WCW Main Event 5/19/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event

1.) American Males defeated Shark & Maxx

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is a live show prior to WCW Slamboree pay per view.

2.) There’s a good video package promoting the feud between Ric Flair and Randy Savage. Flair has aligned himself with Elizabeth and she’s taken a lot of Savage’s money. Savage and Flair are scheduled to team together in the Lethal Lottery.

3.) Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair, Woman and Elizabeth on the aisle. Flair says that he’ll get along with Savage because it’s all about the love for a woman. Flair kisses on Woman and Elizabeth. Flair says he will become the man one more time with the women by his side. Woman thinks that Flair will end up on top tonight. Elizabeth is confident that Flair will win tonight. Randy Savage appears the big screen to scare Flair. Savage says there are no guarantees and says that he’s Flair’s partner from hell. Flair taunts Savage about being in bed with his wife. Gene doesn’t let Savage finish off his promo. Savage clearly gets annoyed and leaves the scene. Gene was oblivious to Savage trying to speak a rebuttal.

4.) Mean Gene interviews WCW United States Champion Konnan. He’ll be wrestling Jushin Liger on the PPV. Konnan has never liked Liger and likes him less for coming for the title. Konnan is going to take a chunk out of Liger tonight. Konnan says that Liger is going back to Japan without the championship.

5.) Bagwell and Maxx kickoff the match with Maxx tossing Bagwell away. Bagwell avoids Maxx in the corner and delivers a few dropkicks. Bagwell tags in Riggs and they knock Maxx to the mat for a two count. Riggs hammers away on Maxx. Maxx knee lifts Riggs followed by a gut buster. Shark misses a splash in the corner and Riggs tries for a shoulder block, but Shark doesn’t really budge. Maxx enters and spears both Bagwell and Riggs. Shark slams Riggs to the mat and taunts the fans. Shark comes off the ropes with a splash, but Bagwell makes the save. Maxx works over Bagwell in the corner as Shark catches Riggs on a crossbody. Maxx accidentally clotheslines Shark and Riggs lands on top to win the match. (1/2*. The finish seemed to be a little odd for the match, but whatever. Maxx had a good spot with the double spear, but aside from that there was not much going on here.) After the match, WCW World Champion The Giant comes out and chokeslams Shark for losing the match.

6.) Mean Gene interviews Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan notes they proved they can co-exist last night. Benoit has never liked or trusted Sullivan. Fate has united them tonight and he’s going to put his differences with Sullivan aside. Benoit says the gold has always belonged to the Horsemen.

7.) Mean Gene interviews the Road Warriors. Animal says they looked at the USA Today where they could be on other sides of the ring and that’s a rush. Hawk chimes in and asks if he should rip body parts out of Luger and Harlem Heat. Our guess is as goos as his, apparently.

8.) Mean Gene interviews the Steiner Brothers. Scott and Rick are on opposite sides of the ring tonight. Rick says they have fought each other before in the backyard and doesn’t know what will happen tonight. Scott notes they have won every major tag title to win together. Scott hasn’t thought about wrestling his brother. Scott is going to show which Steiner is better. Scott notes that Rick may be older, but he’s bigger and Rick shoves his arm away to end the segment.

9.) Mean Gene interviews Sting and Lex Luger. Luger will be handcuffed to Jimmy Hart at ringside during Sting’s title match. Luger tells Sting that he doesn’t need to worry about Hart tonight. Luger believes that Sting is taking the step tonight to win the title. Sting is trying to keep himself relaxed right now. Sting believes he can be the guy to stop Giant. Sting put Giant in the Scorpion Death Lock before and he’ll do it again. WCW World Champion Giant appears on the big screen and gives Sting some advice. Giant wants Sting to get fired up because they will be in the ring together later tonight. Giant is going to do to Sting what he did to Luger on Nitro.

Final Thoughts:
The feature match didn’t do much for me, but the promos on the show were pretty good. I hate the Lethal Lottery concept, but the regular matches on the card have my interest. I’m not sure if I’d pay to watch the PPV, though.

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