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WWF Heat 1/21/2001

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.) D’Lo Brown & Chaz defeated Taka Michinoku & Fuanki

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It’s the same evening as the Royal Rumble, so the episode will be heavy on interviews and video packages, I’d assume.

2.) Chris Benoit arrived to the arena and is interviewed by Lilian Garcia. Benoit asks if she thinks a ladder will stop him and says he’s the best wrestler going today. Benoit says tonight will be Jericho’s worst night of his career. Benoit is confident that Jericho will not prove him wrong tonight.

3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian make their way out to the aisle to cut a promo. Christian starts off by greeting everyone in the arena. Christian notes the last time they were here as it was SummerSlam. Edge recalls winning the TLCII match. Christian doesn’t understand why the Dudley and Hardy Boyz use a z instead of an s to spell their names. Edge says there is a little bit of respect for the Hardy’s, but none for the Dudley Boys. Christian insults the fans saying that having their heads between family member legs is basically a reunion for New Orleans. Christian says they are always the main attraction and the other teams are an afterthought.

4.) The Right To Censor come out to the aisle to cut a promo. Val Venis says they have fought for the fans and that continues tonight. Venis says nobody will stand in their way. Venis promises that one of them will be the last man standing and it is for their own good. Goodfather chimes in and says that one of them will fight for the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania and that will be a victory for the fans. Bull Buchanan talks about fighting for the fans to represent them as WWF World Champion. Bull believes that one of them will win the Rumble. Ivory chimes in and talks about Bourbon Street, which is a brothel to her. Ivory is sure that the fans hold Chyna in high regard. Ivory knows that the fans don’t think she stands a chance against Chyna. Ivory is the only woman since Fabulous Moolah to represent women the right way. Ivory says nobody can stop them and that includes Chyna. Richards says they are united and they are here to make history.

5.) Backstage, WWF World Champion Kurt Angle is interview. Garcia asks if Angle tried to get out of the match tonight, but Angle reminds Lilian of his three I’s. Angle is offended by the suggestion that he was trying to duck HHH. Angle has no problem wrestling HHH tonight. Angle calls Garcia a dumb blonde, which she has in common with HHH. Angle doesn’t care for dumb blondes and Trish Stratus enters the scene before they walk off.

6.) Drew Carey has arrived to the arena.

7.) Chaz scoop slams Funaki to start the match, but Funaki comes back with a dropkick and tags in Taka. Taka spin kicks Chaz, but Chaz delivers a few strikes. Taka strikes Chaz ans Brown. Brown plants Taka with a spinebuster followed by stomps. Taka hits a standing hurricanrana and a dropkick. Chaz tags in as does Funaki. Funaki head scissors Chaz and drop toe holds Brown allowing Taka to deliver a dropkick. Brown hits the Sky High on Taka and Funaki is powerbombed to the mat. Chaz covers Fuanki to easily the win the match. As a result, one of them will be in the Royal Rumble later tonight. (*. I would have loved an upset win for Taka and Funaki here. It really seems like the crowd enjoys them and last year Taka had a memorable elimination in the Rumble.)

8.) Backstage, Michael Cole interviews Vince McMahon. Cole notes that a lot of people think that HHH should give up his title match for provoking Austin. McMahon notes that Angle caused the altercation. McMahon clarifies that both HHH and Austin will remain in their respective matches. McMahon doesn’t reveal the three surprises for the Royal Rumble match.

Final Thoughts:
The show didn’t hurt or help the hype for the Royal Rumble, which was right after the show. There’s a lot to be excited about for the PPV anyway, so this was just a simple lead in for it.

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