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TNA Impact 7/26/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Sting defeated Robert Roode in a no-disqualification match
2.) LAX defeated Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
3.) AJ Styles defeated Abyss in a no-disqualification match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier today, Leticia Cline met up with the Christian Coalition and Robert Roode. They have security with them. Cage says he just wants to show up to work and earn an honest buck. Cage tells Tomko to pay attention and not play with his toy tag belt (IWGP). Cage had to get security because of Abyss and Sting. Cage says that Roode and Styles are going to step up and be the stars they are made to be. They will take out both Sting and Abyss tonight. Roode tells Styles he will take care of his end but will AJ?

2.) Roode attacks before the bell with stomps in the corner to lay Sting down in the corner. Roode tries to ram Sting into the corner, but Sting counters and rams Roode into the corner several times face first. Roode bails to the floor to regroup. Sting sends Roode into the guard railing and ring steps. Roode works over Sting with strikes, but Sting counters a piledriver with a backdrop onto the ramp. Roode tosses Traci into Sting and delivers a chair shot over the back. Roode whacks Sting over the back a second time with the chair. Roode goes to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline for a two count. Roode gouges Sting’s eyes as Eric Young comes out wearing Sting’s face paint as the show goes to commercial.

Roode chops Sting a few times, but Sting no sells them. Traci gets on the apron and slaps Sting, but that does nothing. Sting big boots Roode followed by a backdrop and atomic drop. Sting clotheslines Roode a few times and hits a Stinger Splash. Sting misses another splash and takes Roode down, but is kicked into the corner. Roode connects with a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode grabs a steel chair from Traci, but Young grabs the chair from the apron and hits the Scorpion Death Drop to win the match. (*. This match didn’t do much of anything for Roode, at all. The stipulation was used, but not in any kind of creative or interesting way. The Young/Roode storyline is really just getting dragged out far too long at this point.) After the match, Young celebrates with Sting. Roode is pissed at Traci on the floor.

3.) Mike Tenay recently sat down with Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes takes credit for getting Goldust over in the WWE. Rhodes is tired of hearing Harris running his mouth and says that Harris isn’t ready to be at the top. Dustin says that Harris stole his spot and that’s why he knocked Harris out. Dustin says there’s a side of him that wants to get out, but nobody wants that to happen. Dustin has a split personality and admits it. Dustin says it is time to let that personality out.

4.) Earlier today, Kurt Angle met with his psychiatrist. Angle says that his mother loved him more than his siblings. Angle was four years old beating up six year olds, but wasn’t a bully. Angle calls orphans losers, where her sister worked. Angle would rather wear fancy suits than take care of orphans. After a commercial, this continues. Angle brags about excelling at everything in high school. Angle calls the girls who come to watch the show skanks. He gets only hot girls. Angle says that Karen knows it’s an honor to be with him. Angle suggests that he’d send his kids to become orphans if they weren’t good enough.

5.) Sabin dropkicks Hernandez to the floor while Homicide hit a crossbody on Shelley. Sabin and Shelley double team Homicide leading to standing senton for a near fall. Shelley and Homicide trade chops until Shelley delivers a knee lift to the midsection. Homicide delivers a few right hands, but Sabin delivers a knee lift, but Hernandez tags in and hits a slingshot shoulder block. Hernandez tosses both men across the ring. Sabin kicks Hernandez to save Shelley from a Border Toss. Shelley and Sabin double team Hernandez with several strikes leading to a near fall. Homicide tosses Sabin to the floor and Homicide clotheslines Shelley followed by a senton splash over Hernandez’s knees. Homicide tries for the Gringo Killer on Sabin, but Sabin avoids it and kicks Homicide in the corner. Sabin hooks Homicide, but Hernandez has Sabin on his shoulders to allow Homicide to hit the cutter off the top for the win. (*1/2. A short match, but I’m sure these two teams would have great matches with more time. I thought that LAX may be knocked down a peg, but getting a clean win here should mean they will remain a threat in the tag division. It sure seemed that LAX are now faces, and I think the team is better suited as a heel unit.)

6.) Team 3D make their way down to the ring to chat with LAX, apparently. The fans let Team 3D know that they suck. Devon says that they made LAX a couple of has beens. LAX literally leave the ring doing nothing. Team 3D callout the Steiner Brothers as the show goes to commercial. Brother Ray continues to callout the Steiner Brothers, and sure enough the Steiner Brothers make their way out. Scott Steiner says they don’t call them out, they callout Team 3D. Scott says that the Puerto Rican people are his favorite people because on June 3rd they saved his life. Brother Ray laughs at that. Ray calls Rick Steiner half retarded. Scott suggests that Ray allows his thyroid to continue to go out of control and gain a few pounds. Scott doesn’t miss a match, but he was fighting for his life before Slammiversary. Scott says being told he was going to die was a humbling experience. Scott thanks the doctors and nurses in Puerto Rico. Brother Ray believes the real reason Scott didn’t show up is because Scott knows they aren’t as good as Team 3D. Ray doesn’t see a scar and thinks Scott is lying. Scott removes his vest and shirt to show a scar on his shoulder and rib. Ray dismisses the huge scar for being a reason why Scott couldn’t wrestle. Ray considers that a paper cut compared to ECW injuries. Scott tells Ray to name a time and place to fight. Scott dismisses ECW and says WCW was a real promotion.

The James Gang makes their way down and says that their invite must have gotten lost in the mail. BG says they are the best tag team to ever exist and when they were on top the wrestling business was at its peak. Scott insults the WWE tag division. Scott tells Team 3D they don’t belong in the ring with them. Brother Ray tells Scott to stop calling him fat. This leads to a brawl with the Steiner Brothers getting double teamed by both teams. Rick Steiner is hit with the 3D. LAX come running out to make the save on the Steiner Brothers since the heels were using the Puerto Rican flag.

7.) Backstage, Kurt Angle is still talking about what he’s done with TNA and says if you take him out of TNA there’s nothing more than an indie promotion drawing fifty people. Angle really sees himself on a high level. Angle was talking to Kevin Nash in his tanning bed. Nash switches spots with Angle to get some tanning time. That was funny.

8.) Styles nails Abyss with a springboard forearm to start the match before the bell. Styles floats over Abyss’ back, but is backdropped. Styles boots Abyss in the corner, but runs into a big boot from Abyss. Abyss splashes Styles in the corner and hits a running back splash. Abyss tries for a press slam, but Styles breaks free only to be thrown over the top to the floor. Styles hammers away on Abyss with right hands as Abyss is kneeling. Styles kicks Abyss a couple of times. During the break, Styles hit Abyss with a chair shot and a dive out of the crowd to ringside. Abyss tries for the Shock Treatment, but Styles wiggles free. Abyss kicks Styles and tries for a powerbomb, but Styles gets a rollup for a two count. Styles avoids being sent into the chair, but Abyss avoids a backflip and sends Styles into the chair wedged in the corner. Abyss hits the Shock Treatment for a two count. Styles counters the Black Hole Slam and nails Abyss with the Pele kick. Abyss dumps Styles to the apron. Styles tries for a springboard, but is caught and chokeslammed to the mat for a near fall.

Tomko has come down to ringside as Styles low blows Abyss. Abyss drops Styles with the Black Hole Slam, but Tomko makes the save. It’s no disqualification, so the match continues. The lights go out and Sting appears in the ring helping out Abyss cleaning house. Sting tells Abyss to get his tacks from under the ring. Abyss is tripped on the floor and dragged under the ring. Sting is beaten down by the heels. Abyss returns from under the ring and is bloodied. Christian Cage is on the top of the ramp, so it’s not Cage under the ring. Abyss is bleeding from the forehead and arm. Cage has the bag of broken glass. Tomko drops Sting onto the broken glass with a double chokeslam. Abyss is rolled into the ring and they grabs another bag. The bag has tacks in it and the tacks are dropped onto the glass. Tomko drops Abyss onto the glass and tacks. Styles covers Abyss to win the match. (**. A decent main event with the aftermath being solid enough. Abyss continues to get his momentum cut down a little bit, but this all has to lead to Abyss beating Cage on PPV, right? I’m assuming Judas Mesias was under the ring to bloody Abyss. Why wouldn’t anyone just go under the ring to confirm? I have been interested in the Cage/Abyss angle and this continued that trend. Roode and Styles are fighting for Cage’s attention, which is a similar angle to what Austin and Angle were doing with Vince back in 2001. That’s what came to my mind, at least.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was another solid overall episode of Impact. There was literally zero build for Joe/Angle, which was a little weird. I mean, Joe wasn’t even shown on the program. I guess the main event kind of just writes itself at this point. I really hope James Gang is not added to the Steiner’s/3D feud. I think there is potential for the Dustin Rhodes split personality gimmick.

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