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Rebooking The WWF: IYH #6

WWF In Your House VI
From: Syracuse, NY

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to another In Your House and they are excited for the action this evening. Ross notes that two matches will feature brothers competing against each other. Ross promotes the match between Owen Hart and Bret Hart as an opportunity for Owen to show he’s on the same level as Bret. Heenan thinks that Bret’s career is on its last legs and its time for a younger and better Hart to carry the Hart name. Ross also promotes the steel cage match between WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defending against Rick Steiner inside a steel cage. Heenan isn’t sure if the cage will impact either man as they both want to be in the cage to destroy each other. Heenan thinks about the mama Steiner probably being stressed, but Heenan laughs it off and loves it. Also tonight, Ron Simmons looks to keep his movement going strong as he competes in singles action with the Undertaker. Heenan isn’t surprised that Simmons isn’t afraid of the dark and thinks that Simmons will not be stopped, not even by the Undertaker. Ross also makes sure to plug the WWF World Championship match where Diesel defends against King Yokozuna! Lets gets right into the action!

Opening Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Razor Ramon in a chain match:
Ramon has the chain and he’s ready for action while Jarrett stalls outside the ring trying to find a way to kill time. The distraction allows Scott Norton to attack Ramon from behind and drives Ramon to the mat with a backbreaker. Naturally, Jarrett feels confident to use the chain and proceeds to beat on Ramon for several minutes using the chain on the Bad Guy often. Jarrett stands on the middle rope looking to hit a crossbody, but Ramon yanks Jarrett off and catches Double J to hit a fallaway slam. Ramon gets the advantage and whips Jarrett with the chain a few times. Late in the match, Norton got on the apron and held Ramon. Jarrett looked to hit Ramon with the chain, but missed and decked Norton off the apron. Ramon spins Jarrett around and hits the Razors Edge to win the match. (Razor Ramon over Jeff Jarrett, 10:33, **1/2) After the match, Norton gets in the ring and shoves Jarrett for hitting him with the chain. Jarrett dismisses Norton and leaves the ring frustrated with the loss.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill conducts an interview with Hugh The Clown, who is with Doink and they are both laughing it up. Hughie says he’s happy to be on pay per view, but he’s even happier to get the chance to fight the flame headed Bam-Bam Bigelow. They both have buckets of water and Hughie says they are going to put the flame out tonight!

Second Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Hughie The Clown:
Hughie and Doink attacked Bigelow during his entrance hitting Bigelow with their buckets and dumping water over Bam-Bam. Hughie maintains control in the ring for several minutes mostly with strikes and an impressive delayed vertical suplex. Hughie spikes Bigelow with a piledriver, but can’t put Bam-Bam away. Bigelow is able to avoid a running splash in the corner and hit a back suplex. Bigelow blocked interference attempt by Doink and whacked Doink with the water bucket. Bam-Bam plants Hughie with a shoulder breaker and signaled for the ned by hitting a top rope diving headbutt for the win. (Bam-Bsm Bigelow over Hughie The Clown, 7:42, **)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Men on a Mission to interview them regarding the tag team title match coming up against Carlos Vega and Tatanka. Mabel says that the Movement isn’t their cup of tea because their message doesn’t seem to be delivered correctly. Their message tonight is going to be simple… they are coming for the titles and their fists will meet the champs face. Mo chimes in and tells the Movement that the titles will be on the move… to Men on a Mission.

Third Contest: WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega & Tatanka vs. Men on a Mission:
Early on, the champs were able to focus their attack on Mo keeping control of the smaller MOM member for several moments. Vega almost got the win following a spinning heel kick, but Mo displayed his heart by kicking out before three. Mo ducked a double clothesline attempt to drop the champs with a clothesline of his own and was able to tag in Mabel. Mabel cleaned house with clotheslines and splashes in the corner. Mabel tagged in Mo to perform a double team splash in the corner, but Tatanka saved Vega by pulling his partner out of the way. Tatanaka knocked Mabel to the floor before planting Mo with the End of the Trail to earn the victory. (Tatanka & Carlos Vega over Men On a Mission, 8:27, *1/2)

A video promoting the steel cage match between WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner is shown. Tonight, the rivalry between brothers will be settled inside the brutal and dangerous steel cage.

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan continue to hype the cage match as the camera focuses on the cage being completely built. Someone’s career could very well end tonight.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner vs. Rick Steiner in a steel cage match:
Rick goes right after Scott pummeling his brother with right hands in the corner and using his headgear to deliver violent headbutts. Rick nearly won the match following a snap powerslam. Rick continued to beat on Scott by sending him face first into the steel cage and Scott is hurting. Scott countered being sent into the cage and tossed Rick into the cage several times to get momentum in his favor. Scott tossed Rick across the ring with a few overhead belly to belly suplex and an exploder suplex that sent Rick into the steel cage. Scott took off Rick’s headgear and began to pummel Rick with it causing Rick to bleed from the forehead. Scott tries for the Frankensteiner, but Rick countered the move and rams Scott back first into the cage before hitting a powerbomb. Late in the match, Rick tried to hit the bulldog off the middle rope, but Scott spun around and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rick staggered to his feet and Scott hit a double under hook powerbomb. Scott beat on Rick with the headgear leaving Rick lifeless in the ring. Scott climbs the cage and looks down at Rick, as if to say this is over now. Scott slides down the side of the cage and wins the cage match. (Scott Steiner over Rick Steiner, 15:22, ***1/4)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Owen Hart for an interview regarding his match with his brother Bret Hart coming up next. Owen tells Pettengill that tonight is going to be his night. He is sick and tired of being in Bret’s shadow and he proved that he’s better than Bret in the tag match at WrestleMania. Owen is going to stare his brother right in the eyes and he’s going to beat the Hitman.

Fifth Contest: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart:
Early on, they counter some mat wrestling holds with Owen taunting Bret after getting the advantage. Owen cheap shots Bret in the corner and pummeled Bret with strikes in the corner. Owen nailed Bret with a spinning heel kick and nearly won the match. Owen continued his offense with a missile dropkick and a belly to belly suplex, but was still unable to win the match. Bret countered a side Russian leg sweep with a short arm clothesline and atomic dropped Owen chest first into the corner after avoiding a wild strike. Owen stumbled out of the corner and Bret hit a running bulldog for a two count. Late in the match, Bret hit a side Russian leg sweep and a forearm drop before signaling for the Sharpshooter. As Bret went for the submission hold, Owen went into his tights and punched Bret right on the jaw with brass knuckles. Bret hunched over and Owen got an inside cradle on Bret to win the match. (Owen Hart over Bret Hart, 13:06, ***1/2) After the match, Owen got rid of the brass knuckles and celebrated on the floor as if he had won the World Championship. Bret is is holding his jaw and trying to figure out what happened. Owen is hears yelling out “I’ve always known I was better than Bret! Wooo! Now I proved it! Yeah!”

A video promoting Ron Simmons and his upcoming match with the Undertaker is shown. Tonight, can Ron Simmons continue his movement, or will the Deadman bury the Movement’s leader?

Backstage, Todd Pettengill talked to Ron Simmons. Simmons stops Pettengill from even getting one word out. Simmons looks into the camera and says he’s not afraid of the dark and he’s not afraid of a phenom. There is nothing that will be able to stop the path of the Movement. Simmons is going to be the WWF World Champion and will overcome all obstacles put in his way.

Sixth Contest: The Undertaker vs. Ron Simmons:
Simmons attacked Undertaker during his entrance. Simmons even sent Paul Bearer into the guard railing back first. Simmons sent Taker knees first into the ring steps.. Simmons picked up the ring steps and rammed them into Taker. Simmons rolled Taker into the ring to officially start the match and couldn’t get a three count. Simmons worked over Taker with strikes in the corner before sending Taker into the ropes and missing a clothesline. Taker proceeded to clothesline himself and Simmons over the top to the floor. On the floor, Taker beat on Simmons and dropped the Movement leader face first onto the ring steps. Taker continues to beat on Simmons with strikes before they returned to the ring. Taker tried for a flying clothesline off the top, but Simmons caught Taker in midair to hit a powerslam for a two count. Simmons continues to beat on Taker with strikes to the lower back of Taker. Simmons nearly won the match following a backbreaker. Late in the match, Taker tried for the tombstone, but his back gave out a little bit. Simmons took advantage by lifting Taker up and hitting the Dominator for the shocking win in the middle of the ring. (Ron Simmons over The Undertaker, 15:46, ***) After the match, Simmons stands over Undertaker as if to say that he’s the man now in the WWF.

An ad promoting the 1995 King of the Ring pay per view. The event takes place on June 25th live from Philadelphia, PA.

A video promoting the WWF World Championship match between Diesel and King Yokozuna is shown. Can Yokozuna reclaim the WWF World Championship, or does Diesel have too much fuel?

Main Event: WWF World Champion Diesel vs. King Yokozuna:
As expected, the match quickly became a slow plodding match. Yokozuna got control following a belly to belly suplex Yoko kept control with a nerve hold until Diesel fought out and nailed Yoko with a big boot, which sent Yoko through the ropes to the floor. Diesel brought Yoko back into the ring and hammered away on Yoko in the corner. Yoko countered being sent into the corner and missed a running back splash in the corner. Diesel comes off the ropes and drops Yoko with a big boot to drop Yoko and picks up the win. (Diesel over King Yokozuna, 6:57, 1/2*) After the match, Diesel celebrates his victory while Yokozuna is helped backstage by Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette.

Who is going to be the next challenger for WWF World Champion Diesel? We’ll find out at the 1995 King of the Ring on June 25th!


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