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NWA Cyberspace Shockwave 5/21/2005

National Wrestling Alliance/Cyberspace presents Shockwave
From: Wayne, NJ

Shockwave is a TV Taping for Cyberspace, which would be shown on the internet, I believe. Instead of splitting these up as episodes, I’m just going to do the full taping in one show review. I believe this would equate to four one-hour episodes.

Opening Contest: Grim Reefer & Amazing Red vs. The SAT: Reefer and Joel kickoff the match. Joel flips off Reefer to avoid a test of strength at the start of the match. Reefer controls Joel with a wrist lock until Joel rolls to the floor to regroup. Joel shoulder blocks Reefer upon returning, but Reefer gets a crossface on Joel after a tilt a whirl. Reefer fails to get a submission as Jose made the save. Red and Jose are tagged into the match. Red takes Jose down to the mat and they have a standoff after a few moments. They continue to counter each other until Jose slaps Red. Reefer gets a slap in as does Joel. Red and Jose brawl to the floor trading strikes. Back into the ring, Jose chops Red several times. Reefer tries to get involved, but is stopped by the referee. Joel tags into the match and Red dropkicks the SAT. Red kicks Jose to the floor. Red takes both men out with a dive over the top to the floor. Reefer and Red work over Jose with chops. Jose is met with a double chop coming off the ropes. Reefer continues with right hands. Reefer goes for a sunset flip, but is kicked by Joel from behind. Red works over Joel with several strikes in the corner. Red delivers a running knee strike into the corner. Red nearly wins with a dropkick. Reefer returns to the match, but tags out quickly and Red beats on Joel with more strikes in the corner.

Joel nails Red with a clothesline and Jose tags into the match. Jose delivers a running kick to the corner and a snap suplex for a near fall. Red tries for a head scissors, but is slammed to the mat. Reefer connects with a springboard dropkick and a leg drop to Jose. Reefer slams Joel and connects with a backbreaker to Jose. Reefer hits a swanton on Joel for a two count. Jose spikes Reefer with a reverse tombstone for a two count. Red kicks Jose and hits a standing shooting star for a two count. Jose hits a middle rope clothesline to Red and plants Red with a double under hook slam for a two count. Reefer is stopped on the middle rope and SAT hit an elevated tornado DDT for the win on Reefer. (***. A good match to start the show. They didn’t overdo big spots to wear down the crowd. Reefer impressed with his moments of shine. SAT worked well as heels and their simpler style here works with the NWA banner. SAT getting another look by TNA at this time could have been interesting.)

The winner of the next match gets an NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship opportunity.

Second Contest: Michael Shane vs. Elix Skipper in a number one contenders match: Shane controls Skipper with a wrist lock to start the contest. Skipper switches to a hammerlock on the mat and manages a two count on a rollup. Shane takes Skipper down to the mat and they trade some mat wrestling holds. Shane hits a northern lights suplex for a two count, but Skipper gets a front face lock on Shane. Shane breaks free and bails to the floor to regroup. Shane slams Skipper, but Skipper gets up and heel kicks Shane. Skipper forearms Shane in the corner followed by leaping mule kick. Skipper arm drags Shane and wrenches on Shane’s arm before pulling on Shane’s leg. Shane dumps Skipper over the top to the floor. Shane slams Skipper onto the floor and rams Skipper onto the apron face first. Shane hammers away on Skipper, but Skipper delivers a belly to belly suplex and slingshot splash for a near fall. Shane almost wins with a belly to belly suplex. Shane knee drops Skipper for another two count. Skipper elbows Shane and hits a back suplex. Skipper misses a middle rope leg drop attempt. Shane sends Skipper hard into the corner back first. Shane hammers away on Skipper some more. Skipper crotches Shane on the top rope. Skipper walks the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Skipper clotheslines Shane a few times followed by a spin kick. Skipper drops Shane over the top rope and hits a leg drop over the back for a near fall. Shane hits a flatliner out of nowhere for a near fall. Skipper counters Shane looking for the Play of the Day, but Shane counters with a hurricanrana for a two count. Shane nails Skipper with a superkick for a two count. They trade a couple of pin attempts until Shane delivers a second superkick for the win. (**. A decent match, but it never felt like it got out of first gear for the most part.)

“Sure Thing” John Shane brings out Mike Tobin to hype him up. Shane continues to cut a promo, but the microphone is not good and the crowd is giving him good heat making it hard to hear him very well. Tobin insults Bill Apter and begins to mock Ric Flair, too. They leave the ring.

Third Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Champion Josh Daniels vs. Matt Striker: Striker controls Daniels with a headlock, but that doesn’t last long. Strike arm drags Daniels to the mat and they have a standoff. Daniels gets a full nelson on Striker, but Striker goes down and counters with a rollup for a two count. Daniels leg sweeps Striker to the mat and keeps control with a headlock and wrist lock. Striker gets up and puts a headlock on Daniels. Striker shoulder blocks Daniels and delivers a chop and struts. Striker wants to shake hands, but Daniels responds with chops. Striker eye pokes Daniels and delivers another chop. Striker forearms Daniels, but is met with a forearm strike. Daniels slams Striker’s midsection onto the mat a few times. Daniels takes Striker over with a snap suplex. Daniels plants Striker with a back suplex. Striker bulldogs Daniels and hits a dropkick. Striker drops Daniels with an Angle Slam on his head. Striker puts the ankle lock on Daniels, but Daniels doesn’t give in. Daniels splashes Striker in the corner and hits a northern lights suplex. Daniels dropkicks Striker on the knee. Striker gets out of a suplex, but Daniels hits a German suplex for a near fall. Daniels goes to the top rope, but is crotched by Striker. Striker hits a top rope cutter for a two count. Daniels misses a clothesline and is dropkicked by Striker for a two count.

Daniels stops Striker on the top rope and hits a superplex for a two count. Daniels goes to the top rope, but Striker stops Daniels and is knocked to the mat. The SAT’s come out and attack Daniels to hit the Spanish Fly! The referee has disqualified Striker. Striker covered Daniels and the SAT counted the fall, but it doesn’t count. Mike Kruel comes out with a chair to chase the heels off to save Daniels. Kruel ends up whacking Daniels over the head with the chair and taunts the crowd. Kruel beats on Daniels and the SAT return to the ring to stomp on Daniels. Striker is back as well and they fight off security. (**. Striker is super over with the crowd, but they are using him as a heel, which seems like a bad business decision. The action was fine with Striker doing some moves that I don’t normally see him pull off. Daniels is a quality wrestler and his offense is good enough to keep interest. I hope Striker is properly used as a face and given a bigger push at some point.)

Scott D’Amore calls out Foreign Exchange to come out to the ring. D’Amore wants them to join Team Canada, apparently. Petey Williams and Bobby Roode make their way out to join the segment. D’Amore is going to handover the services of Roode and Williams to Foreign Exchange in the company. They accept the partnership.

Fourth Contest: Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy: Wiliams goes behind Boy, but Boy counters with a wrist lock fairly quickly. Williams goes back to control with a wrist lock. Boy counters with a headlock takeover. Williams elbows free and Boy delivers a shoulder block to send Williams to the floor. Boy backs Williams into a corner, but backs off cleanly. Boy avoids a chop and drops Williams with a chop to the floor. Williams returns to the ring and puts a headlock on Boy. They counter each other again several times. Boy gets control with a headlock, but Williams reaches the ropes and slaps Boy. Boy responds with a dropkick and a backdrop. Boy bites Williams on the butt to send Williams to the floor. Jade Chung gets on the apron to distract Boy with a kendo stick. Boy bites her butt on the apron, too. Williams hits a slingshot splash over the apron, which looked a little weird. Williams tries for a cover managing a two count. Williams stomps on Boy to keep control of the contest. Williams chokes Boy over the middle rope and is hit by Chung as the referee is distracted by Williams. Boy hammers away on Williams in the corner with several strikes. Boy almost gets a rollup, but Williams counters with a sharpshooter, but doesn’t get a submission. Williams puts Boy in a tree of woe and steps on Boy’s groin. Williams connects with a leg drop and goes to the top rope. Williams is stopped on the top by Boy and met with a chop. Boy connects with a hurricanrana. Boy pummels Williams with right hands against the ropes. Boy delivers a facebuster and clotheslines. Boy rams Williams into the corner and hammers away on Williams. Boy bites Williams on the forehead. Boy connects with a bulldog out of the corner for a two count. Williams plants Boy with a tilt a whirl side Russian leg sweep. Boy stops Williams with a neckbreaker for a two count. Boy boots Williams in the corner and looks for the DSD, but Williams blocks it and hits the Canadians Destroyer to win the match. (**. Not a bad match and more competitive than I was expecting. I would have been shocked if Shark Boy won the match, but he had a good showing and got a lot more offense than you’d expect. Williams is just on fire at this point and the Destroyer is deadly.)

Devin Sturgis brings out Matt Striker for an interview to answer the reasoning for his alignment with SAT and Mike Kruel. Striker pokes fun at Sturgis and dismisses him out of the ring. Striker hits on the same women from earlier in the front row. Striker thanks the fans about his match with Chris Candido. Striker notes that the fans gave them an eight minute standing ovation because they enjoyed the action. Striker talks about Billy Firehawk telling him to not come back. Striker calls out Firehawk to confront him and pokes fun at his weight. Firehawk makes his way down to the ring. Striker says that Firehawk has high blood pressure and cholestrol. Striker thinks that Firehawk has diabetes and probably doesn’t even see his feet or penis. Striker says that if he could see it then he’s wife wouldn’t be swallowing his… well.. you know. Striker and his crew beatdown Firehawk. Striker’s reveals their name is The Difference. Striker says that nobody likes him. Striker wants to be paid his $550 and Firehawk can leave his life. A few guys from the back come running out with chairs to chase them off. It was Skipper, Shane, Daniels and Red.

Fifth Contest: Mike Tobin vs. D’Lo Brown: Brown hammers away on Tobin followed by an elbow shot. Tobin is knocked to the floor. Brown takes both Tobin and John Shane on the floor. Brown decks Tobin with a right hand. Brown sends Tobin into the corner back first. Brown sends Tobin into Shane on the floor. Brown drops Tobin over the railing chest first. Brown shoulder blocks Tobin, but Shane grabs Brown’s foot from the floor. Shane chokes Brown over the middle rope. Tobin hammers away on Brown in the corner, but Brown responds with strikes and a chop to the chest. Tobin runs into a boot in the corner and Brown misses a moonsault leading to a near fall. Tobin goes to the top rope looking for a crossbody, but Brown catches Tobin to hit a swinging side slam. Brown clotheslines Tobin coming off the ropes followed by a scoop slam and delivers a leg drop for a near fall. Tobin eye rakes Brown, but Brown hits the Sky High. Brown heads to the top rope and hits the Lo Down, but John Shane gets on the apron. Tobin rolls to the floor to avoid the pin. Shane and Tobin leave the ringside area and take the count-out loss. (*1/2. Considering the focus that Tobin got earlier in the show, it would have been a little weird to have him lose cleanly. This just adds to his heat as a heel and it doesn’t bother me all that much. The action wasn’t anything to really speak of, but it was effective in promoting Tobin as a potential top heel for the company.) After the match, Brown grabs John Shane and rolls him into the ring. Shane begs off, but Brown isn’t interested in backing off. Tobin comes in and hits Brown with the plaque from behind to save Shane.

Sixth Contest: Abyss & Rodney Mack vs. Slyck Wagner Brown & Michael Shane: Abyss and Shane kickoff the match. Abyss knocks Shane into the corner and taunts him before scaring Traci on the floor. Shane hammers away on Abyss a few times, but Abyss counters and blocks a superkick. Shane tries for a sunset flip, but avoids a sit down splash and gets a one count after a rolling neck snap. Brown tags in and axe handles Abyss from the top rope. Abyss knee lifts Brown and misses a big boot. Brown heel kicks Abyss on the back of the head for a two count. Mack tags in and controls Brown with a wrist lock. Brown head scissors Mack to the mat and tags in Shane. Mack is met with a double elbow off the ropes. Shane continues with strikes and gets distracted allowing a powerslam by Mack. Abyss works over Shane with a strike to the back. Abyss works over Shane and chokes him in the corner. Shane tries to fight back out of the corner, but a knee lift stops him. Mack headbutts Shane and chokes Shane over the ropes. Mack drives Shane down with a vertical suplex and a big splash for a two count, but Brown makes the save. Abyss tags into the match and beats on Shane with strikes. Abyss chops Shane in the corner. Abyss hits a splash in the corner and Shane drops to the mat. Mack tags into the match and decks Shane with a right hand.

Shane hammers away on Mack, but Mack hits an overhead suplex and a knee drop for a two count. Shane elbows Mack, but Mack clubs on Shane and delivers a clothesline before tagging in Abyss. Abyss signals for a chokeslam, but Shane counters with a DDT. Brown gets tagged in and dropkicks Mack and the same to Abyss. Abyss stops Brown in the corner, but Mack misses a clothesline. Brown takes Abyss over with a hurricanrana and a leg lariat to Mack for a near fall. Brown chops Mack in the corner several times. Brown elbows Mack and hits a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Brown hits a Michinoku Driver and goes to the top, but is distracted by a manager until Traci gets involved. Abyss stalks after Traci while Mack is nailed by a double superkick allowing Brown to pin Mack for the win. After the match, Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Shane and Mack kicks Brown right on the head. Mack loads up his boot and hits Brown again in the corner. (**1/2. A better tag team match than I was expecting. I thought Slyck looked really good in his heat segment to take out the heels. I liked the clean finish as it protects Abyss since he wasn’t directly involved.)

Seventh Contest: Lacey vs. Cindy Rogers: Rogers works over Lacey in the corner with strikes, but Lacey battles back with forearms and chops of her own. Lacey hip tosses Rogers followed by a back elbow and a forearm to the chest. Lacey hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Lacey misses a clothesline and Rogers hits one of her own. Rogers chokes Lacey over the middle rope and John Shane gets a cheap shot on Lacey. Rogers knee drops Lacey and delivers another clothesline. Rogers takes Lacey over with a snap suplex for a two count. Rogers plants Lacey with a side slam for a near fall. Rogers controls Lacey with an arm bar on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Rogers slams Lacey to the mat and connects with a leg drop. Rogers tries for a slam, but Lacey nearly wins with an inside cradle. Rogers sends Lacey into Shane on the apron. Lacey gets a rollup on Rogers after Rogers nearly collides with Shane and wins the match. (1/2*. There was nothing standout about this match at all.)

Eighth Contest: All Money Is Legal vs. Hall Brothers (James & Ross) vs. Chris Camaro & Kid Mikaze vs. Dan Barry & Ken Scampi in an elimination match: Barry and Ross kickoff the tag match and they counter each other several times. Barry shoulder blocks Ross and keeps control with a headlock on the mat. Ross shoulder blocks Barry and hits an arm drag and hip toss. Barry kicks Ross away, but Ross responds with a kick and they have a standoff. James is tagged into the match and tries his luck against Scampi. They both attempt kicks and then collide heads. They trade right hands and both men stumble around the ring. Camaro and Mikaze are tagged into the match to fight each other. Everyone drops off the apron causing them to remain in the ring, but they are pissed. Eventually, Mikaze gets Pusha in the ring and hits a slam before going to the top hitting a reverse senton splash for a two count. Pusha is driven down to the mat with a double team Styles Clash for a two count. Camaro hits a modified slam for another two count. Mikaze misses a kick and is slapped by Pusha. Pusha knee strikes Mikaze and tags in Murda. Mikaze is dropkicked on the apron while upside down. Camaro is driven down to the mat face first. All four teams are going at it. Scampi is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Barry is nailed by a DDT by Ross and Ross hits a suicide dive to the floor. Camaro takes everyone out with a dive to the floor. Barry goes to the top rope and takes everyone out with a corkscrew dive. Mikaze is driven down with a double Muscle Buster by All Money Is Legal for the first elimination.

Hall Brothers try to get some offense in, but Legal control for a moment. Legal get sent to the floor allowing Barry and Scampi to beat on the Hall Brothers. Scampi is met with a clothesline and a dropkick to the floor. Hall Brothers hit a clothesline/German suplex combo on Barry for the second elimination.

Legal work over the Hall Brothers to gain control, but are met with leaping elbow strikes and atomic drops. Hall Brothers hit stereo dropkicks. Ross hits a springboard moonsault on Pusha for a near fall. Pusha is chopped by both men and controlled by Ross with a sleeper on the mat. Ross stops Pusha with a facebuster and a flying forearm for a two count. Hall Brothers hit a double side Russian leg sweep for a near fall as Murda was distracting the referee. Ross misses the Overdrive and Pusha hits a scissors kick. Murda tags in and cleans house with heel kicks. Pusha prevents a combo German suplex and Ross is driven down with a wheelbarrow facebuster and a X-Factor off the top for the win. (**1/4. I’m not really familiar with the guys aside from AMIL and Dan Barry, but I thought this was a fine match that didn’t drag along. The dives to the floor was an obvious spot to happen so that the crowd pops for it, but there was some quality action throughout the match, as well. A surprisingly solid match.) After the match, the crowd makes it clear they want AMIL to get a title shot.

Devin Sturgis comes out yet again to cut a promo. Sturgis notes that Jeff Jarrett couldn’t make the show and brings out Jarrett’s lawyer, Daggett. Jarrett couldn’t make it for medical reasons. The microphone is really bad and it’s tough to hear what is being said. It’s announced that Jarrett will defend the title at the June 25th show against Michael Shane. It’s announced that Abyss will be in Jarrett’s corner at the next event.

Ninth Contest: Bobby Roode vs. Chris Harris: Harris backs Roode into a corner and backs off cleanly. Harris shoves Roode to the floor to continue a slow start. Roode backs Harris into a corner and tries for a cheap shot, but misses and begs off in the corner as the referee stops a closed fist attempt by Harris. Roode takes Harris down to the mat with a front face lock, but Harris counters with a hammerlock on the mat. Harris shoulder blocks Roode a few times and Roode bails to the floor again. Roode does a face plant around ringside to sell the shoulder blocks. Harris decks Roode with a few left hands around ringside. Harris sends Roode into the guard railing and into the crowd with a left hand strike. Roode eye rakes Harris and tosses Harris onto the bleachers. Harris sends Roode into a guard railing face first and onto a steel chair. Harris rams Roode into the railing back first a couple of times. They begin to trade chops in the crowd. Roode decks Harris from behind as Harris was distracted by Jade Chung. Roode delivers an elbow drop and taunts the crowd before ramming Harris into the corner and delivers several jabs. Roode hits a rolling neck snap and gets a two count. Roode keeps Harris on the mat with a chin lock. Harris tries to elbow free, but is yanked down to the mat by his hair.

Roode knee lifts Harris against the ropes a few times. Roode hits a back suplex and taunts the crowd. Roode tries for a cover, but Harris kicks out at two. Harris fights back with left hands, but a knee lift stops him. Roode drives Harris to the mat with a vertical suplex. Roode leaps off the middle rope to hit a knee drop for a two count. Roode continues with a sleeper hold on the mat. Harris powers to his feet and elbows Roode managing to hit a jawbreaker. Harris spikes Roode with a quick DDT and both men are down. Harris fires back with left hands, but Roode responds with strikes as well. Harris gets the advantage and ducks a clothesline to nail Roode with a leaping clothesline. Harris bulldogs Roode out of the corner. Roode kicks Harris, but Harris connects with a spinebuster for a near fall. Harris kicks Roode, but is stopped by Chung allowing a northern lights suplex by Roode for a near fall. Chung is in the ring and almost hits Roode with a kendo stick. Harris spears Roode for a near fall. Harris grabs Chung on the apron, but Roode stops Harris. Harris plants Roode with the Catatonic, but the referee is distracted by Chung. Petey Williams tries for the Destroyer, but is slammed by Harris. Roode nails Harris with a running lariat from behind for another two count. Roode has the kendo stick, but Harris ducks and rolls Roode up for the win. (**. I was looking forward to this match because I’ve always thought of these two as main event singles wrestlers for TNA down the line. I thought they worked pretty well and while the match was basic and didn’t really steer away from a standard match, I was still entertained. Towards the end they got a little sloppy, but I thought it was a fine match. Perhaps a little underwhelming, but I’d like to see them in a match with higher stakes.)

Tenth Contest: Mo Sexton vs. Shawn Lee vs. Bandido Jr. : Sexton would later be known as Mario Bokara and have a brief run in TNA over a decade later. Sexton has been getting some great crowd reactions from Cyberspace fans and seems to be the next breakout performer for the company. Lee and Sexton trade wrist locks while Bandido waits in the corner. Bandido drop toe holds Lee causing Lee to bail to the floor to regroup. Bandido and Sexton hit stereo baseball slides to send Lee into the railing chest first. Bandido and Sexton begin to trade strikes with Sexton missing a clothesline, but catches Bandido on a crossbody and hits a modified cutter over the shoulder for a near fall as Lee makes the save. Lee kicks Sexton and delivers a kick to the head. Lee tries for a Piledriver on Bandido, but Bandido breaks free and hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Foreign Exchange have come down to ringside to scout the wrestlers. Sexton dropkicks Bandido for a two count. Bandido nails Sexton with a jawbreaker into the ropes. Sexton tosses Bandido over the top onto Lee on the floor. Bandido goes to the top rope, but is caught by Sexton. Sexton tries for a powerbomb, but Bandido hits a facebuster for a near fall. Lee chop blocks Bandido from behind and kicks Sexton to the floor. Lee drops Bandido with a dragon screw leg whip and puts a horrible figure four on Bandido. Sexton goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash on Lee and wins the match pinning Lee. (*1/2. The crowd loves Sexton and I think he’s a good wrestler. If they ever need to pivot to local guys as draws, I’d expect Sexton to be the guy to chase for the title at some point.)

Eleventh Contest: Sinister X vs. John Cabbie: X wastes no time going after Cabbie with strikes, but misses a clothesline. Cabbie trips X from the floor and goes to the top barely hitting a missile dropkick for a two count. Cabbie forearms X a few times. Cabbie kicks X on the side of the head. Cabbie continues with right hands in the corner. X clotheslines Cabbie in the corner and continues with a kick to the midsection. X grabs Cabbie coming out of the corner to hit a chokebomb for the win. (1/2*. Sinister X has an interesting look and if he improved a little bit in the ring he could have potential in a major company. This was rather sloppy and the crowd didn’t seem to care about it.)

Devin Sturgis comes out again and introduces Rodney Mack for an interview. Mack is with The Smoke, who is apparently his manager now. Mack shoves Sturgis down and Smoke takes the microphone. Smoke is sick and tired of the lack of respect. Mack slaps a security guy and rolls him into the ring. Smoke and Mack beat the security guy. Some more security get in the ring and they are beaten down. Smoke calls Slyck Wagner Brown an Uncle Tom. Mack promises to kick Slyck’s ass.

John Shane announces before the main event that CM Punk is not in the arena and thus Julio Dinero will be forced to wrestle a handicap match against the Solution for the tag titles. As it turns out, Dinero gets them to make it a title match and CM Punk comes out. So, originally it was not a title match.

Main Event: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions The Solution (Havok & Papadon) vs. CM Punk & Julio Dinero: Solution double team Dinero until Punk arrives to make the save. Dinero and Punk hit stereo superkicks to send the champs to the floor. Punk and Havok kickoff the main event legally. Punk gets a headlock on Havok for the first few moments. Punk tries for a shoulder block, but is knocked down by Havok. Punk tries for a shoulder block, but Havok doesn’t budge. Punk drop toe holds Havok and falls backwards to wrench the knee. Punk chops Havok in the corner. Dinero dropkicks Havok coming off the ropes for a two count. Dinero works over Havok with several elbow strikes and chokes Havok over the ropes. Dinero elbows Havok in the corner and hits a middle rope clothesline for a near fall. Dinero headbutts Havok a few times. Dinero misses a clothesline and manages to hit a double clothesline. Punk decks Papadon from the apron. Dinero hits a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall on Papadon. Punk tags in and hip tosses Papadon followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Punk keeps a front face lock on Papadon for a few moments. Havok decks Punk from the apron to help out Papadon. Solution splash Punk in the corner leading to a near fall. Punk hammers away on Papadon with right hands. Papadon takes Punk down to the mat for a near fall. Papadon controls Punk on the mat followed by shoulder rams. Havok drives Punk down with a delayed vertical suplex for another two count.

Punk tries to fight back, but Papadon tags in and beats on Punk followed by a back suplex. Punk elbows free, but is yanked down by his hair. Havok returns to the match and Punk is beaten down with strikes. Havok plants Punk with a side slam for a near fall. Havok knee drops Punk on the lower back. Punk hip tosses free to get out of an abdominal stretch. Dinero punches Havok on the apron preventing a tag by Punk. Havok elbow drops Punk for a two count. Punk fights out of the corner, but is stopped by Papadon on the apron. Punk hits a springboard dropkick on Havok and tags in Dinero. Dinero cleans house with forearms and a superkick to Havok. Dinero spin kicks Papadon to the mat. Dinero continues with strikes, but is met with a flapjack for a two count. Punk works over Havok with strikes in the corner. Dinero dives to the floor while Punk hits a shining wizard on Papadon. John Shane gets on the apron, but is pulled down by Miss Michelle. Havok accidentally spears Papadon. Punk sends Havok to the floor and hits a side slam/middle rope elbow drop on Papadon to get the three count and win the tag titles. (**1/2. A fine main event and a good title change. Punk is already going to WWE at this point, so it’s a little surprising that they’d put a title on him, but considering its Punk and you create a moment, I understand doing it.)

Final Thoughts:
If I solely look at this as a TV taping, it’s not too bad for four episodes. As a standalone show, it’s probably a little underwhelming. I’m going to go with a thumbs in the middle as there was some solid action on the show, but some guys were used too much for my liking. There wasn’t a standout match, but I’ve wasted time on worse shows.

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