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WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/2/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Ft. Myers, FL

1.) Rick Martel defeated Brad Avery
2.) Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated John Allen & Barry Horowitz
3.) Marty Jannetty defeated Bob Mason
4.) Tatanka defeated Brooklyn Brawler
5.) Jake Roberts defeated Dale Wolfe
6.) Bret Hart defeated Kato
7.) Ted DiBiase defeated Mike Casey

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show starts off with the WrestleMania VIII press conference, which was also shown on WWF Superstars the day prior. This was held to announce the number one contender to the WWF World Championship held by Ric Flair. In the end, Jack Tunney announces that Hulk Hogan will get the title shot. Hogan beat out Piper, Undertaker, Savage and Sid to earn the shot. It is notable that Sid Justice was not happy with this and considered it bogus.

2.) Rick Martel shared pre-tape comments during his match. Martel says being on the runway is cool, but it’s nothing like his success in the wrestling ring.

3.) Beverly Brothers and Genius share comments during Owen and Neidhart’s match. Genius says they will mane them and he’s looking forward to it. Beverly’s didn’t say anything.

4.) Marty Jannetty shared some pre-tape comments during his match. Jannetty says he’s coming to kick Shawn Michaels butt.

5.) Kato backs Hart into a corner and delivers a few strikes. Hart hip tosses Kato out of the corner and delivers a few strikes to the arm. Hart arm drags Kato to the mat followed by knee drop to the shoulder. Bret shared pre-tape comments during the match wanting a shot against Piper and Mountie not going to stop him. Kato misses a monkey flip and Hart delivers a forearm drop. Hart drops Kato with a right hand and a snapmare before hitting a leg drop. Hart hits a side Russian leg sweep. Hart hammers away on Kato followed by an elbow strike. Kato slams Bret and misses an elbow drop. Hart delivers a backbreaker and rams Kato into the corner face first followed by more strikes. Kato fights back with strikes, but Bret delivers an atomic drop and stomps on Kato’s midsection. Bret locks in the sharpshooter to win the match by submission. (*. A basic match, but Bret is enjoyable no matter the role on the show. Fans love Bret, too.)

6.) A vignette promoting Papa Shango is shown. Shango says the time has come for evil. Shango laughs a bunch while starting some fire.

7.) Tito Santana shares comments during DiBiase’s match. Santana tells DiBiase to not worry about where he comes from. Santana says that DiBiase should worry about how far he has come and where he’s going. Santana is not going to take a step back.

Final Thoughts:
A fine show this week with the enhancement action being entertaining and they touched on some minor feuds to promote the house shows. A harmless hour episode.

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