WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/1/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Lubbock, TX

1.) Rick Martel defeated Louie Spicolli
2.) Tatanka defeated Barry Horowitz
3.) Sid Justice defeated Ed Robinson
4.) British Bulldog defeated BA Dalton
5.) Nasty Boys defeated Action Jackson & Jimmy Jones

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Lord Alfred Hayes hosts Special Report. There’s a big development from Denver, CO. Jimmy Hart contacted WWF President Jack Tunney saying that one of the Natural Disasters was hurt and couldn’t wrestle the Legion of Doom. Hart suggested Ted DiBiase and IRS challenge the LOD for the tag titles. Hart claims the Disasters supported the decision. As a result, DiBiase and IRS have won the WWF Tag Team Championships. It appears that Hart has taken dirty money from DiBiase to screw over the Natural Disasters. The Disasters have fired Hart and denied giving consent about being replaced. Jack Tunney can not reverse the decision, but has booked a tag title match for WrestleMania. WWF Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase & IRS will defend against the Natural Disasters at WrestleMania VIII.

2.) WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. cut a promo. IRS asks where Tunney gets off telling them when to defend the titles. DiBiase says they are athletes while the Disasters are cheaters and Jimmy Hart knows their flaws. Hart panics and tries to think of their flaws. (This is the first reference to the Money Inc. name.)

3.) Tatanka shared a pre-tape promo during his match. Tatanka says the red hair symbolizes the bloodline and it’s for one purpose. He then chants to end the segment.

4.) After Sid’s victory, Sid puts the enhancement talent on a stretcher only to clothesline Robinson off the stretcher on the floor.

5.) The Funeral Parlor with Jake Roberts from WWF Superstars is shown. Undertaker tells Jake Roberts that he’s not on his side. Roberts takes the urn and puts it in the casket. Roberts slams Taker’s hand in the casket and Roberts plants Paul Bearer with a DDT. Taker is trapped in the casket. Roberts whacks Taker over the back with a steel chair a couple of times. Undertaker gets up again and stalks Roberts with his hand stuck in the casket, but Roberts continues to beat on Taker. Taker continues to stalk Roberts to end the segment.

6.) Mean Gene runs down the WrestleMania card and announces that a match between Shawn Michaels and Tito Santana has been signed for the event.

Final Thoughts:
An interesting week with there being new tag champions and the segment with Jake/Taker going very well. Sid’s squash was a lot of fun, too. I’d say this was a strong episode of Wrestling Challenge.

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