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Limitless Wrestling Know Your Enemy 9/6/2019

Limitless Wrestling presents Know Your Enemy
From: Portland, ME

Opening Contest; Dan Maff vs. Ace Romero: They lockup a few times and trade shoulder blocks with neither man going down. They both end up falling through the middle rope on opposite sides of the ring. They trade forearms on the floor until Romero sends Maff into the apron. Romero uppercuts Maff in the corner to keep control of the contest. Romero pounces Maff to the floor and is met with a forearm strike, but Romero still hits a suicide dive to the floor! Romero pounces Maff a second time in the ring leading to a near fall. Romero uppercuts Maff to the mat. Romero goes to the middle rope, but Maff stops Romero and looks for a Burning Hammer, but Romero breaks free from Maff. Romero leaps off the middle rope and Maff hits a cutter. Maff tosses Romero with a suplex and connects with a lariat for a near fall. Maff chops Romero in the corner a few times to maintain the advantage. Maff hits a running cannonball splash in the corner and hits a senton splash. Romero rolls Maff away and hits a pop up powerbomb for a two count. Romero chops Maff on the top turnbuckle, but Maff fires back with strikes. Maff kicks Romero on the middle rope and tries for the Burning Hammer off the middle rope. Maff has Romero on his shoulders and hits the Burning Hammer for a near fall! Maff can’t believe it.

They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring with both men staggering. Maff kicks Romero, but is met with a chop. Maff fails to pick up Romero and settles for a lariat for a two count. Maff waits in the corner for Romero to get up. Maff spears Romero and comes off the ropes, but Romero nails Maff with a lariat for the win. (***. A solid opener between these two big men. I was surprised by Romero kicking out of the Burning Hammer, which looked sick. A good win for Romero over a veteran in Maff.)

Second Contest: Leyla Hirsch vs. Christian Casanova: AR Fox was supposed to wrestle Casanova, but no showed the event. They start off with avoiding each other and they have a standoff. Hirsch forearms Casanova to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Hirsch hits another suicide dive. Hirsch gets a cross arm bar on Casanova, but lets go and hits a German suplex. Casanova is elbowed by Hirsch, but delivers a kick to the back of Hirsch’s head followed by a springboard leg drop over the middle rope for a two count. Hirsch trades forearms with Casanova, but Casanova gets control with stomps in the corner. Casanova sends Hirsch into the corner ribs first. Casanova kicks Hirsch and hits a slingshot senton splash. Casanova misses a moonsault and Hirsch delivers a forearm and running knee strike in the corner. Hirsch clotheslines Casanova for a two count. Casanova delivers a kick to the face, but Hirsch comes back with a German suplex into the corner. Hirsch hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Hirsch locks in a cross arm bar, but Casanova gets to the ropes and stomps Hirsch on the mat. Casanova continues to stomp on Hirsch, but Hirsch gets up and tries for a cutter, but Casanova breaks free and hits a sit out under hook driver for a two count. Casanova sits Hirsch on the top turnbuckle, but runs into a boot. Hirsch delivers a knee strike and a DDT for a two count. Casanova stops Hirsch on the top and hits a scissors kick leading to the win. (***. A good match and one where I thought Hirsch would pull through and win it. I left this match being quite impressed by Hirsch. Casanova is great and gave a lot to her to make this a worthwhile bout.)

Third Contest: Hart Foundation (Hart & Smith) vs. The WorkHorsemen (Drake & Henry): Smith and Henry kickoff the match. Smith backs Henry against the ropes and backs off. Henry controls Smith on the mat with arm control, but doesn’t get a submission. Smith takes Henry down to the mat with a headlock. Henry gets a head scissors on Smith, but Smith pops up and plays to the crowd. Smith yanks down on Henry’s arm to maintain control of the match. Henry dropkicks Smith and delivers a few kicks to the leg. Smith responds with a kick to Henry’s knee a few times. Hart tags into the match as does Drake. Hart and Drake trade a few strikes with Drake getting the advantage. Drake ducks a clothesline and atomic drops Hart. Drake delivers another atomic drop and an overhead suplex. Drake forearms Hart into the corner. Drake continues with chops, but Hart responds with strikes. Drake eye rakes Hart and sends Hart into the corner, but Hart hits a Code Red out of the corner for a two count. Hart hits a Canadian Destroyer coming off the ropes. Hart hits a springboard twisting elbow, but Henry dropkicks Hart and Smith boots Henry to the floor. Smith rams Henry into the apron and kicks Drake in the ribs on the floor. All four men are on the floor brawling. Hart takes Henry over on the floor with a suplex.

Henry sends Hart into the crowd while Drake works over Smith with forearms on the floor. Henry took Hart out with a dive in the crowd, but the camera missed it. Smith blocks a double suplex onto chairs and rams Drake into Henry. Smith slams Henry onto the chairs. Hart suplexs Drake on the floor. Hart takes everyone out with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Hart knee strikes Henry and hits a piledriver/DDT combo over the middle rope in the ring. Drake powers out at two on the cover attempt. Hart hammers away on Henry in the corner to maintain the advantage. Hart is stopped by Henry with a kick in the corner. Drake knocks Smith off the apron as Henry tosses Hart with an overhead suplex for a near fall. Drake covers Hart for a two count and keeps a headlock on Hart. Henry returns to the match and stomp on Hart. Henry uppercuts Hart into the ropes. Henry continues with a chop against the ropes. Hart connects with a somersault hammerlock DDT and a powerbomb backbreaker.

Smith tags in and cleans house sending Drake and Henry into each other. Smith pummels Drake with right hands in the corner and delivers a scoop slam. Smith big boots Henry coming off the ropes and plays to the crowd. Smith leg drops Henry leading to a near fall. Smith hits a middle rope powerslam on Henry and Hart hits a moonsault, but Drake breaks the cover. Drake nails Smith with a stunner and a cannonball splash in the corner. Henry goes to the top rope hitting a double stomp. Drake goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Smith grabs Henry and hits a tiger suplex after a dropkick by Hart. Hart hits a backstabber and Smith powerbombs Henry. Hart finishes Henry off with a top rope Canadian Destroyer for the win. (***1/2. That was a great tag match. Smith and Hart worked great with their combo moves and the action was delivered at a great pace. Drake and Henry showed me their skillset and makes me wonder if they should get some better success in AEW. I really enjoyed this one.)

Fourth Contest: Kevin Blackwood vs. JT Dunn: Dunn gets in Blackwood’s face and taunts him a few times. They shove each other before Blackwood shoulder blocks Dunn a few times. Blackwood hits a twisting uppercut and another uppercut in the corner. Dunn backs off in the corner. Blackwood flips off Dunn and hits a backstabber out of the corner for a near fall. Blackwood slams Dunn for another two count. Blackwood chops Dunn in the corner a few times. Dunn kicks Blackwood away in the corner and dumps Blackwood to the apron to deliver a forearm and a sliding dropkick to the floor. Dunn chops Blackwood on the floor. Blackwood uppercuts Dunn followed by chops. Dunn responds with a few chops, but Blackwood drops Dunn with a chop and another uppercut. Dunn slaps Blackwood and delivers a back suplex onto the apron. Dunn delivers an elbow drop into the ring for a near fall. Blackwood continues with several strikes, but Dunn kicks Blackwood into the corner and delivers a double knee strike for a near fall. Dunn knee lifts Blackwood followed by a kick to the back. Dunn keeps a chin lock on Blackwood, but Blackwood fights out with strikes. Blackwood misses a clothesline, but delivers a clothesline to the back of the head. Blackwood powerbombs Dunn for a near fall. Blackwood locks in an STF, but Dunn bites free. Dunn hits a rolling cutter for a near fall. Blackwood almost wins with a rollup and delivers a kick to the face. Blackwood has Dunn on the top rope, but Dunn shoves Blackwood away. Blackwood uppercuts Dunn and hits a middle rope Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Blackwood gets a rollup on Dunn and wins the match after Dunn was taunting the referee. (***. The crowd popped for Blackwood winning and the match was a solid encounter. Hard hitting and kept a good pace to keep me interested. I haven’t seen a lot of Blackwood wrestling and I’d like to check out more of his stuff.)

Fifth Contest: Maine Street Posse (Aggro & Kid) vs. Alexander Lee & Brandon Kirk in a street fight: Aggro and Kid hit stereo dives to the floor to kickoff the fight. Lee and Kirk deliver trash can shots to avoid stereo dives to the floor. Kirk delivers a trash can shot to Kid. Lee splashes Aggro in the corner followed by a knee strike. Aggro dropkicks Lee into the corner, but misses a splash. Lee decks Aggro with a clothesline. Kid nails Lee with a sling blade and several chops against the ropes. Lee bails to the floor to regroup. Kid kicks Lee from the apron allowing Aggro to hit a German suplex on the floor. Kirk yanks Kid down onto the apron and spikes Kid with a piledriver onto the apron. Kirk brings out with a barbed wire door from under the ring. Kirk has a staple gun and tries to staple Kid’s forehead. Kid manages to staple Kirk’s head. Kid staples Kirk’s tongue to the turnbuckle pad. Kid hits a German suplex out of the corner. Lee rams Kid face first onto a chair and delivers several forearm shots. They both sit down with Lee putting his feet on Kid. Aggro hits a missile dropkick to knock Lee out of the chair. Kid has a chair and smashes Lee in the corner. Posse hit a stereo senton splashes, but Aggro only gets a two count. Kirk hits the Posse with trash can shots. Aggro hits Kirk with a tack bat. Aggro dumps out some tacks and Aggro tries for a slam, but Kirk slams Aggro onto the tacks. Kirk throws tacks at Kid and hits a Death Valley Driver through a door in the corner. Kid kicks out at two on the cover attempt. Lee has handcuffs and cuffs Kid to the bottom rope. Lee handcuffed Kid by the ear. Lee hits Kid with the door. Kirk staples Kid and Lee digs a spike into Kid’s face. Lee splashes Joey Eastman in the corner. Aggro has the key, but Kirk stops Aggro. Aggro kicks Kirk and Kid unlocks the cuffs from his ear. Kid pummels Lee with strikes and hits both Lee and Kirk with weapons. Lee is stapled by Ki in the corner. Kirk tosses Aggro with a German suplex and clotheslines Kid. Lee nails Aggor with a flying headbutt strike for a two count. Kid hits Kirk with a lobster trap. Kid has cuffed Lee on the apron, but Lee delivers a few headbutts. Aggro has Lee and powerbombs Lee through a barbed wire door on the floor. Lee is beaten up with trash can and lid shots by the Posse. Lee lays over the lobster trap and Kid hits a top rope senton for the three count. (***1/2. There are some over the top hardcore spots, but it was an enjoyable match and placed well on the card. Nothing before the match came close to this style, so it came across fresh and different. There were some unique spots and I liked the handcuffing of the ear spot. Which isn’t something I ever expected to type.)

Sixth Contest: Butcher & The Blade vs. Chris Dickinson & Tom Lawlor: Butcher and Dickinson kickoff the tag match. Butcher backs off from the corner and they begin to trade chops. Dickinson kicks Butcher and they trade knee lifts. Butcher hits a running knee strike to a seated Dickinson for a two count. Blade tags in and controls Dickinson with a wrist lock. Dickinson back suplexs Blade. Dickinson chops Blade in the corner. Lawlor tags in and is kicked away by Blade. Lawlor takes Blade down and gets ankle control, but is kicked away by Blade. Lawlor tries for an ankle lock, but Blade reaches the ropes. Lawlor blocks a hip toss and takes Blade down with a rollup, but switches into a figure four. Dickinson clotheslines Butcher to prevent a stomp on Lawlor. Lawlor chops Butcher into a corner several times. Lawlor jabs Butcher a few times, but Butcher fights back with chops. Lawlor chops Butcher into the corner. Dickinson tags in and beats on Butcher with strikes and a kick to the back. Lawlor gets a two count on a side Russian leg sweep. Lawlor goes for a backslide and Dickinson chops Butcher. Dickinson tries for a suplex, but Butcher knee lifts free. Dickinson clubs on Butcher a few times. Butcher fights both men off and tags in Blade. Blade powerslams Dickinson and clotheslines Lawlor coming off the ropes. Blade dumps Lawlor to the floor and delivers a chop. Butcher drops Lawlor over Blade’s knee for a two count.

Blade and Butcher hit a side slam/leg drop combo for a two count on Lawlor. Lawlor is sent into the corner hard back first. Butcher stomps on Lawlor in the corner and taunts Dickinson. Blade tags back into the contest and headbutts Lawlor. Lawlor tosses Blade with an exploder suplex. Dickinson tags in and cleans house with clotheslines. Dickinson almost gets a three count on Butcher. Butcher is kicked several times by Dickinson and Lawlor. They hit a clothesline/German suplex combo on Butcher for a two count. Butcher hits a backbreaker on Lawlor and Blade spikes Lawlor with a tombstone piledriver for a two count. Lawlor nails Blade with a spinning heel kick. Butcher clotheslines Lawlor and Dickinson superkicks Butcher. Dickinson puts Blade’s mask on Lawlor to taunt their opponents. Lawlor has Butcher on his shoulders doing an airplane spin. Dickinson kicks Butcher leading to a Death Valley Driver, but Butcher kicks out at two. Dickinson is sent into Lawlor on the top rope. Butcher hits a powerbomb/shoulder tackle combo with Blade. Butcher suplexs Lawlor onto Blade’s knees for the win. (**3/4. A quality match, but I found myself tuning out in parts of the match. I really enjoy the work over Butcher and Blade. I’m leaning toward not being invested in Lawlor and Dickinson for me kinda getting bored in moments.)

Seventh Contrest: Harlow O’Hara vs. Jody Threat vs. John Silver vs. DL Hurst vs. Puf: Silver works over Puf to start the match in the corner with strikes and stomps. Harlow tosses Silver with a German suplex. Harlow knee strikes Hurst and delivers a running boot strike. Threat is sent to the floor by Harlow. Harlow dives off the apron to take the dudes out on the floor. Threat hits Harlow with a skateboard and she takes Puf out with a head scissors on the floor! Threat spears Hurst on the floor. Threat gets on the skateboard and is superkicked by Silver. Silver rolls Threat into the ring for a near fall. Silver continues to kick Threat, but Threat fires back with forearms. Silver pump kicks Threat and she gets in his face. Threat forearms Silver, but is chopped by Silver. Threat goes for a backslide, but Silver breaks free and deliver several kicks. Threat hits a sit out slam for a two count on Silver. Threat boots Puf in the corner, but is caught coming off the middle rope. Puf hits a swinging flatliner. Hurst nails Puf with a double stomp. Hurst elbows Harlow in the corner and hits a DDT. Harlow goes to the top rope, but Silver forearms Harlow. Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Hurst nails Puf with a Coast to Coast dropkick and everyone is down in the ring. Harlow hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count on Silver. Threat kicks Harlow with a few kicks. Hurst kicks Threat a couple of times. Puf clotheslines Hurst and drops Harlow with a body strike and the same to Threat.

Puf and Silver trade strikes with Puf getting the advantage. Silver knee strikes Puf. Silver kicks Puf several times, but Puf staggers and doesn’t go down. Silver tries for a clothesline, but Puf doesn’t go down. Puf catches Silver and hits a swinging backbreaker and a clothesline to the back of the head, but Harlow breaks the cover. Threat spears Harlow. Threat drops Hurst over the middle rope to deliver a double knee and German suplex. Hurst gets up and plants Threat with a powerbomb. Hurst hits the Dominator for the win on Threat. (***. A competitive match with everyone getting a balanced focused and time to shine. I was thinking this could drag, but it flew by and I enjoyed the action.)

Eighth Contest: Kris Statlander & Ashley Vox vs. Jeremey Leary & Skylar in a career vs. hair match: Statlander and Leary kickoff the tag match, but Leary tags out and tags in Skylar. Skylar works over Statlander with strikes, but Statlander trips her and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Statlander chops Skylar in the corner and delivers a running uppercut. Vox enters the match and dropkicks Skylar and hits a cannonball after Statlander delivered a boot. Skylar yanks Vox down to the mat, but Vox hits a senton splash. Statlander returns to powerslams Skylar for a near fall. Skylar delivers a flapjack after Leary delivered a strike from the apron. Leary slams Skylar onto Statlander for a near fall. Leary kicks on Statlander several times and plays to the crowd. Skylar returns to the match and ducks a kick. Statlander and Skylar trade chops in the middle of the ring. They both fall down in the corner leading to Vox and Leary tagging into the match. Vox fish hooks Leary and sends Leary into the middle turnbuckle face first. Vox goes to the top and head scissors Leary to the corner. Skylar stops Vox with a German suplex.

Skylar and Leary double team Vox with strikes. Skylar hits a flatliner for a two count on Vox. Skylar accidentally hits a middle rope Codebreaker on Leary. Vox sends Skylar to the floor. Leary forearms Vox from behind and misses a clothesline allowing Vox to hit a suicide dive on Skylar on the floor. Statlander is behind Leary and confronts Leary. Statlander blocks a punch and chops Leary several times. Statlnader kicks Leary followed by a heel kick. Vox tries to break the cover, but lands on Leary. Statlander drops Skylar with a spinning slam. Statlander tries to use Vox for a move, but Leary counters and Vox accidentally head scissors Statlander. Leary hits a package piledriver on Statlander and Skylar hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Vox makes the save. Vox leaps off the top, but is caught and Statlander hits a double spear. Statlander clotheslines Leary to the floor. Vox missile dropkicks Skylar, but Skylar comes back trying for a tombstone, but Vox counters with an arm bar. Statlander holds Leary on the floor. Leary sends Statlander into the ring post and makes the save. Leary delivers a piledriver, but Statlander makes the save. Statlander has Leary and hits the double under hook piledriver to pin Leary. Leary must shave his head now. (**. The double team miscommunication between Statlander and Vox leading to a head scissors was an awkward spot and the crowd vocalized that. They recovered fairly well from there and the match overall was decent, but nothing overly memorable.)

Main Event: Limitless Heavyweight Champion MJF vs. Anthony Greene in a no disqualification match: MJF taunts Greene after a pie face and is met with a pump kick. Greene dives over the top to take MJF out on the floor. Greene tries for an Un-Prettier, but MJF counters with a low blow and the referee calls for the bell. The owner of Limitless proceeds to make the match a no disqualifications. MJF is not happy about that. Greene takes MJF down and delivers several right hands on the mat. MJF bails to the floor, but Greene follows with strikes. MJF hits Greene with a drink in the crowd. Greene knocks MJF down with a strike. Greene rams MJF face first onto the ring steps. MJF forearms Greene and delivers a back rake. They wrestle backstage where there’s no camera to follow them. They come back through on the other side with Greene tossing MJF through the curtain. Greene scoop slams MJF on the basketball court floor. Greene rolls MJF into the ring and heads to the top rope. MJF bails to the floor and tries for a baseball slide, but MJF traps Greene in the apron and pummels Greene with strikes. MJF sends Greene into the ring post face first. MJF stomps on Greene’s arm. MJF sends Greene into the ring post shoulder first and taunts the crowd.

MJF elbows Greene and keeps arm control on the mat. Greene hammers away on MJF, but is yanked down by his hair. MJF covers Greene for a two count. MJF wrenches on Greene’s arm under the top rope and kicks Greene to the mat. MJF tosses Greene into the corner and manages a two count. MJF works over Greene with strikes in the corner and taunts the crowd. MJF twists Greene’s arm on the top rope, but Greene knocks MJF off and hits a twisting crossbody. Greene elbows MJF and delivers a jawbreaker and neckbreaker. Greene clotheslines MJF in the corner. Greene hits a springboard cutter for a two count. They trade rollups until MJF hits a butterfly shoulder breaker. MJF tries for a reverse DDT, but Greene rams MJF into the corner. MJF pulls the referee in front of him and double stomps Greene on the arm. MJF goes back to arm control, but Greene counters. MJF drives Greene down with a driver for a two count. MJF tries for a reverse DDT, but Greene blocks and hits a Pedigree! Greene tries for a cover, but MJF rolls to the floor to avoid being pinned. Greene tosses MJF down on the floor and goes under the ring to grab a couple of steel chairs. Greene also has a door to lay over the two chairs.

MJF eye rakes Greene to avoid being put through the table. MJF elbows Greene in the corner and goes to the middle rope missing a double stomp. Greene kicks MJF into the ropes, but is choked on the apron. MJF tries to knock Greene off, but settles for a kick. MJF tries for a piledriver, but Greene avoids it and misses a springboard cutter. MJF plants Greene with the Cross Rhodes for a near fall. MJF has Greene on his shoulders looking for a DVD, but Greene breaks free and spears MJF off the apron onto the table. They both struggle to standup in the ring. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. MJF headbutts Greene to the mat and wants the referee to count out Greene. Greene pops up and nails MJF with a strike. Greene forearms MJF on the back of the head, but the referee pulls Greene off. The referee begins to count MJF on the mat. Greene goes for the Un-Prettier, but MJF counters by biting Greene’s ear and hits another Cross Rhodes for a two count. MJF has an arm bar on Greene, but Greene counters with a rollup for a two count. Greene locks in a Crossface in the middle of the ring, but MJF doesn’t give in. MJF eye rakes free to roll to the floor to regroup. MJF has a barbed wire chair. Greene kicks the chair away and low blows MJF. Greene connects with the So Much Prettier (springboard Un-Prettier) for the win! (***12. When I saw this was the main event, I was interested in seeing how this played out. Greene is an entertaining worker and I don’t normally see him in the main events of shows, but I think he proved himself in that role here against MJF. They told a good story and didn’t rely on big spots to keep interest.)

Final Thoughts:
From top to bottom, this was a really good show. I left this show interested in checking out more from Limitless Wrestling. Check it out.

Thanks for reading.

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