WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/2/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (original matches)
1.) Owen Hart defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
2.) Big Bossman fought The Warlord to a double count out
3.) The Bushwhackers defeated Lee Armstrong & Doug Somers
4.) Virgil defeated The Mountie by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Slick, Mr. Perfect, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are on the panel this week. Heenan and Perfect tease some major news and decide against telling anyone.

2.) Owen gets arm control on Brawler with a wrist lock in the early moments of the match. Owen delivers a few strikes to the arm. Brawler yanks Owen down by his hair and delivers a chop. Owen hip tosses Brawler and keeps wrist control again on the mat. Brawler shoulder rams Owen in the corner several times. Brawler misses Owen in the corner and is met with a backdrop. Owen keeps Brawler on the mat with an arm bar. Brawler gets control in a test of strength after kicking Owen in the midsection. Owen hip tosses Brawler and hits a hurricanrana for a near fall. Owen dropkicks Brawler to the floor. Brawler walks up the aisle to regroup. Brawler decks Owen with a clothesline and stomps Owen on the lower midsection. Brawler chops Owen in the corner, but runs into a boot. Owen bulldogs Brawler to the mat and hits a belly to belly suplex. Owen heads to the top rope and leaps off hitting a big splash for the clean win. (*1/2. A fine showcase match for Owen as he was able to display some fun offense and pickup a clean win in the process.)

3.) Update hosted by Mean Gene is up next. Gene talks about the WWF Tag Team Championship situation where Jimmy Hart got the new team of Money Inc. a title match against the Legion of Doom. Instead of the Natural Disasters, due to an injury, Money Inc. won the tag titles and now Jimmy Hart is managing Money Inc. The Natural Disasters are pissed and they are getting a tag title shot at WrestleMania VIII.

4.) WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. cut a promo about the title defense. DiBiase brags they are the new champions. IRS asks who Tunney thinks he is to tell them when they have to defend. DiBiase says the Disasters are rulebreakers and they are athletes. Jimmy Hart knows all their flaws, but he struggles to think of any at the moment.

5.) Warlord vs. Bossman was joined in progress with Bossman hammering away on Warlord in the corner. Bossman delivered a splash in the corner, but avoids Warlord and Warlord falls over Bossman. Warlord goes to the floor to regroup. Bossman fakes Warlord out on a test of strength to frustrate Warlord. They do a test of strength with Warlord getting the advantage. Bossman comes off the ropes and tries to knock Warlord down, but fails. Bossman just tosses Warlord to the mat. Bossman drops to his knees after a headbutt attempt. Warlord drops Bossman throat first over the top rope. Warlord chokes Bossman over the middle rope. Warlord sends Bossman into the ring steps shoulder first. Bossman struggles to get to the apron and drops Warlord over top rope. They brawl on the floor and Bossman leaps off the steps to axe handle Warlord. The referee counts them both out for a double count out. (NR. There’s just nothing here to care about.)

6.) Mountie and Virgil lockup with Mountie backing Virgil into the ropes and taunts Virgil before backing off. Virgil does the same thing and is shoved by Mountie. Virgil ducks a strike and atomic drops Mountie over the top to the floor. Mountie pulls himself back into the ring and Virgil hammers away on Mountie. Mountie rolls to the floor again and Virgil plays to the crowd. Mountie bites Virgil’s forehead, but Virgil responds with biting of his own. Virgil is sent into the ropes and holds onto the ropes to stomp Mountie on the face. Mountie goes to the floor to regroup again. Mountie returns and hammers away on Virgil a few times and hits a leaping elbow strike. Mountie lays Virgil over the top rope and delivers a kick to the midsection. Virgil tries to recover on the apron and is met with a right hand. Virgil fights back with a swinging neckbreaker. Virgil hammers away on Mountie in the corner before sending Mountie across the ring and delivers a clothesline in the corner. Virgil backdrops Mountie and locks in the Million Dollar Dream. Jimmy Hart gets on the apron to cause a distraction. Virgil puts the Million Dollar Dream on Hart. Mountie has the shock stick and zaps Virgil from behind causing a disqualification to end the match. (*. Not that good of a match. The finish makes me feel like there could be a filler Mania match between these two, but there certainly would be reason for it.)

Final Thoughts:
An underwhelming episode for Prime Time as there wasn’t a lot of hype for WrestleMania taking place. It felt like they were slowing things down a little bit to drag out the feuds. I’m not sure how much more major developments are going to be taking place. They’ve got the big matches in place and the rest of the card is slowly being put together.

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