tape saying they don’t want their respect. Scott Steiner says that Team 3D only revolutionized getting tables. Rick doesn’t care who Team 3D beat. Scott says Team 3D can kiss their ass after the PPV.

12.) Backstage, Tomko continues to look for Christian Cage. Cage is behind a desk trying to cover up, but Tomko notices him and demands to know why Cage screwed him over last week. Cage says that he would have blown off Tomko three years ago if he wanted to screw over Tomko. Cage recalls Tomko working at a prison making no money and having a dream to be a wrestler. Cage says that Tomko could have been feeding pieces of crap like Abyss bread and water. Cage notes that he put his neck on the line to get Tomko a job at TNA. Cage tried to hand Tomko a chair, but Tomko didn’t want it. Cage tells Tomko to not think because that’s his job. Cage tells Tomko he owes him. Cage got Tomko out of debt. They can squash this right now and worry about Christian Cage. Cage needs to find out who his opponent is for KOTM. Tomko simply says “fine” and walks off.

13.) Storm remains on the floor during his entrance and Harris doesn’t go in the ring, either. Harris pummels Storm with left hands, but Storm dumps Harris over the railing into the crowd. Harris sends Storm into the wall head first a few times. Storm hits Harris with a drink to the face. Storm chops Harris a few times followed by strikes to the back. Storm punches Harris in the crowd. Harris sends Storm into the guard railing back first. Storm sends Harris into the wall, breaking the wall. Harris drives Storm into the railing back first. Harris goes to the top rope and takes Storm out with a crossbody into the crowd! Harris returns to the ringside area and gets a chair, but misses a chair shot. Storm decks Harris with a strike and grabs the chair. Storm traps Harris between a chair and delivers another chair shot to the head as the show goes to commercial.

Storm misses a baseball slide as a bloodied Harris sends Storm head first into the guard railing. Storm has been busted wide open, as well. Harris hammers away on Storm with left hands. Jackie Moore slaps Harris, but Storm decks Harris from behind to the make the save. They both grab tables from under the ring and set them up on the floor. They also have trash can lids. Harris is bleeding a ridiculous amount. Harris has handcuffs and they both have lids. They begin to hit each other, but neither man goes down. They drop to their knees and deliver shots. Harris hits Storm with a trash can and almost wins the match. Harris avoids running into a chair, but Storm decks Harris with a right hand. Harris boots Storm and hits a middle rope sunset flip, but Storm catapults Harris into a chair in the corner for a near fall as the show goes to commercial.

Harris sends Storm over the top and hits Storm with a trash can lid. Harris runs into a trash can lid shot on the apron. Storm puts Harris on the table setup on the floor. Storm heads to the top rope hitting a swanton bomb off the top onto Harris through the table! Storm hits Harris with a trash can lid. Storm throws a beer bottle, but misses Harris by the stage. Harris spears Storm through the side of the stage! The referee is talking with David Penzer. Penzer says that if neither man returns to the ring at the count of ten then neither man qualifies. Rudy Charles is in the ring making the count as Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring. Samoa Joe comes out as well and bumps into Angle. The referee counts to ten and thus neither Harris or Storm qualify. (***1/2. I thought this was a great TV fight. They had several crazy spots, there was an insane amount of blood. I liked everything about this match and it’s a great addition to their Sacrifice battle just a few weeks ago. The finish makes sense to me and this could be the best main event on TV thus far in 2007.)

14.) Angle decks Joe with a right hand and rams Joe face first into the ring steps. Angle uppercuts Joe and rams Joe into the steps again. Joe rams Angle into the steps face first followed by jabs and rams Angle face first onto a table. Joe rolls Angle into the ring, but security runs down to stop them. AJ Styles tries to hit Angle with a pipe, but Angle avoids that and locks in an ankle lock.

15.) Backstage, Christian Cage enters Jim Cornette’s office and wants to know his opponent. Cornette tells Cage that he has an easy opponent. Cornette has heard Cage say the man is beneath him. Cage wonders if Cornette is serious to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
An easy thumbs up from me this week. The action was solid throughout with a great main event. The interview segments were enjoyable. Christian Cage deserves a lot of praise for this run as he’s been incredibly entertaining.

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